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Healing for my Mom

August 28, 2016

Thank you everyone who prayed for my mom to get better so she would be able to go to church. She is doing well and she went to church this morning.


August 18, 2016

I don't recall what my heading was, however I was in desperate need for prayers, as my husband had left me for another woman and I was just a mess. This was about 4 years ago! I got a notice that someone prayed for me today. Funny thing is that my now exhusband has been on my mind lately. I don't know why, not that I want to mend the relationship. He has already moved on from the one he left me for to a new one. I guess we need to pray for him. I am doing amazing! I had a rough couple of years but God is so good to me. Thank you to all whom have prayed for me!


October 16, 2015

3 and a half years ago i worried and prayed that my family would not find a home as we lost our currant home and had a number of days to be out. My husband wasnt trying.and i didnt know what to do. God deluvered. I found a home that i could afford. My husband. Was stuggling with his own demons. He eft me after 24 years for another woman. But God shines through. The home i have I can afford to sustain on my own. Im never alone wven though my sons live in college and my ex abandoned me, i ve weathered the storm with Christ at my side. My comforter my redeemer. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Now prayer needed!!!

September 12, 2015

My friend is very sick, the doctor had to remove fluid off her lungs. She's in the hospital in Alabama now, making long term arrangements for her doggie. I feel SHS giving up. I ask that everyone pray her health challenges turn around and she be a living miracle, sharing her testimony with others and giving God the praise!!!! Amen

Prayer for kidney donation

September 07, 2015

Please pray and be in agreement that a donor that will be tested in Charleston, SC on the 22nd of September is a match for my nephew that is in need of a kidney. Please pray that once the surgery takes place, his body accepts it and he recovers to a full functioning life in Jesus mighty name!!!!AMEN

Continue Your Prayers

September 07, 2015

Please continue praying and being in agreement that I get a solid job offer with the Federal Government in my local area with reinstatement pay as I had before. We are almost there because I'm getting referred but not a solid offer yet. In Jesus mighty name when two or more agree on something, God is in the mist, and I know HE will come to my rescue and answer this prayer, any day now! I believe it, please believe with me. AMEN

Thanks for your prayers

May 31, 2015

Thanks to everyone for being I agreement that I get reinstated in a job I had before. Well God knows best, I didn't get back with that agency, but thank God for blessing me to be in the same job category with a new agency less then ten minutes from my house!!! Thank you God!!! Less continue to pray for one another, AMEN.

Exams over - Thanks for prayers......

May 19, 2015

Thanks everyone, my son passed his exams!!!!! Our prayers was answered....Please pray for my son who has two exams today, one now at 12:30 and another at 3:30 pm. I pray he passes each one above and beyond the grade he needs to pass his class in Jesus name! Amen

Continue Your Prayers......

May 19, 2015

Continue praying for my request made "Please be in agreement with me that I get reinstated to the same job pay status or greater, any day now, in Jesus name".....I have gotten several referrals, but not a solid offer. Keep praying, and being in agreement that I receive an offer any day now, in Jesus mighty name, AMEN.

God answers prayer, still!

April 11, 2015

for all the bad news lately we need some good: God is still in the prayer business: Our radio technician, Brehima, came to me last week saying the Mana Bible School (in Mali) power plant was not working well. It would start easy enuf, but cut off after 3 to 6 minutes. For a month this needy electric generator has been doing this, depriving the school of lights and water. I sent a motor mechanic down last week to check it out, but he reported that nothing was wrong motor wise and the problem was in the controlling computer systems! Last Friday I drove the 75 kms down there with Don, a friend from SIL/Wycliffe who is a facilities manager. We got it started many times, and tried everything to figure the problem, with even many calls to Colorado to the men who installed it - no improvement! We had to go home to Bamako and prayed much for wisdom and a solution. On Monday last the radio technician, who lives on the school campus, decided to look once more and see if behind the computer panel there were any wires loose or frayed that were causing problems. Finally he found one to a relay that was degraded, he fixed it and plugged it back in and tried the motor, it worked for three hours, like normal! PTL! God does answer prayers and does give His wisdom! It worked again on Tuesday eve, like normal! Jim

Grandma doing great!

April 07, 2015

Thank you all for your prayers that went up for my 86 yr. old grandmother who is in iicu. They were calling us in, even had one doctor tell us that he didn't believe in God. Grandma is now off ALL machines, breathing on her own (well w/God's help), she is alert and smiling, trying to talk and may possibly be moved to another floor today. Guess God showed that doctor who He was, is and will always be! Please continue to pray for her continued improving health. And thank you all again!

my friend's daughter

February 28, 2015

Thank you for praying for my friend's daughter. She is doing great now.

Thank you for all who has prayed for my son!

February 09, 2015

I had asked for help in praying that things will go well for my son to be accepted in a resource class at his school for his learning problem. When school started back on Jan. 7 from Christmas break. Christian a resource class for ELA and Math. I was told, that the district or the middle school can not hold him back for this problem. I still need lots of prayers that he does move-up to 7 grade. That Jesus will answer my prayers on this. Thank you!

Mom's Surgery

February 04, 2015

Thank you so much for praying! My mom has been through a lot. She is looking to have more surgery soon to reverse a colostomy, but she has developed some blood clots.

This is an update to ask everyone to pray, and be agreement with me that this is my year to meet a wonderful man of God, and we both be in agreement to become husband and wife

January 22, 2015

I believe God's best is for us to have a help mate. I'm praying for you, and thank you for continuous prayers for me. AMEN.

Prayer for job In local area

January 22, 2015

Thank everyone for your prayers!!! I accepted a job offer that is close to my house, keeping me from driving nearly 100 miles away round trip daily. I gave up the needed income for a lesser salary, but be I agreement with me that God will supply a my needs, in Jesus name! AMEN.

My son is healed

January 20, 2015

Thank you for those who prayed for my 12 month old son. At the time he had a MRSA infection that required surgery. Its now 2 and a half years later (late update, I know) and he went through the surgery fine and healed well. He has not had any further problems with MRSA. Thank you to those who have prayed.

my husband's health

January 07, 2015

Thank you for praying my husband has been seen by the Doctor and has to go for a MRI next Wednesday. We still covet your prayers that he will be healed.

Gift sent!

December 11, 2014

Just want to say thank you for all who prayed over a gift I was preparing for a loved one in the Midwest. Everything came together perfectly- including the hat I knit! Never tried it before and I'm not too good at things like that so it was definitely a God thing that it came out so well! I mailed the gift yesterday and I'm so excited for the person to receive it. Thank you again for praying for me :)

Thank You

December 11, 2014

Thank you for your prayers. Prayer works and changes situations. God is always on the throne and will deliver his people. God's promises will be fulfilled and His will shall be done. Thank you for prayers. Please continue to pray for me and I will continue to pray for you. Amen.

Prayers for Ashley

December 05, 2014

I requested a prayer for Ashley yesterday and I want to thank everyone for the prayers. Please continue to pray for Ashley as she is in the fight for her life. I know that she would want me to tell you the best way of helping is to continue to pray and to educate the young on breast cancer. Breast cancer happens to everyone and any age. Ashely was 25 when she was diagnosed without having a family history. She now has cancer in her brain, lungs and throughout her body. And will soon be going thru radiation, another brain surgery and then chemo. Please continue to pray and make people aware of breast cancer. It is not racist, it does not discriminate against age. It can happen to anyone . Get those breast mammograms . Thanks again!

God Answers Our Prayers!

December 04, 2014

I made a prayer request for employment on 12-3-2014 yestrday morning, at 1:45 I received a call for a interview to be scheduled Monday! Please continue to pray for me and let this job be the one God has set in place for me. I thank everyone for their prayers, I love coming here every morning praying for everyone, and being prayed for, and I will continue to do so everyday!

Please continue to pray!

November 30, 2014


Prayers are Answered

November 25, 2014

My husband and I were separated and he wanted a divorce, then after much prayer and Faith, we have reconciled and are more in love than ever. I recently moved to Arizona with my military husband and we were blessed with a house, car paid off, renters for our home in Texas, and I was blessed with a job. Then God is so Good, I applied for nursing school in Az after having to pass up nursing school in Texas and I just recieved my acceptance letter. Now I am praying for God to guide me with finances to be able to pay for school, but I have FAITH He will carry me through all this because His plan for my life is so much more rewarding than I can ever imagine!

Thanksgiving & Praise

November 18, 2014

Thanks be to God for getting me through the last several months of medical school, well medical school period. I praise God that on October 30th my daughter was born healthy and without complications. May God continue to bless her, keep her healthy, well and without any issues in Jesus name. I am so grateful that she is alive and well, and spending the past few weeks with her has changed my life & her father's life. We are thankful and praise God for the gift of life, and demonstration of His own love for His own children. Hallelujah!

Pray For My son Jose

October 30, 2014

Thank You My Jess For all You do For us Thank You for 89.7ksgn. Thank you for all who's praying and. Bless them MY SON JOSE PASS THE TEST . OUR GOD is a awesome GOD have faith everybody Gracias seor

Pray For My son Jose

October 30, 2014

Thank You My Jess For all You do For us Thank You for 89.7ksgn. Thank you for all who's praying and. Bless them MY SON JOSE PASS THE TEST . OUR GOD is a awesome GOD have faith everybody Gracias seor

Husband and myself working out our marriage

October 27, 2014

Praise God for giving us a chance to try to fix our marriage.

New job

October 26, 2014

Started my new job last week. Everyone was nice and happy that I started.


October 23, 2014

Thank you so much for your prayers. My mom is doing so much better. She likes her home care, too. This really feels like a miracle, since we were not able to find anyone who could legally help her with her health issues at home. Thank you

Job Offer

October 14, 2014

I praise God that my son has been offered a job and is completing paperwork over the next two weeks to begin working. God is a provider, and I thank Him! I also thank those of you who prayed for me. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

my child WAS missing

September 30, 2014

Praise God my child has been found alive. Praise God for her many friends and family who searched and shared and prayed. Praise God for my Christian family who prayed for us. I pray Rebecca will see the Lord in these actions. I pray He will remove her from all that binds her and help her open her heart to His mercy. From the bottom of this mother's heart, I thank you for your prayers.

Successful surgery

September 30, 2014

Thank you for your prayers! My mom came through surgery well. She is having a lot of pain, but is in good spirits. Thank you for your continued prayer for her recovery which seems to be ongoing.


September 28, 2014

My story is not an answered prayer just yet but I would still like to say a big thank you for showing enough care to stop and pray for me.

Bad diabetes day

September 17, 2014

I'm very excited to say that after days of battling my high blood sugar due to my type 1 diabetes, is down! This morning my blood sugar was 593, and I was very sick. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. I feel much better and am able to attend Wednesday night service.

