"Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." James 5:16
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Jonah's surgery

October 20, 2014

Jonah had his second brain surgery for meduloblastoma this morning at ten. Surgery went well and the doctors believe they got it all. Surgery was over earlier than expected after waking up and once he had medication for "a terrible headache" he ate a good dinner and was sitting up playing video games with his dad. I've seen a photo of him and you would never guess he's just had brain surgery. Please continue to pray for Jonah and his prognosis and for his whole family and all who love him.

Until forever comes ...

October 18, 2014

I am a Christian who has prayed daily and have a great deal of faith, and yet, when my daughter was two, I decided I would divorce my husband. We were polar opposites-- I found living with him was unbearable. Though I now realize that all his "faults" were truly "strengths" -- I couldn't always see that. He was cautious, prudent, patient and wise. He was a rock -- solid and stable. I was the opposite. From him, I grudgingly learned the value of a dollar, the blessings of waiting to get what you want, and to be cautious. It took me 33 years to learn most of the lessons because I would spend time in rebellion before I'd surrender -- in retrospect, he was always right. But our battles left scars, and we came out not strong, but perhaps more tender (and sore!). He was diagnosed with Parkinson's eight years ago, and died this year. Though I had told him during our last year together that he had been a good provider and a good man, it was not until he died that I realize just how amazing he was...and it is too late. I now see that every harsh word and every angry remark I made was because I wanted my way (which I believe was the right way), wanted things immediately, wanted more love and attention, always wanting more... He was a saver so now I can pay bills for the foreseeable future. He was a planner. He was a provider. Why could I have not have had this crystal clear vision before he died? All I do now is thank God for him and pray for his soul. I cannot wait to see him again. I cry frequently and tell him I am sorry and that I will love him until forever comes for me.

I Prayed For guidance before an Interview.

October 17, 2014

My last prayer request was that I requested prayer before a job interview that if it was God's will, the interview would result in my landing a job. So far I am still unemployed. It's been a while since I put that prayer request out there. I have been unemployed since I decided to return to school to become a nurse. I changed careers after my youngest son took his life. I returned to school and got into a nursing program. I graduated in 2012 with honors and entered a university to complete my BS in nursing which I finished in August 2013. I have been volunteering with the Red Cross for almost two years now. I have probably applied for over 200 jobs. This past week, I had an interview with a local military hospital. I hope it will lead to a full time job. I also hope that if it doesn't, I will not be too upset but will realize that it just wasn't meant to be. It has been hard to remain positive especially since other students younger than me have not had the difficulty landing work. I never had trouble in my life getting a job. I have close to 27 years of experience in other professional positions. I am taking a great cut in pay to become a registered nurse. I graduated with honors. I had several honors in school. Perhaps it isn't God's will that I became a nurse. This is my story. I have another interview this coming Wednesday. I am hoping for positive news about my last interview. But perhaps the next one. I need God's grace and help to understand this puzzling situation I find myself facing. Thank you!

I got all my classes PTL and I am set for a new semester at the school I attend.

October 15, 2014

I was really worried, before the registration today . I ate a good sub at subway sandwiches. Right as the 1st lightning and thunder struck. And rain began to pour. THank God I was wearing rain gear. And, I at break time 14 minutes wrote my name on the list of where I was in that line and remembered that my 1st options were mostly at the other office. each off. had 3 counselors. I didn't get some of my fav teachers this coming semester, but I am so feeling happy and grateful that I finished *by the way I signed up for 1 of the lady's classes and walked back to the other line and I was able to get back in line just before the end of this day's registration. I was telling someone that it just worked out. It was not in my plan but it was in someone elses plan. The next thing is to wait til Wednesday to do open enrollment for Medication Medicare Insurances. AMen

Bless you who got his her psychology therapist. I also Got my emergency supplemental 1/2 off the generic price. I am so happy.

October 14, 2014

To get my meds for 1 whole month. I had been worrying for more than a couple days. and I am so thankful to Jesus to provide my Lord my God and God's son and was and is full of Holy Spirit. That as a person who needs therapy and medicine and psychiatry. I am still a believer in the Lord and I thank the Lord for these options and help. I just hope and pray that I will be able to have supports like this in the future. I am somewhat skeptical for the political religious and lasciviousness is prevalent and we are all going down hill. My outreach privately and anonymously is to be a friend for the low of heart for those are in the highs and lows paranoid thoughts. for I too have been here and there and everywhere trying and believing and trusting and faithful to be a mere vessel to this hurting generation. Whether it be in my academy and say hello or ask why just Okay or soso or sadness or gladness it is all masks to an inner struggle. We all have inherited the sin of and fall of Man through our king and queen of humanity. Adam and Eve. I have digressed , but I know there is a reason and purpose for all things. For something there is an equal or opposite reaction. I don't know what science that is. my dad would know. God rest his soul. Gotta go. But I do thank God for getting a small price for something that would be much 2xs more with my Medicare Rx fell through surprisingly. And, To add to the blessings Open Enrollment for Medicare Rx is soon and I can meet with the Financial Team to see to line up for and affordable plan with all the meds I am on right now. That is next Wednesday.(prayer for me to get approved to have a new plan>I am sort of worried or anxious that might be rejected) I hope that all goes well in that afternoon appointment and I would have to leave the academy early to get there in time. near 3pm Amen thanks God and Thanks Prayer partners in JC IN GOD IN THE Holy Sp. Amen

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