Marriage Restored

September 13, 2014

Praise God, I am so blessed to share with you all that 6 months ago my husband of 10 years (while he was deployed) was ready to walk out of our marriage. With all your prayers, my faith in the Lord, and holding onto His Promises, my husband and I are now on the path to righteousness. God has been so good to us and EVERYTHING has fallen into place. His blessings have shined down on us as we stay strong in our faith. My husband and I have moved to Arizona and are actively going to church. We spend more time together, and are starting to pray together. God has changed my husband's heart and opened my eyes. We are learning to cherish one another like God cherishes us. My husband is saying he loves me more now then ever before and we even went to a couples communication class together. We did a Bible Study on the book Love and Respect by Emmerson which has made a tremmendous difference in our marriage as well. Thank you all again for all your prayers!!!

Cancer at age 35

September 09, 2014

I am a 19 year Cancer survivor; Breast Cancer in 1995, I was 35 at the time and went with my sister on Thursday, May 18, 1995, for my first "baseline" mammogram. I really didn't want to go; I thought it was a waste of time and money, but my sister begged me to go with her as a buddy system. After the mammogram, I was told I would receive a letter in a week to 10 days letting me know everything was good and when to come back in five or ten years. But that's not what happened, two days later, Saturday Morning May 20, 1995, my OB/GYN Doctor called me at home. She told me that my images were blurred and I needed to go to the hospital the following Monday because their imagining capabilities were better than the screening center. On that Monday the Doctor of Radiology at the hospital brought me into his office to show me the images - showing me three areas of cancer in one breast. This news was very hard to take; after all I was a single parent with a 4 year old daughter. I was referred to a General Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon. Both of which explained how important it would be for me to have a Last Will and Testament prepared. They scheduled my mastectomy surgery for June 15, 1995. I made an appointment with my attorney and outlined a Last Will and Testament in case anything would happen. I, being a Christian since I was 8 years old, trust in the lord with all my heart. That night after putting my daughter down I went to bed and started sobbing out loud and praying. Not sure what the outcome would be and not wanting to leave my daughter at such a young age. That's when I experienced something I had never before. The Lord God spoke to me! I heard in a clear voice with my own ears in the midst of all the tears and sobbing, the voice said, "Gail, everything will be ok" at that moment all the tears and sadness left and I never felt sad or cried about the cancer or surgeries again. Well God was true to his word, the three areas of cancer were small and enclosed in the milk ducts and none of the surrounding tissue had any cancer and all 14 lymph nodes were clear. The general surgeon said no chemo or radiation needed, just annual mammograms and checkups. This was wonderful news. I have always wanted to do something for people who are fighting a battle with cancer, I have done a few breast cancer walks and collected money for cancer research but nothing that I felt lead to do. My sister in-law told me about a Face Book page she liked and that I needed to go check them out. "Crochet for Cancer" I couldn't sleep that next morning with the idea popping in my head to do this. So at 4:00 am and was on my phone tooling around on Face Book and thought I'd go check out their page. The next thing I know tears wouldn't stop falling, seeing that smile on a child's face because someone had crocheted and donated a beanie with "The Flash" on it. I knew at that moment this was something I had to do. After all I was very blessed to not have to go through chemo or radiation, and my grandmother taught me some basic crochet steps way back when I was 15. I hadn't crocheted much over the past 39 years but the last 3 years I had picked it back up and made some afghans, infinity scarf's for my daughter and her friends and a couple of baby blankets. I know that my grandmother would be proud to know that the basic steps she taught me could be used for such a worthy cause. So many families are affected by cancer; this is one small way to help those who are fighting the battle now. That is why I Joined with Crochet for Cancer and Started the first a chapter here in South Carolina. My chapter name -- SC Hooked by Faith I could use many more who are able to help, all donations are greatly appreciated. Any questions or concerns please contact me at


September 07, 2014

After years of turbulent life in this broken world, I became broken too. I've shrived for years to get to know God better, I knew in my heart he was my answer to the emptiness and hopelessness I suffered. Despair,anxiety, fear came at me from every direction. I wanted to bad to surrender to God. Surrendering to anything is hard, but I found this unbelievably hard, because surrendering didn't mean the problems were going away, it means you have FULL faith in God that it's all going to be alright, in his plan. I was so riddled with the suffering, and I read and read sat with God every morning and after a while, the words I need to hear were the words is place before me every morning. I started to understand what He wants us to do, what He wants us to ask for. I finally asked to take my anxiety and depression away..honestly the next day they were gone, I felt the weight of the world just gone, problems still there, but I was no longer worrying about them. It was then I started really getting what faith is. If people around this world would strive to understand and ask...wouldn't that be wonderful! "Ask and you shall receive" people pray for others but sometimes you need to pray for yourself.

Liver transplant update

August 19, 2014

Our friend John who had a liver transplant in Charlotte, is home and recuperating well! He is very thankful for all the prayer warriors who interceded on his behalf and for the family who lost a loved one so he could live.

Blessings and God's Hand of Protection

July 01, 2014

The Lord has worked in my life so many times. To start in 1996 while riding my first son on a farm tractor hauling hay bales out of one of our fields. Jay fell off the tractor and before I could stop it the very large and heavy back tire rolled over his head and chest. He was 3 and I knew I had just killed my son. The feeling and thoughts that I had just killed Jay were more than anyone should have to think. He was lying there face down. I rolled him over expecting to see his crushed head and he opened his eyes and looked up at me. He took a deep breath and said Daddy I am OK let me up. Back them we did not have all these cell phones and I was far away from any help. I have no idea how long I kneeled there holding Jay and then sat him up holding his head as still as I could. I prayed for God's help and asked for this to be a dream. I rode back to the house holding Jay on the tractor and put him in my police car and raced to the ER with him. They heard what had happened and loaded him up to send to Richland Memorial. On the way to there he began to spit blood up in the air mask. At the ER there they rushed Jay in and I stood there waiting for the bad news. My church family was praying for us and our minister walked up to me there and took hold of me. After prayers and worrying the doctors walked out and said he was in great shape. No head injury and no back or neck injury. Only a small tear in one lung from the tractor compressing him so flat. GOD IS GOOD. Jay left Richland 5 days later in perfect health. I have no doubt that the Lord laid down there with Jay and took that weight from his little body and saved my first son. Jay is a healthy 21 year old here with us today because God is the one and only all mighty God. Since then and in the last three years since 2011 I have worked overseas as a U.S. Police Officer embedded with the military there in Afghanistan. In two years I have been hit twice by incoming Rockets in our camp, the last one being a direct hit and God Blessed me again with His hand of Protection over me there. I only lost hearing in one ear and got over the TBI and Ringing in a couple of weeks. GOD IS GOOD. I also have had IED's explode around me and uncountable bullets hit near me on patrols without a scratch. Every day I prayed for His Grace and Protection, and everyday there He gave it to me. I have been home now for a year or so and have been Blessed to be able to share my testimony of His work in my life with many groups. I hope that He allows me the chances again to tell of His Glory and Grace in our lives if we just have faith and trust in God and His Son Jesus. Have a Blessed Day and I pray this story helps someone else who needs to hear these words of God's promise to save us and be there if we ask. Thank You WMHK for your work to spread His word. I wake up every day now thanking God for all His work and gifts in my life and for giving me another day to Say Thanks to Him.

Received Work Accomodations

June 09, 2014

I just want to thank everyone that prayed for regarding my job and what I should do. To God be all the glory. He showed Himself mighty and strong in my situation. I will now be working from home a few days of each week. This allows our family to save money and for our little one to be safe. Thanks again for each heart felt prayer, words cannot express how humbled I am that people I don't know would touch and agree with me for Gods will to be done in my employment situation.

Jordan Diggs

May 22, 2014

My granddaughter is 17 years old and has recently been diagnoised with Kidney failure and is in need of a kidney transplant. She is a child of God and believes he will heal her. Please pray for her. Thank you and God blesseveryone. This is the link to her story

Please pray

May 14, 2014

Please pray for mercy and restore whole healing processes... give all back to me my parents and my brother and my friend everything what He tried to give us back and give us as originally belong to us,even lost stolen gave away sbatched away even everything I spit out..,everything is taken to someone elses and we are switched to their physical evil spirits..,I am afraid God will not give us anymore chance,,,,,everything is taken to someone elses.. even mind and heart body whole soul whole spirits whole blessings whole gifts crowns whole people...we are in lost..even in confused spiritually . Please pray for Holy Spirit guide us and control us..Please ask God to protect us from evil spirit devil works..They are eager to destroy and steel everything from us..Please tell GOd I still believe Him and trust HIm ....really need your prayers

So Thankful for your prayers!!

May 13, 2014

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me last week. After a few days of praying very hard and long conversations with my mother, by obeying her and never fighting her, I convinced her to let me go on my mission trip to serve the Lord in Puerto Rico!! Please continue to pray for me as I mobilize and prepare financially and spritually for this trip. It going to be a big sacrifice for my family to send me on this trip, but I know God will never give us more than we can handle. To help me out and follow my journey you can visit God Bless!! God is so Great!!

Prayer for bullied/manipulated People...

May 12, 2014

I just want to take a moment and say a prayer for those people/kids who have been bullied/manipulated in a harmful way. All I say is, stand up & for yourself & believe in yourself. Let them believe the rumors & lies about you! If they believe the rumors, it's time to let them go! You do not need toxic people in your life. In my case, I was called mental and needed help! It still hurts to this day. Every one of my "friends" believed it, they did some other things, had to settle things in court of all things. I lost a lot of friends and a church cause of them. I do wish I would know the truth on my situation! I don't think i'll get it! But guys, remember what I said, stand up & believe in yourself. Let them believe the rumors & the lies. It'll show that they're the ones being stupid/ignorant. I am praying for you all! Cause God know I have done nothing to harass before this mess happened! I am staying out! In Jesus name! -Jdawg

me and my fiance

May 12, 2014

Thank you for all that have prayed for us. We are doing better but still taking baby-steps. Pls continue to pray for healing of our relationship.

God blessed me, thank you

May 08, 2014


Prayers Power of god

May 06, 2014

Thank you to all the prayers sent there has been so many awesome gods work here. Faith has been restored thank god I still need patience prayers Testing is hard, I believe the (GOD WILL ONLY GIVE YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE WHEN HE IS READY FOR YOU TO SEE THE LIGHT POWER OF THE LORD) Prayers to all that have request prayers will be answer maybe not this second sit back and see may god touch you and home & family

sister doing better

May 01, 2014

my sister found a job a while back, even after having 3 felonies. And is back together with her x husband, but they seem to be doing better. She's a believer, but her walk isn't real strong so continued prayers for her walk is appreciated

husband job

May 01, 2014

my husband didn't get the job we were praying for - but we're believing it wasn't God's will, at least not at this time; and it has allowed him to adjust his work hours so he can be home earlier from the job he already had.

in response to the georgia woman who sent me a note

April 29, 2014

I am not the one who is pursuing anybody it is the guy that is pursuing me. I love my husband and don't want anybody else. Thank you.

Patiently Waiting on God

April 29, 2014

About 2 years ago I posted a prayer request about my finances and job situation. There still has not been an answer from God on this, but I am continuing to pray, believe, and patiently wait on him. Boy once this answer comes it's going to be good!

Thank you

April 29, 2014

Prayer works thank you for all the prayers, sense I have posted my requested I have received several prayers I do believe that god has took control of my home, the three children have been great the last couple of days Morning are starting off more easy with little fuss, please continue to pray for our little family. Thur Christ I and the babies will get thur all our days. God bless this word, Prayers out for all in need I pray daily for my faith to grow and to receive patients with my gods plan. Thank you with love to our God

My journey!!

April 28, 2014

My story starts out when I was in grade school. I am now 43 yrs old. I have always had tremendous difficulty making good grades in school. However good or bad my grades were, I never gave up!! Guess you could say I'm hard headed, like that. Anyway, I finished school in '89 with a certificate of completion. I went straight to Orangeburg High and took my GED. I passed!! That was about the time that hurricane Hugo hit. Well, that was all the motivation I needed. I went back to school and got my EMT-Basic. That's where God's plan for my life really took off!!! For the next twenty years I worked on an ambulance. I got to see some pretty amazing things. Well God wasn't done there! He prompted me to go back to school to get my EMT-intermediate. I did. And, now, for the past 4 years, I have been working as an intermediate on the ambulance. Well, once again, God prompted me to go back to school and get my paramedic. I did!! For the past 13 months I have been able to pass test after test (with His help and guidance)!! I am at the point now, that I have got just one final exam to take. National registry written. I am allowed to test three times before I will have to go thru a refresher course. I have tested twice (failed both times). I now have one more attempt. I know He wants me to do this!! Even though He has not revealed to me why or where He wants me to go with this. I will trust Him. I just don't know when He wants me to test. Although, there is one thing I am absolutely positive of, He wants me to do this!!! I always have and always will continue to be a faithful servant to Him!!! Thank You!! Margaret H.


April 16, 2014

Thankful to Jesus for protecting my daughter today!! To GOd be the GLory!!

New job

April 15, 2014

Praise God. I got the new job I was interviewed for. Started it in Monday. Thanks so much to all of you Prayer Warriors that prayed for. Me. Please continue to pray as I embark on this new chapter in my life. Praises be to God and I give him all the glory. Amen and Amen!!

Please keep pray

April 08, 2014

Plese pray for give back whole good spirits whole crowns people all the gifts whole soul all the blessings back to me my parents and my brother. I messed up healing process and lost all.. gave away all.. Taken to someone elses. And we got their physical evil switched..I still believe and trust Him..please ask God for mercy and give each one of us back compeltely Fully as originally belong to us.. Even I rejected missed lost snatched away stolen didn't follow Him right way..... Even everything I spit out .. Realized spirit of healing restoration and blessings.. Even taken to someone elses bring everthing back to me .us.. Please pray..also ask help and only Holy Spirit control us.. Please also pray for restore my family. Also please pray for me keep my whole soul and blessings snatched away or lost even for my parents and my brother... ;like whole me is taken.

Thankful for PrayerWorks!

April 07, 2014

Numerous times I have posted my prayer requests on PrayerWorks and numerous times I have received a email notification that someone has prayed for me during the moment I received bad news at the doctor, during the moment I received a phone call offering me a new job, during the moment my spouse and I were in couseling, and during those moments when I needed to feel God's unbounding, selfless, ever-lasting love all around me. You see, we may not feel like we are reaching people or doing anything to help our fellow christians along their way by saying "I will pray for you". But I feel that prayer is THE single most important thing that we can do for one another. I am thankful for PrayerWorks, WMHK 89.7 and for every single one of you prayer warriors out there. Lets start a prayer revolution! Jesus mandated it and we must accept the challenge. Philippains 4:6-7

Pleasee pray

April 05, 2014

lost everything.. taken to someone elses...whole good spirits whole soul whole gifts whole blessings whole crowns people for me and my parents and my brother,,,please pray still trust Him please pray for restore whole healing process.. ..give everything back to us.. even I rejected missed lost gave away everything...please also pray for healing from switched lost taken good spirits...

Ben Sauer 4yr old with a brain tumor

March 21, 2014

Ben is 4 years old and he has a brain tumor. Please visit his website at to read his story and to reach out to his family. May God bless them and give the strength.

Loving Father needs new liver

March 19, 2014

My husband lost his job last Jan. He continued looking and found a job in Columbia but it required us to move. We packed up our 4 kids and moved to Columbia in July. He started having some health problems in Aug. We found out in Oct. that he has End Stage Liver Disease. The only cure is a Liver transplant. After numerous test and several months he was listed in Jan on the Liver transplant list. His health is declining and our bills are adding up. I am employed as a school nurse in District 5, so by me working we do not qualify for any assistance. No one will help with rent unless you are being evicted, utilities unless they are going to be turned off. I am not at that point but our family is in serious need of assistance and I just don't know who or where to go. I know God has a plan and he will send the right people to help our family.

Praising God for Answers to Prayer

March 05, 2014

I put this same information on the prayer request side but felt I should share it here as well. My wife got the cancer diagnosis back in October of last year. We have gone through 4 months of Chemo and just got her back home after bilateral mastectomy. We've seen so many prayers answered through these past four months and I want to praise God for the victories we've already had. Our surgeon is a good Christian man and we asked him for guidance in finding a Christian Oncologist and we found a dear sweet young Christian lady to take us through the Chemo. Both of our doctors have prayed with us with each office visit, and that has been such an uplifting experience. Of course, each time we've traveled to Lexington Med. Center and back home we've been blessed by the songs and testimony on WMHK. God continues to guide us and carry us through this battle. Just wanted to praise Him and share this story as well. Again, we have been so blessed to be able to listen to WMHK on our trips and the songs just seem to be played just for us!

Please pray

February 15, 2014

Please pray for me. God is trying to heal me these days but I've been failed a lot and lot of my spirit got taken to other people. Please ask God to give me and my parents and my brother back ours completely. And please ask God only He touches me and heal me thank you.

God found us a home

February 12, 2014

The Lord heard my cry. God found us a home. Praise The Lord I pray that The Lord gives us strength and heal my husbands Heart from all of this

Please continue to pray...

February 10, 2014

My son and his wife had a son tomorrow will be 4 weeks ago. My son still doesn't have a job but he is looking and applying every where that he has been told is hiring.

Need your powerful prayers..

January 25, 2014

please pray for me... my good spirit I keep taken to someone else... even while I'm praying... moment of healing............need your powerful prayer... thank you.

God's Guidance

January 22, 2014

I asked for prayer in God's guidance to determine where a relationship may be heading. I had been talking to a very nice gentleman at my church and wasn't sure if he was interested....Turns out he was and was waiting for God to tell him what to do...We've been seeing each other for over 3 weeks now. God is good. Thank you to all who've prayed for he and I. God bless and keep praying. :-)

Please continue pray..

January 22, 2014

During Gods healing process I made big mistakes.., I spit out I sould swallow and it went to someone elses.. mine, my parents and my brothers whole good spirit and blessings and crowns..... then we got all evil spirits.. and even I pray ..they soaking my good body is me but spirit and soul belong to someone else..also during I'm sleeping and just see FB logo..and phone..I my good spirits taken away and switched to wrong i';m like spread out evil wrong spirits.... Also please pray for complete spiritual mind body soul healing and heal and restore what satin had destroyed and had stolen. and what I messed up or missed. Thank you.

please please pray

January 05, 2014

lost whole good spirit and had stolen from satans..please pray for me and my parents and my brother for healing and restoration in this challenge time..and I keep failing Gods healing process and each time i fail everything is geting more messed up...and now lost everything but ask for prayer more mercy.... please pray for decernment and wisdom.someone told me i should spit out everything and i know its not right but it holds my mind.. please ask God for help and retore what i made mistake during His process...

Urgent: Please Pray!!

December 27, 2013

Hello,i'm having spiritual difficulties.. as I pray and pray other people took my spirit is getting stronger so I really want to pray but I can't.. its like body is me but spirit is other peoples... I think this is urgent matter... this happens to my families too..after I made big mistake during Gods healing process....all their good spirits taken to someoneelse like switched.. and got al physical evil spirits...please pray!! Thank you/

prayers were not answered

November 21, 2013

i failed my exams and i am so shattered and do not know what next to do. my school request i go back to do a six week course which will cost me 10,000 dollars before i can be re enrol to take the exams. This I cant afford since i am not working and my husband is believing God for a job. i did all i tot i could but i am really downcasted not knowing where or what next to do .I am so ashamed to even face or talk to my children whom i also encouraged to be best in their schooling.we do not even have anything to do for them for thanksgiving and christmas not to talk of getting the money to go and do these courses. I am more confused than ever not knowing what to do with my life.

my dad

November 20, 2013

My dad passed away on Oct 30th. Thanks for praying for him to get a kidney.

prayer was NOT answered

November 13, 2013

After all the praying for my Dad to get a kidney my dad had a heart attack while on dialysis and ended up in the ICU. He passed away on Onot speak to me.ber 30th. God failed me and my family. He did not listen to our outpouring of prdieds and took my Dad away from me at the young age of 68 and right before my birthday and the holidays. He took my Granny from me ON mt birthday years ago.My marriage failed after much prayer, my stepson will nit, my relationship after that ended right before my dads death. I lost my job a few months ago, my brother has been nasty to me since my dad died. I am beginning to think prayer is a joke. I've had enough heartache for one person. Why would God put so much pain on me. I've always had faith ..not so much anymore.I've always tried to be loving to everyone and have gone to church faithfully. I just don't see the point anymore.

three prayers answered!!!

November 07, 2013

Three prayers that were previously submitted have been answered beyond my expectations! 1-My grandson, Rocco's illness has been diagnosed as food allergies which he can manage with diet and minimal medication. He is back to his normal weight and looks like a new person! 2-My daughter's heart has softened enormously and her anger about her upbringing has completely subsided. She is more relaxed and kindhearted than I've ever seen. 3-My husband has developed several male friends which he hasn't had for more than a decade after leaving coaching. One is our priest and the friendship was initiated by him! God is soooo good and prayers are a remarkable gift!!!

Praising God

November 07, 2013

Just want to thank Him for listening, comforting and answering prayer. He is amazing and all praise, honor and glory belong to him.

Answered Prayer

October 21, 2013

I asked the WMHK family earlier this month to please pray for me. I know a lot of God's people did just that. I want to say thank you. I am now employed and will start soon. For anyone reading this post, please know, PRAYER WORKS!

Thank you

October 18, 2013

I asked for prayer because I was so very angry with God because of everything that was going on. Things have not gotten better but I am no longer angry with God. Thank you for praying.

Clean Scans

October 16, 2013

I asked for prayers for some scans that I was having done last week. I have a huge family history of breast cancer and had to have scans done for some pain that I was feeling. Everything came back clear! Thank you for the prayers. It was a huge help to me to know I had the prayers of others walking in that office with me to have those scans done.

Results of Son's Surgery

October 15, 2013

Hallelujah, my son is walking and has moved by to our hometown. Him and a room mate live in an apartment upstairs. He is able to climb the stairs. He has said that when it is gloomy or cold her it hurts more, but at least he has full use of it. The Army Medically Discharged him. He had a sit down job as a paralegal specialists, but he go discharged. He has some financial difficulties now, but things could be a lot worse and thank GOD they are not. Thanks for all of your prayers.


October 14, 2013

Our daughter had a couple of days but it still hard for us all but we are believing an holding on to our faith. We still ask that if you will please keep us in your prayers.


October 14, 2013

I start my new job today. This week I will be training an by friday they will let me know if I get to keep my job. I'm praying an believing if it in Gods will i will. Please keep me in your prayers I start at nine am..

Thankful for Prayers

October 14, 2013

I am so very thankful for all the Prayers that went up for my nephew. However, he did pass away. I miss him so very much as he was such a huge part of my life. I know he is now with family that loves him dearly and that for me makes it so much easier. Thank you all for taking the time to Pray. With much love..

me & wife

September 23, 2013

Me and Glenda still are not back together, but I feel we are making progress. God has answered some of my prayers and wishes concerning this matter. We are communicating more, laughing and circumstances beyond my control allow me to see her at a certain superstore, and she grocery shops at the store where I work she looks forward to seeing me. We even went to a drive in fast food place to get a root beer and we held hands and talked. It really helped me feel better. Now I need prayer that God will finish what he started. I forgot she also sent me a text saying she loves me.


September 18, 2013

I have had so many people respond to my prayers. I am so thankful that there are enough people out there that actually care. I am scared I have never been in this situation before. I know life is full of struggles but I know that he has a plan for us and maybe my husband needs a new adventure! I was blessed with more hours at work! that is a silver lining a small one but I know that all will be will. Thank you.

Thank you

August 20, 2013

Thank you for taking time to pray for my friend who lives now with our Lord in eternity.

relationship guidance

August 06, 2013

Please continue to pray for God's guidance for a potential relationship. I'm still talking to the gentleman at church (before and after church not during) and believe even more strongly now that he feels the same way. I ask for God's guidance as the relationship progresses.

Death of my Husband

August 01, 2013

My husband passed away 4 mths ago. I can't seem to go on. Can't get over it. Please pray for me.

Praise Report - power of Holy Spirit, obedience and fasting

July 28, 2013

Praise Report !!!!!!!!!! Original prayer request from July 21, 2013 Posted on WMHK... "Please pray for me during my fast. I have never fasted this long. But I fast to seek His face as never before and seek direction in several matters. God Bless. Thank You. Praise Report... Several months ago I ran into a situation where my daughter stop talking to me. She was angry and so was I about a falling out we both had over money and a car for transportation. Over time I softened but she remained closed. I turned to the Lord for help. The Holy Spirit, one night during prayer told me specifically and clearly to fast for 2 days, water only! I cringed at the idea really because fasting has been hard for me up to that point. The longer I had gone was 7 hours and I thought that was hard...and here I was just told to do 2 full days (48 hours)! Well honestly I did not fast right away because of all sorts of excuses mostly procrastination. At one point I was upset that I had to be the one to suffer more for her remaining closed off but that of course was childish. After trying for months to really buckle down and do this, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me I needed to do this. Finally on July 22 and 23rd I made the decision to do it, no excuses! I began at midnight as it became the 22nd. I was fasting just as the Holy Spirit had instructed nearly 4-5 months prior to reach my daughter. Can you believe 2 hours before the fast was to begin at midnight, after months of silence, my daughter sent me a text telling me she was ready to sit and talk things out the following day at lunch. I was blown away. The first day I would see my daughter again would be the first day of the fast. The very fast that God had instructed me to do months ago. Of course we met, I remained on the fast and we reconciled. I completed the fast. I wish I had done it right when the Holy Spirit had instructed me. God is Awesome! Thank you Jesus. I encourage anyone to DO what the Lord asks promptly! Look at fasting and prayer for breakthroughs!

Sister and Grandson OK

July 26, 2013

My little 10 month old grandson had by pass surgery but he is doing ok. My sister Mary had lumps removed from breast about 2-3 weeks ago test came back Monday 7/22/13 no cancer. I think she was worried because our Mother passed away from breast cancer at the age of just 53.

Restoration of 30yr marriage; Job & Airborne

July 22, 2013

Praise Report - My daughter graduated from Airborne School. Thanks for your prayers :)

Thank you so much for praying for Garrison

July 15, 2013

You are so awesome yourselves. Thank you for praying and continuing to pray. He is a dear 5 yr. old who has made it through his surgery and is home. God Bless you all.

Garrison 5 yrs old has SMA and is doing better.

July 13, 2013

Thank you for all of your prayers for this fine young boy.

Garrison 5 yrs old has SMA and having back surgery tomorrow in Madison Wisconsinr

July 11, 2013

Garrison came through his surgery well. He is in great pain and will be able to come home as soon as he is relieved from the pain. Also he has to readjust to his feeding. He is such a brave little man. Thank you for prayers and continue praying for him and his family. Miracles still happen today through prayers by believers who have great faith. He is only we need to pray for him. Thank you.

Update on "Pray for healing for my Mom

June 07, 2013

My Mom has been referred to a Infectious Disease physician at Duke University. Your prayers have really helped this all to take shape. Please keep praying for wisdom for the Dr. and strength for our family. I will be taking her to all her appointments/tests/what have you. God bless you all!

Fellow Worker Asks About A Bonus? Because......... !

May 25, 2013

A Sister In-Christ I work with sounded unrealistic as she asked if we were going to receive bonuses this year. Go figure. The economy is shrunk. And people should count themselves fortunate just to have a job! I thought her request sounded superficial till she latter confided with me: her husband may leave for a new location soon, while she's left behind paying the bills..... A three? digit home mortgauge and a new car payment has this Dear Sister preasured greatly. She feels she should look for a higher pay grade but those offers are drudgery duty. (please go to our Father in prayer that her husband becomes well and doesn't go so fast. Pray that he is surely saved in Christ ! Pray that The LORD causes my friend not to fret overly much.. May her money streech exceedingly far. She is a very giving and joyfull person. "Dear Father... I thank You greatly for having had the opportunity to live near this most wonderful lady. She's one of your children. Won't You please tend Graciously and Mercifully to her and entire family? I thank YOU Dear God for all Your going to do now, for it is in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, Your ONE and only Son, amen...."

prayers answered about daughter may have breast cancer

May 20, 2013

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers. I had posted late last week about my daughter may have breast cancer. All praises to God it was NOT breast cancer, she has alot of cyst in a cluster, but they are a non cancerous and will desolve on their own. Thank you God first and Thank you prayer warriors. This is proof there is POWER IN PRAYER.

Thanks to all my friends, family and family from other parents for your constant prayers since my diagnosis of Aggressive Breast Cancer

May 10, 2013

Please continue to pray for healing.....Love each and everyone of you who pray.

Answered prayer

May 07, 2013

Thank you and God bless everyone who prayed for my sister. She was going into renal failure and only had 20 percent use of her kidneys. She went back to the doctors and they are 100 percent fine now!!! The doctors can't explain it but I can. The power of prayer is amazing and our God is an awesome God!!!

TRUE Power in Prayer

May 03, 2013

Thee true power rests in the hands of the Almighty. I am just so thankful to God for all of his blessings. Approximately 2 weeks ago I put up a request about medical school final exams. I still have one more week to go but I can delight that God has said yes and been faithful in regards to this prayer. I prayed to be stress free, haven't felt an ounce of stress and this is the finale, culmination of the entire semester. I also prayed that I would pass my exams, as I was failing physiology, a 6 cr hour class, and thak God I bumped my grade up to passing. God is truly awesome. Thank you brothers and sisters for your graciousness and willingness to join me in prayer miles and miles away. Love you:-)

My pet's surgery

April 14, 2013

I requested prayer for the surgery of my 15 yr old Jack Russell Terrier on April 6th. She had surgery on 4-9-13 and it went smooth and was a successful operation. She is home and doing very well. I want to thank you so much for your prayers. I received an emailed each time someone prayed for her. That was very encouraging and uplifting. peace & love

husbands salvation

April 03, 2013

Please pray for my husbands salvation, he is angry at God and wants nothing to do with him ever since we lost our son. please pray that he will come back to God

pray for my uncle wayne

April 03, 2013

My uncle has been in the hospital for two weeks he was doing better but they had to put him on the vennialator and he is having seizures and they do not know why


April 01, 2013

I praise nd thank my God for He answers prayer and for you for praying. My child is so happy these days.

My marriage

April 01, 2013

Thank you all so much for your prayers. My husband delayed coming over until Easter and we talked. I spoke to him about our marriage being in the will of God. He didn't talk a lot and I coud see that the Holy Spirit was working on him. He actually went to church yesterday! Not ours, but at least he went. Please keep praying for my marriage. I am praying daily and speaking satan out of mine, my husband's and our familys' lives. I know God is working in our lives!


March 26, 2013

School is going much better lately.

thank you ALL!! :)

March 20, 2013

I ask for you all to please pray for a good report - whether I was pregnant or not, and although I'm not pregnant, the check up itself went well! Hopefully my results are as great as my check up was! My doctor put me on 2 medications. One to regulate me, the other one is supposed to make me ovulate! Hopefully by the power of prayer, this is all I need, to successfully have a healthy, happy baby! :) God bless you all!!,

Doors of Opportunity opening

March 19, 2013

Thank you so much for your prayers. In Feb i asked for prayers for a job for my daughter and for her childrens father. I am over joyed to say he is working and she has started tutoring. She is tutoring 7 children and is loving every bit of it. Please continue to pray for more fruitful opportunites for both of them and that their love of God grows bigger.

Follow up to prayer request

March 14, 2013

On the 12th I shared with all you the problems I have had to overcome after the death of my girlfriends son, job loss and the problems and pain she placed upon me an innocent victim of an awful accident. Well I thought I'd follow up ( Warning Gods grace and love is all over me on this one so sit down before you read this. I was suppose to leave Florida on Thursday it will not happen so there is a loaded trailer in my yard here packed with no where to go. My heart is not in headed back to South Carolina the job is shaky and after the hurts I've dealt with don't have the will to get back it in it. ( Wednesday my church came to load all I had left here on the trailer it took ten minutes because twenty showed up to do it when they got through they said you are moving but not to SC but away from the hurt, pain that your GF left here into a new location we will set you up in and oh by the way get dressed you have two job interviews coming up Friday they put in good words for me to keep me here. My heart is here and I know God has work for me to do here as for the guy in South Carolina who came to rescue me and has some of my stuff pray he understands and lets me go back where God wants me and pray that I find the money to pay for all this.

Prayers for my sister in law

March 13, 2013

A few days I requested prayer for my sister in law for being in ICU for a leg infection after having a stem cell transplant. I am sad to report that she passed away today. Although it is really painful for us right now, we know that she is not in pain anymore and that she is with Jesus. Thank you for all your prayers.


March 11, 2013

Thank you so much for your prayers. One has been answered! I thank God for this ministry and for those who pray.

Thankful for Storms God Gives Us

March 10, 2013

During our lives God gives us storms (difficult situations) to draw us closer to him. Recently I have had my share of storms; ending of a 25 year marriage, broken relationships with adult children, mother's house catching on fire, and the list goes on. During difficult times satan will use these hardhips to keep us from having a relationship with God. I thank God for Prayerworks and all the prayer warriors praying for each other. This network of prayer warriors has given me strength to want to live to serve God. I have learned so much about grace through life's storms and through this have been able to witness to others that are going through similar situations. Praise the LORD for his grace and for sending his only Son to die on the cross shedding His blood saving us from our sins. I encourage each of you to reflect on God's abundant love for you this Easter as our Savior has risen and is alive wanting to have a relationship with you. The people of this world need God in their lives. To have a relationship with God all you need to do is 1) Admit you are a sinner, 2) Believe in God, 3) Confess your sins to God asking for his forgiveness and asking Him to come into your heart. As we celebrate the beginning of a new season -Spring allow God to enter your heart causing you to grow spiritually and branch out doing God's work. Just as the flowers and trees bloom watch the beauty unfold within yourself as God works in your life. Happy Easter!

Thank you

March 05, 2013

Thank you so much for praying for me. I always feel stronger and wiser. Had a wonderfully encouraging time with my family last evening. Thank you

Thank you

March 05, 2013

Thank you so much for praying for me. I always feel stronger and wiser. Had a wonderfully encouraging time with my family last evening. Thank you

hello everyone i just want u all to pray for me i havent found a real job for the past 5 years , please pray with me i will find one soon thank u for ur time and player godbless

February 18, 2013

we all need prayer everyday

hello friends i just really need ur prayers am depressed been this way for many years i want to live but live happy please pray for me i need all the praying in the world depression is like having a dieses its discouting thank u all god bless u

February 12, 2013

please pray for my for my depression thank u

please pray for me just come out of depression and i have faith in god i wil be someone on earth i been lost all my life i am 32 and i need an extra push thank u all have great day

February 11, 2013

help me help u godbless

hello everyone i want to tell u all prayers do work god loves us to pray for each other he truly is a magical god lets all pray for eachother we all need prayer everyday amen i pray u pray this world is happyier right :)

February 11, 2013

lets pray for each other...

Missing Dad

February 10, 2013

Thank you everyone for your prayers. My Dad has surfaced and though I do not know exacting what happened, he is safe and sound. I only know that he was in a rural area with no phone service. Once again thank you very much for your prayers and thank God for His great mercies.

God's Beautiful Timing

February 10, 2013

I sent my request for prayer so many months ago and I received many responses. So much time went by and after a while there were no prayer responses coming. Just recently the family problem has come up again and I had not asked for prayer, but all of a sudden out of 'no where' today I received a message that someone had prayed for my grandson. Thank you God for sending this message that someone prayed. It is the Holy Spirit still at work in the hearts of those who love Him and those who are prayer warriors. Praise God!

Son's Depression

February 07, 2013

Thank you everyone for your prayers. There have been so many and they have truly helped my son. He came over last night and he was happier than I've seen him in a very long time. I can't say thank you enough. God is so good!!!


February 06, 2013

I am so thankful for this ministry. I really do feel supported in prayer whenever I place a request. Thank you so much. God is so good.


January 30, 2013

Thank you all so much for the prayers. It lifted me up to see the prayers for me. I am trying to be strong, and feel better but am still having a hard time. Please keep praying! Thank you so much!!

Desperate Financial Windfall Needed

January 28, 2013

Thank you for the many prayers that have been gone up to our Heavenly Abba! He has heard your prayers and answered them! I can not believe the way Jesus answered the prayers. He softened my landlord's heart and offered an option that could only have been made by Jesus himself. And one that I can actually do! I still have my home and can catch up on the payments in timely payments. Wow!!!! God is beyond wonderful! My daughter and grand baby still has a home to live in .... and I still own my home! Praise God for all of you! The power of prayer is so awesome! Thank you again!!!!! I love you all and will pray for you too!

Desperate Financial Windfall Needed

January 27, 2013

Thank you for the many prayers that have been gone up to our Heavenly Abba! He has heard your prayers and answered them! I can not believe the way Jesus answered the prayers. He softened my landlord's heart and offered an option that could only have been made by Jesus himself. And one that I can actually do! I still have my home and can catch up on the payments in timely payments. Wow!!!! God is beyond wonderful! My daughter and grand baby still has a home to live in .... and I still own my home! Praise God for all of you! The power of prayer is so awesome! Thank you again!!!!! I love you all and will pray for you too!

Answered prayer for Anxiety problems

January 23, 2013

I am so thankful to all of you for your prayers and also suggestions. I had many weeks with no anxiety and was so thrilled. A few weeks ago anxiety came back with a vengence. It truly scared me to death, but through much prayer and asking God to help me figure this thing out, it was apparent that I had an overload of hormones in my body, through doctor visits. Through all of this, when a very dark day came my way, another prayer post came up on my email. I thank you all so much, and God especially, because He knows when we need special signs/prayers in His perfect timing. Also, my friend that I have been concerned about is still in my prayers and i know God is protecting her. Thanks be to God for his help through this site.

Grandson Rocco is well...praise God!

January 06, 2013

Thank you so much for all your prayers!!! My grandson Rocco is well, the on-going diarrhea stopped without medications and he's begun to regain weight. Tahnk you, Lord!

Thought i was Pregnant

January 01, 2013

I was so worried that i was pregnant at such a young age and went to the doctor and found out i was not pregnant at a young age its been 5 years since i asked for the prayer, now im happily married with a little one on the way. I thank God for His timing in my life

Prayer answered

December 28, 2012

I had requested prayer a few times for my husband to find a job. It had been over a year & half and he was getting very depressed. I kept praying and telling him to keep the faith, that God had a good job out there for him. Well, sure enough 3 weeks ago, he got a good job with excellent benefits and it is with a company that really cares for their employees. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and most of all thank God for all his love and mercy.

seeking a job

December 23, 2012

I am greatly embarrassed that I have not replied to this before now. I have been employed for over a year now and actually have had jobs seeking me. Also I have been asked to come in January to visit a City in Alabama about taking a job there. God has greatly blessed me and my family. Thank you all who have been praying for me.


December 13, 2012

Just wanted to tell everyone THANK YOU For all the prayers. My husband and I just found out everything is fine with the baby. The doctor had just did the ultrasound too soon. Here is the previous story: Early Pregnancy want a healthy baby December 12, 2012 Flag as Inappropriate | View/Share Request My husband and I just found out we are going to have another child. We were so excited! Went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound and it didn't show anything. The doctor said we are pregnant and either it is too early to show up on the ultrasound or it is an ectopic pregnancy. We are leaving it in Gods hands and would love for all of you to pray that it was just to early. We really want a healthy baby...(boy/girl..doesn't matter) Please pray for us that everything go smoothly. They did more blood test and we find out tomorrow if we are truly pregnant or if this is a ectopic pregnancy.

Pray for nephew

December 05, 2012

I had asked for prayers for my nephew who had cancer. I did get many many prayers and I thank everyone for the kindness. Unfortunately my nephew passed away! He is now with my mom, grandparents and many others including God..he is home!!! Much love to all!!

Niece is cancer free

December 03, 2012

Earlier this year I requested prayer for my niece who had a tumor on one of her kidneys. She had the kidney removed at the time the tumor was discovered and has successfully completed chemotherapy. Thank you for praying for her. I praise GOD that she is well now.

Niece is cancer free

December 03, 2012

Earlier this year I requested prayer for my niece who had a tumor on one of her kidneys. She had the kidney removed at the time the tumor was discovered and has successfully completed chemotherapy. Thank you for praying for her. I praise GOD that she is well now.


November 14, 2012

god means everything too me


November 13, 2012

god has blessed me with everything i have im thankful for my family n god

2 very ill daughters

October 29, 2012

A week ago we requested prayer for our 2 daughters (one of whom already has Lyme Disease)who were extremely ill. We requested prayer that 1) we could find a doctor willing to work with the Lyme Diagnosis, 2) that we would have answers as to what was going on, 3) that they wouldn't have to miss school, 4) that they would feel better. How have we seen God work? 1) Withing 24 hours, we were being seen by a doctor who is everything we were looking for! 2) We now know that Joanna (11) has mono, and Abby (14) has "off the chart" Epstien Barr (also called Chronic Mono), which is a common co-infection of Lyme Disease. 3) Both girls have been placed on homebound schooling for the next month, so they will not be getting farther behind. 4) Although both of them are still very sick, they are showing signs of improvement. THANK YOU for praying!

Prayer Answered

October 24, 2012

I told the story of the lady from my church who discovered that she had stage 4 cancer. God answered all of prayers. The lady passed away and it was sad. But now I realize it was for the best; she no longer has to suffer and the family can go on with her loving memory forever.


October 19, 2012

IN MARCH OF THIS YEAR (2012) I FOUND OUT THAT MY CHILD HAD BEEN SEXUALLY ABUSE BY 2 PEOPLE.ABOUT 5 YEARS AGO. One of these people was my uncle the other was my fiance at the time. Both of whom I trusted with my child. I had several behavior issues with my child not knowing he was acting out. He told his story at an FCA convention and they immediately called me.We immediately called our pastor and our family and went to the police station to make reports.Both people are in jail now and WE have a confession from one person but the other one i'm afraid we will have a trial. Mys on has been hospitalized and spent 2 weeks 1 time and 1 week another time and has gone through a whole LOT. We areboth going through counseling. It didnt really hit home again til i had to appear in court again this week. I am so glad that my son had the strenth to tell everyone the truth. He sai God said to do it so he could not have that burden anymore. H felt like everything was his fault just the way I did in the beginning. How could I let this happen? Those were his words and especially mine. I didnt know this was happening so i could not help my child but blamed myself. Pleas pray for our strength bc this is not over yet. God has been with us and we have definitely prayed every day and every minute how to deal with this and how to get through it. My son had suicidal thoughts also and had it planned on how he was going to try to di it. It scared me but if we didn't have Gods help and our family we wouldnt be where we are now. We are both having a hard time forgiving but one day God will give us a sign and the know how of what to do. God says to forgive no matter what. This is why we need prayers. These people hurt my child and it's very hard to forgive. They sayin time but i'm not sure how much time. Pls pls pls keep praying. Thanks be to God.

My Niece

October 10, 2012

She is 24 with 2 handsome young men...ages 6&7. Mommy really needs your prayers to help her grow up. She was raised in a christian home,but, has fallen away from her christian values. She goes from one relationship to another and just doesn't realize how special she and the boys are. Her Mom, my sister, has custody of the boys,but, she sees them often...they just seem like little brothers to her. Daniel and Trey need good role models for parents. Please pray for us, the boys go to church every Sunday and love the Lord

Skin cancer scare over!

October 10, 2012

I talked to the Dr this morning and they said it was per-cancerous and would only need to be frozen, Thank-God and all those faithful prayer worriers!!!!

Throat update- praise God!!

September 25, 2012

Thank you for your prayers! I had had a rampant throat infection that was threatening to send me to the ER for emergency throat surgery. I am excited to report that mine and your prayers were answered and God kicked out the throat infection! Everything has returned to normal, I have been off the antibiotics long enough to know there won't be a secondary flare up and am enjoying being able to swallow again. Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers and praise God for blessing me!

Prayer for Saluda, Andrews Family and Metts Family

September 22, 2012


September 11, 2012

I want to thank you all for your prayers for me and my children to get a car.... By God's good grace my mom and dad have helped me with getting a car...Praise the Lord!!!! I appreciate all of yor prayers and don't it feel good to know GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!

Giving Thanks

September 02, 2012

TY for all who has been praying. My house pymnts are now caught up & I got 2 months deferral on my payments. Lord, TY for Family & blessings that I have received. Pls continue to pray for me as I still seek employment. Times are tough right now, but I know that My God is not done with me Yet!!!!

Our Son

August 28, 2012

My son is in some major trouble! I have been asking for prayer for him and I am continuing to do that today. He needs peace in his heart and mind to deal with his situation. He also needs to talk to God to help him through. I know that God's hand is on the situation and I pray his contiued hand on this whole situation. Please pray for all involved that there is a heart of compasion not revenge and that my son will learn from this and GOD will envade him now and forever! Thank you Lord for those you have already put in our path and that you will continue to hold all of us in the palm of your hand. Please pray that God will give us as family a peace about this. The lack of sleep and the nerousness is taking a tole on all of us. Please pray for a Christian place for him to live and a renewed spirit in him and us! This was my original story....Since posting this my son has been through many ups and downs as well as us as his family. He has entered into a faith based closed community for a period of at least 6 months, I ask your prayers that our Lord will overwhelm his heart mind body and soul. He appears to has some direction now pray that he continue to climb the hill in a positive direction.

My journey with type 1 diabetes and what I go through everyday I just want to inspire people

August 04, 2012

the middle of my 8th grade school year i went to the doctors office for a checkup or so i thought they ran a few tests and the doctor left and came back with the tests results she told my parents and I to go home and pack my bags there was a room waiting on me at the hospital and to go streight there when i got to the hospital the nurse showed me where my room was they ran more tests there the doctors told me i had type 1 diabetes and they explained to me what it was and they said sadly there is no cure for it so i now take 3 shots a day of insulin to keep me alive i denied i had diabetes at first and it took me a while to get use to it i realize you can die from it so there i was going from a normal teenage girl to a sick girl with a disease that can't be cured i spent 4 days in the hospital with doctors explaining to me what to do and what not to do what to eat and what not to eat waking me up at all hours of the night boy did i not like that i needed my sleep i also have to check my blood suger 4 times a day the day the doctors told me i could go home i was so happy but i was not going home to what i was use to i have a new normal now and it will be normal until a cure for diabetes is found before i went home the child life speacialist gave me a rufus the diabetic bear it is so cute i thought to myself the day i got out of the hospital i went to school the next day my dad said you just got out of the hospital are you sure you want to go to school i told him i sure do i miss my friends and i have alot of work to catch up on truth is i also did not want to fail he said ok my friends started acting different around me but they got use to it i have passed out several times from a low blood suger the scarest thing my dad says i become unresponsive and when i wake up i can not remember anything thats 2 scarey im afraid to go to sleep at night what if i do not wake up it always pops into my head my dad had to give me suger to wake me up when i entered high school all my new friends were like why do you have to leave class early everyday before lunch to go to the nurse and eat lunch early so i told them living with diabetes is not easy no where close to easy but i have to live with it there will be a cure found one day i have hope and i will never stop fighting and never give up hope on a good note i just graduated from airport high school june 1 2011 this is what i would say to people with diabetes never give up fight until a cure is found because one day there will be a cure and when there is we can scream yes no more shots no more pricking ourselves just recently on June 5 2012 I recived some bad news i got a nerve test on on my feet at the foot doctor and they diagnoised me with diabetic nuropathy one foot is mild the other is severe and im only 19 as you can see i live a complicated life when I got diagnoised my blood sugar was in the 600's It was a week before my 13th birthday My voice may be small but my heart is very big I battle with something everyday But it's not from something I did or ate you see I have type 1 diabetes Its a constant battle and an everyday fight to stay alive I need to check my blood sugar 4 times a day sometimes more when I feel sick and I take 3 shots a day I need insulin to stay alive I would love to do everything you can do without having to check my blood sugar or getting an insulin shot But I can't until a cure is found I have been fighting this battle for 7 years now I have made alot of friends who are dealing with the same thing I am so thankful for the DOC which stands for diabetic online community and my new diabetic friends Pity is something people do not need to have for me all I really need is for you to be my friend don't feel sorry for me because of the battles I go through God doesn't give us anything we can not handle Don't worry about me I am a strong girl I just know a cure will be found soon I will never ever give up I have hope Type 1 diabetes never takes a vacation and you can't get rid of it and you sure can not catch it from someone sure I denied it at first but lots of people do It has made me a stronger person I know I can do anything I sat my mind 2 I love you all thanks for taking the time to read this!!!! But sadley my life saving treatment may soon be over since my health insurance is cutting me off august and i don't have alot of money they said i can't Appeal Im gonna make the most of the time i have left

My son

August 01, 2012

I posted a prayer request weeks ago for my 9 year old son and his Father's relationship. It is a constant prayer vigil for me as the Mother, but thanks to ALL who have prayed for us. Prayer does miraculously work! Their father/son relationship has improved. We still have some very tough times, but that is when I pray and so much appreciate EVERYONE that continues to pray. THANK YOU AND THANK OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

Successful Surgery

July 16, 2012

The surgery took longer than expected, but it all cam out fine. My son is walking now. He has a slight limp, but that is better than not being able to walk. He has been discharged from the Army now on medical discharge. All in all, things could have been worse and they were not and he could have left the Army for psychiatric reasons or because of death. Things could have been so much. His knee is very sensitive, but with God's help and your prayers, along with mine; things are on the plus side!

My life that im struggling with.

July 10, 2012

Hi, im 16 years old and i want to pray for my family. i pray that they put Jesus in their lives and in their hearts. Its hard for me because i have Jesus in my heart. i cant go through one day without hearing a curse word, or someone yelling at someone from the top of their lungs. so please just pray for my dysfunctional family. i really hope things get better financially and spiritually. thankyou

Still waiting on God

July 09, 2012

About two weeks ago I posted on the prayer works website for a solution to my financial situation that has been a problem for at least th past four years. Bills are hardly being met. My husband and I were rear ended in November 2011 and have been driving an older car with tranmission problems. It hailed in Chpain where we live about two weeks ago and we have some extensive body damage to our car. So much that they want to total our only vehicle which we still owe money on. Thing are definately not looking up. Please pray hard that things work out for us.

Update on eviction

July 09, 2012

I've been praying for financial breakthrough to help to pay my bills, especially the rent. I received two eviction notices and an ejectment notice. I've not only been praying for the financial miracle, but also favor with my landlord. Well she gave me her favor this morning. She said all eviction will cease if I can come into the office today and pay what is due. Praise the Lord! Now just need that miracle, Father.......

husband who has been battling drug addiction is in a christian based rehab facility.

June 22, 2012

Thank you all who have prayed for my husband and me. He has been battling drug addiction for several years. Unfortunately we have separated due to his addictions. However, he has checked himself into a christian rehab in NC (has been there now for 2mnths) and God is working on him as well as on me. I prayed faithfully with the help from the The Power Of A Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. While I had lost some faith & had doubts that my prayers were working, my husband is going thru many of the things that I prayed for e.g. meeting godly male friends, putting Jesus back in his heart, and confronting his past. I have reminded myself that this happens in God's perfect timing. I am still unsure if we will renew our marriage of 14yrs, but I know that The good Lord will lead me to where I need to be. Prayer Works!

Giving God All the Glory!!

June 20, 2012

Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I mailed a payment today that will get my house up to date. My parents helped me get 2 new tires for my car because they were bald. Still believing that my car payments will get caught up also & a great Job!!! Lord, Thank you for all these Blessings that you have given me & my Girls!!! Amen!!!

daughter, deliverance, healing, thanks

June 19, 2012

THANK YOU all who have prayed for my daughter and her many diseases- Last weekend I took my daughter to a prayer/deliverance pastor who prayed for her healing, and she got deep and immediate relief from so many symptoms: visual problems connected to migraines - they are gone (black spots, weird lights, wavy lines in vision). A limp that she had because of crooked hips and a shorter leg, disappeared. Much chronic pain left. We were stunned. My daughter has been bed ridden on and off for almost 11 years. We of course wanted to watch and wait and see. the following hours, she began to experience much dark and painful spiritual pressure, and return of so much pain - and I stayed up into the wee hours praying against the evil one, and she began to get relief. next day she called the deliverance minister and he said that satan had been attacking him too, with intense depression, since he saw her - it was very unusual for him - obviously the evil one is very unhappy that any deliverance was going on. Now she seems to be experiencing increasing well being and healing today. Of course we are pretty stunned by all this, and praying hard! If you would pray for continued spiritual protection as she continues to stand firm in her healing, we would be so thankful!

god is good

May 31, 2012

I reccently praid about an unplanned pregnancy and turns out all I had was gas. Lord knew I wasn't finacialy stable he constantly keeps his eyes on me. Thanks to all whom prayed

Divorced and Seeking God's will

May 28, 2012

I did all I could to prevent it, but my wife was determined to get a divorce although she had no scriptural reason to do so. I felt God was telling me that the divorce would not happen, but I must have misread his message. I am trying to move on and seem to be doing much better as time passes. Please continue to pray for me, my ex-wife, and our 4 daughters as we continue on with our lives. My ex-wife was attending another church (not the one we attended as a family) for a while, but doesn't appear to be attending at all recently. She is Christian, but is in rebellion. At this point I just hope my kids do not follow her example.

daughter in pain, far from home

May 25, 2012

thank you all who prayed...she got home safely, did not have to be hospitalized while far from home. She still has a lot of pain from her disease though...I would love it if anyone would still pray for her pain.

Asked for prayer to accept my unexpected pregnancy and to find employment to support my family. ( Expecting but Not Ready!!)

May 22, 2012

Thank you all for your prayers. I'm at a better place with accepting my pregnancy and no longer have any doubt of keeping her/him. The Lord has allowed me to fall to such a point where I had no other choice but to call on him and seek his guidance. I'm thankful that he did. I have passed state boards and will soon be working as a registered nurse. He's also blessed me with a wonderful home to move to. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

Financial peace

May 10, 2012

I submitted a request several months ago about my husband's job and our financial situation. Thank you so much for your prayers! It means so much. God has answered prayer, and I know He continues to. We have made it this far, and my husband got a new job! We are so blessed. We are still in debt, but we have not had to charge any bills, and we are getting by. We have the summer coming up again, which is a hard time for us since I don't make money during the summer, but I know God will provide. My husband is happy and doing what he does best. We both feel like this was an answered prayer, I think that I, especially, feel a real peace about it that I didn't feel when he worked in the other job. I knew he was unhappy there. God is good and God always provides. Thank you very much, and please, I ask for your continued prayers as we "dig out" and become debt free.

Thank You

May 09, 2012

On April 25th I asked for prayers for my loved one who was admitted to Hospice. On April 28th he lost his battle with cancer. We put him to rest on May 2nd. I just wanted to thank everyone who prayed for him and want to thank all of you who continue your prayers for our family. Greg was only 46 yrs old and left 2 beautiful girls (12 and 6) behind alone with his wife, mother and brother. He will be missed by so many..but I know he is home and with my mother, grandmother and other family members. Thank you all for your help!!!

prayer request for new job

May 09, 2012

I had posted a prayer request that I was in a difficult job and that I was looking for a new one. Instead of giving me a new job, the Lord changed my boss' attitude towards me, and now I am able to love my job again. This is a much happier ending that I could have written, since I've worked here for many years, enjoy what I do, and have great friends. Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!

To "Healing" Dated 5/7/12

May 07, 2012

My son had problems, too, at age 11. We had a lot of test done and spent a lot of money with no true results. Someone told us it could be lactose problem. We bought Lactaid and he takes the tablets. No problem now. Amen!!!

Praying that husband would be convicted by the Holy Spirit to turn away from alcoholism and to be fully restored back into the fellowship with the Lord. I have been watching a man being snatched by the enemy and tormented to a point that he is not the hu

May 06, 2012

Husband has exhibited a sweeter disposition this week. He was untruthful about his whereabouts earlier this week, and I am continuing to pray that whatever was meant for evil that God will allow good to come forth, and that darkness will be brought to light and if there is evil intent that it will be exposed. I just praise God that his heart of stone does seem to be softening. I also praise God that the young woman who I have been ministering to has found a new home for her and her children. It is definitely a miracle as to how God has worked this week. Thank you for your continued prayers. I look forward to sharing God's continued miracles with you. To Him be all glory, honor and praise!

answered prayer

May 05, 2012

I had submitted a prayer request for prayer to get a better paying job. I was making 10.00 an hour and it was not enough to pay my bills. I got a job making 14.00 an hour and its fulltime. God is good and thank you for all your prayers.

Mental health and financial issues

May 05, 2012

I had nearly forgotten about posting a request to PrayerWorks so many months ago, probably close to a year. Then today I get a note someone has prayed for me. Thank you all so much. My husband's car did get fixed, and he now has a job. I am also in counseling and taking medication. Again, thank you all so much. Prayer does indeed work.

God is faithful!

May 03, 2012

Several months ago I asked for prayer for my husband's back and our family's financial situation. We had been struggling for about a year. Two months ago, some of our & your prayers were answered. My husband still has his back problems but workers comp has finally set him up to see a specialist this month and they also re-instated his weekly checks and paid him a year's worth of backpay. God faithfully provided when things were tight and he continues to bless us! Thank you to everyone who prayed on our behalf! We serve a great and awesome God!

Trying to make it

May 02, 2012

Prayer Warriors: I need your prayers inhelping me to make it. I am a single parent of a 17 year old graduating May 20th. I amsad tosay that i do not have anything for her and her dad just does not help. Right now I amplaying catchup on April bills and itis May 2nd. The prom is coming, the Ace banquet and graduation pictures and ring. I just want her dad to at least buy her a dress. I can not believed that I was married to a man that totally disowns his child. I amkeeping the Faith and still paying my tithes. I just want to see her smile on her special day.

Pray answered

May 01, 2012

Yesterday I asked for prayer to find a job so I could pay my bills and today I got a part time job. He is awesome.

Should I feel this way cont.

April 17, 2012

Hello saints, I just wanted to give an update on my last prayer request. I wrote the prayer titled Should I Feel this Way. I just received word that I did not get the last position that I applied for. I was not upset I am actually happy; this is my opportunity to sit back and let God handle this situation once and for all. All last week I was having it out with God, explaining to Him that I was doing all that I know to do. Hos Word was in me and because I asked for this thing He should give it to me. after all every other thing I asked for He blessed me with, I mean literally, I was riding down the road and there were some pot holes in the road, and I said Lord could You fix these pot holes they could cause some damage to someone's car or someone could get hurt. Sure enough the next time I road that road, (a few days later) the pot holes were fixed. So He hears me. it is just this one area of my life I seem to be stuck. On yesterday I heard the Lord say "you dwell on the blessings that you have; and I will dwell on the blessings that you don't." I took that to mean that I should leave it in God's hands He will take care of it. I have asked Him for a miracle, I wish to be in my new state position by May 2nd of the year, no later than June 30th. If you know anything about state employment you know this is a miracle because you have to fight against the friends hiring friends and the hurry up and wait attitude when it comes to hiring an outsider. Well I don't have to fight that battle; I am giving it to the Lord. As Beth Moore puts it "each of us has to decide whether we are going to believe God's Word or our eyes and emotions. I BELIEVE GOD! Thank you all so much for your prayers; I will keep you updated on what God is doing in my life.

job prayer answered

April 15, 2012

Thank you for all your prayers, the job interview I went on was great. Praise the Lord I got it. I;m going to continue to wait on God that I know he will provide me a place to live, on my own. I beleive he will. In Jesus name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God does help

April 14, 2012

First I thank every one for their prayers our friend preston has recovered from his sickness,the doctors still say 7months but we know better Thank You All

God listens and hears our pleas, just trust and obey !!

April 03, 2012

Our God is worthy of all praise. I want to encourage all listeners with something that happened to me yesterday in Lexington, SC while I was having my oil changed. I am in the midst of a dark period in my life and have sought Gods face via a million tears this past week and he has come through. I have clung to Psalm 34 and had set my phone timer to go off every hour and no matter where I was or doing, I would stop to read those words of the Psalm intently. As my oil was being changed I stepped outside and stood under a shady tree thanking God for my trial rather that keep asking why, why , why? I even thought moments earlier why do I have to lean just on his word, why can't I have messengers from time to time as in the biblical days, a personal touch if you will. I have friends who support me but a word from a stranger really would be randomly encouraging. I stood in the shade of the tree and began praying, thanking, praising, listening to the gentle wind rustle through the tree above me trying to hear His soft tender voice. I then heard the hum of a car near me as my eyes remained closed. The car felt close enough that I had to open my eyes just from curiosity. The car was red with tinted windows. Seated inside was an older gentleman, perhaps in his 70's. He looked at me warmly and smiled and the first thing he said was "What are you telling my people about our Savior?" Strangely I was startled somewhat but immediately felt I needed to answer promptly. I leaned forward searched myself and spoke from my heart telling him from my own trials I was going through that no matter how bad it is, how great the challenge against us, that God loves us unconditionally no matter what we did and he will turn to us if we earnestly seek him and if we love those who hurt us the same way we set ourselves free to let Jesus fully embrace us and his love in us and we will be able to overcome the pain. I have lived it and it's real. After I told the older gentlemen this he looked at me and smiled and nodded his head in affirmation and then sang me a children's song about the Savior about trust and obey. He then looked intently in my eyes and said "trust and obey" and then he paused, smiled more intently and repeated it again "trust and obey". I simply took it in awe. He then smiled warmly again and said, "I will see you in heaven". And left. I was quietly floored and my increase of peace skyrocketed. Our God is love. Our God is forever. Alleluia !

Answered Prayer

April 02, 2012

Thank you God, for an answered prayer to morrow I have an interview, God will give me the right words from my mouth for this interview. Once again Thank you Jesus for your love. God Please answer all the prayer request in Jesus Name!!!

Prayer answered

March 29, 2012

Yesterday I asked for prayers for my friend and coworker had a heart catheterization last week and had not been recovering well. The sonogram did not find a Pseudoaneurysm. She was able to go home to rest and recuperate with her family. Thank you my Prayer Warrior Family. God is so good.


March 26, 2012


Daughter dating

March 21, 2012

Prayers were answered. My daughter stopped dating the young man of questionable charater and is now dating a young man that has her best interest at heart. Thank you prayer warriors.

Answered praers for employment

March 19, 2012

I would like to praise God for my husband and son-in-law finding jobs. They are both employed now. I submitted these prayer requests to this site. Thanks for all your prayers. When I prayed for these requests asking for God's will, then my prayers were answered. God is so good!

Finding a good home for 2 cats

March 14, 2012

I posted a prayer several weeks ago trying to find a good home for 2 cats. They are inside only cats. They are 5 yrs old, healthy, sweet cats. My husband has allergies and has asked that I find them a good home. 1-male long hair choc/blk, (English) is his name; 1-female short hair white with black (Lillie) is her name. I think they would adjust to going in and out with a cat door. They like dogs we have 2, if the dogs like cats. Little dogs, the male is bossy around. They are NOT clingy cats. They do not require a lot of attention. They are typical cats, they come to you when they want food and to be petted, but they are not lap kitties. if interested please email me at : Please help me pray I can find them a good home. I thought I had one, but it fell through. Thanks!!

Job situation

March 06, 2012

inapporpriate language and arguing in office

God is Amazing

March 01, 2012

I came to Prayer Works to ask for prayers for my relationship. The person in the relationship with me was a recovering addict who had relapsed and there were many trust issues that I was having a very hard time coming to terms with. God orchestrated people and events so that the very unhealthy relationship ended, the addict is now in an intense recovery plan and has decided to turn his heart over to God, and through it all I have felt supported and held in God's hands. I have no doubt that it was the result of my prayers and the prayers I received from all of you who read my request and took the time to pray. I truly feel God at work and I am so grateful for all of you who are willing to pray for people you do not know. Thanks to WMHK and Kaminer for providing this amazing ministry for God to work through. May God richly bless each and every person.

Recovery after affair

February 29, 2012

Thank you for the prayers: my husband has felt to the power of God and decided that we can give it another go. It will take alot of work and help for him to even start to trust me again. Praise God for the chance to show him how much I have learnt from this disgraceful mistake and that 'we' are worth fighting for. Continue to pray that God works His miracles in oour souls and healing. Many Thanks x

child custody: prayers answered

February 29, 2012

GOD IS GOOD! Thanks to everyone who has prayed! Lynn will retain custody of his two girls at present, and false allegations against him were dismissed. Truth prevailed!!! Lynn, his girls and their mother still need prayer to help them survive the impact of divorce.

Pregnacy test

February 24, 2012

We're pregnant!!!!! Thanks for all you had us in your prayers! This has been 2 years in the making and we're so excited and blessed!

Praise to the Lord

February 24, 2012

I just want to thank all of you who prayed for my family in my original post titled "Family in need of prayer". My grandmother had a stroke and refused to eat for 2 days and had become very aggressive if anyone tried to feed her or touch her at all. She was very confused and not in her right mind at all because she is a strong Christian and would never say a cross word to anyone. Wednesday we believed we were going to have put in a feeding tube and put her in a skilled nursing home. Praise be to the Lord for hearing our prayers because yesterday morning she awoke and understood where she was and knew everyone again and she began to eat and did her physical therapy! She was my grandma again and well on her way to recovery. We also found out yesterday that my aunt's tumor in her lung has shrunk in size by 50% after her first round of chemo and radiation. Thank God for his mercy and love.

Prayers answered for 20 month old Grandson

February 22, 2012

Thank you all who prayed for my Grandson Caleb who was in the Hospital.I am pleased to tell you all that GOD heard all your prayers as Caleb was lifted up, GOD sent all the healing Blessings down and Caleb just left the Hospital today. please refer to prayer request below and thank you all again and most importantly Praise GOD for his mighty power and grace he has given to us all. I live in Knoxville, Georgia and my Grandchildren live in Columbia, SC. One of my grandchildren - 20 month old Caleb was admitted to the hospital there for pneumonia and severe dehydration. Please lift Caleb up in your prayers for fast recovery and healing. Please lift up his Father and Mother as they have to deal with this and still having to try and keep a normal schedule for their other two children. Thank you for your Prayers , Greg in Knoxville, Ga.

Grandma is being discharged!! Praise God!!

February 16, 2012

Thank you all so much for the prayers for my 84 year old grandma. She is being discharged from the hospital today after almost two months!! Praise God! She will be so happy to be back home. She has been through so much, and I know God has carried her through this latest storm in her life as He has all throughout her life. God is soooo good!! Thank you again for your prayers for my grandma. Please continue to uplift her in prayer as she still has a ways to go in the recovery process.

Answered prayer

February 12, 2012

I am so grateful for all of the prayers and kindness you guys have shown to me through this site. I've been praying non-stop for financial provision and a home for me and my children. Well, I was just approved for a home that I had been praying about! AND He has given us more than enough money to help cover expenses and help us buy some food and necessities. Thank you all for your prayers! God bless each one of you!

Prayer Answered

February 08, 2012

This is a praise report. God has answered out prayers. My daughter and I leave to go on the missions trip next week. Over 2500.00 was raised to send out. Please continue to pray for out team and their families while we are gone.

Peace for my ex-husband and I

February 06, 2012

Thank you all so much for your prayers. I thought my ex-husband and I were working toward reconciliation but it hasn't happened and now I know it won't. But my prayer wasn't only for our reconciliation it was also for peace and God's will for our lives and I've recently experienced such a calmness in my heart that I know it's from God's strength and grace. I also believe now that God was preparing me for this moment over the past 18 months, growing my faith and trust in Him. Thank you all again!

Husband and Family

February 06, 2012

Thank you for each and every prayer you have prayed for me. I have been praying this prayer since late October, but a very similar prayer for my husband and family since we joined together in 2007. Sadly, there has been no change in our circumstances, and he still has made no effort to talk or reach out to me. I know God is working, and absolutely I. His time will the door be opened where I can see clearly why and for what. Please continue to pray with me for my husband to give his life to God and to let go of all the burdens he bears trying to please his Father, because he never will, not the earthly father! Praise God for what he has done and will continue to do. I know my husband loves me, and I believe God will bring us back together, thank you for your continued support in prayer.

Grandson and need for Jesus

January 31, 2012

I recently asked for prayer for my granson and I am claiming the power of God to intervene in his life in a mighty way for his salvation and protection. The family is still holding on to Jesus for this and so much more. There is an urgency is in the next few days/week as he make decisions that are so important. I know that God hears our prayers and thank all of you for praying.

re: i need prayer

January 27, 2012

thank you for all that prayed and continue to pray for me and my family. still in the middle of the storm but, GOD is good all the time. i know his hand is in all that is happening and about to happen in my family. trying to remain strong. Mercy Me's song MOVE really has inspired me not to break. im bending a whole lot... but im not breaking! i pray for continued strength, courage, and spiritual guidance.

Prayer answered

January 26, 2012

Words cant express. I want to cry right now in thanks. I prayed about reconciliation with a lost daughter. I messed up the relationship 10 years ago. I recently found myself in Christ all over again. On a prayer and urging from the Holy Spirit i sent her an apology. I did not know what to expect. I really thought anger or silence. I have prayed about it so much and asked others to pray on this site... this is what she wrote me below... I cant hold back the tears. Thank you God.. She wrote: "We live in a broken world full of broken people, not bad just broken. Holding a grude does no one any good. Everything that has been thrown my way has helped me become who i am today, and i am proud of who I am. It would be nice if things had been different but I may have not turned out the same. I am called to forgive, so that is what I do. :) " Oh God i did not deserve her forgiveness...

Thank you so much for your prayers

January 25, 2012

Thank each of you for your prayers and I wanted to let you know that I got good results today from the oral surgeon. I know that your prayers made a difference. I want to say a special thank you to the one that sent me an email of prayer via WMHK. Your prayer was just what I needed to read....Thank you again. To all of you, please know how much your prayers mean to everyone. God bless each of you. God is so good!

God does respond to out needs !!

January 24, 2012

I have for a month now since loosing my job and pending divorce poured my heart out on this prayer site. I know people are and were praying for me. Sometimes i took the time to pray for others, its important too. I thought my situation was dire till I read what others pray for and it puts my problems in prospective. IN short, my various prayers through out the month HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. Today in just a short 30 days, my marriage is restored, my job is restored..absolute miracles. I encourage everyone to pray intently. I encourage you in your brokenness and turmoil to turn four face to God directly and go to Him alone FIRST then He will work what is best for you. He loves us beyond anything we can understand. When i turned all my attnetion and pleas straight to Him and stopped focussing on my problesm, He showed me that God is God and with Him nothing is impossible. I cant begin to tell others the peace I have too, truly the peace that surpasses a ALL UNDERSTANDING. Please, all in need, turn to him and keep posting your prayers with a honest heart and those just praying for others please don't stop, He hears us and is waiting to move our mountains for us. When that mountain is moved do not forget to pray for other peoples mountains.. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7)

sick friend

January 18, 2012

Yesterday I asked everyone to pray for my buddy Jason. He had been in the hospital for 3 days and they could not find the problem. After posting, in 4 hours, they found the problem and he is on his way to recovery...Thank you prayer warriors and thank you sweet Jesus

Thank you

January 17, 2012

Thanks to everyone who sees these prayer requests and prays for those involved. I requested prayer for my son and while we have a long way to go, we have already received one miracle. Thank you for reminding me of God's goodness.


January 14, 2012

Today hasn't been the best day for me and a person I really love. It's not because we don't get along it's because of outside influences. I'm really at a loss of how I am supposed to feel about people that have said some extremely hurtful things about me & accused me of doing things that are not true. I want to love these people in my heart, but I just can't bring myself to continue to try to change myself so it can be approved by someone else. I know I can't change anyone and I have never wanted to, but at I am at a point where I am seeking for an answer. Lord, I ask in your heavenly name to give me guidance in this situation. Give me the strength to stop trying so hard to be accepted by these people if that is not your will and way for me. Allow my heart to separate myself from them but continue to pray for them if that is in your plan for me. Lastly, grant me the strength to continue trying if that is your plan for me. I also pray for these people. I pray that you can soften their hearts from anger and allow them to forgive others just like they have been forgiven. I pray that can move away from judging everyone and look at each person as an equal. I pray Lord that these wonderful people can live like you Lord, live in peace and happiness and not in anger and resentment. I pray that you can allow them to realize that you love them and if they trust in your word everything will be okay. I pray that you Lord can shine in their life and I pray Lord that you can comfort me in this hard time. I feel misunderstood, hurt, confused, judged, unforgiven, insulted, embarrassed and at a loss for words. I am at my end with this and I can't handle it without you Lord. I pray Lord that you can chine light in my relationship and allow my loved one and I to get through this. Thank you all for praying. I really appreciate all of your prayers.

Prayer changes Hearts

December 31, 2011

I asked for prayer about my marriage earlier this week. God has turned an ugly situation into a promising flower bloom. I long struggled with my wife's desires to be with her friends and go out at night and party with her friends. It was destroying us honestly. Though I could not post all the details in the prayer request, the very things I needed Gods help with were answered. I never told the prayer community the exact needs of the marriage, just that I needed help with the marriage to take it in Godly Direction. On 11-29-11 over dinner, I conceded and told my wife I would back away from complaining about her being out with friends late into the night especially at bars just to make peace in the marriage. Before I could finish, she told me she was going to reduce her drinking, and not go with the friends other than to coffee shops in the day and wanted to be a more Godly examples to her friends. my exact cries to God became the very answered prayers right there on the spot. Prayer works. Prayer changes hearts. Prayer saves Marriages. No matter what your situation, God will rescue you when you take your requests to him in earnest prayer backed by a supporting prayer community like the prayer warriors on WMHK. We as Christians belong to a loving Father who only wants the best for us. Go to him, pray and believe with a right heart and He will deliver your situation.


December 29, 2011

Dear Prayer Warriors: Thank you so much for your prayers. I have been praying over the below situations since August 2011 until now December 28, 2011. Yesterday was the first day I have had peace. The situation in man's eyes have not changed, but I know God is changing it. Thank you for taking your time to pray for all of us. God Bless you and please continue to lift all of us up. Healing, restoration, reconciliation of James and Rebecca as a couple. Healing, restoration, reconciliation of mother and daughter relationship Dear Lord, I ask the power of my prayer to be increased because others are praying in agreement with me as your word says in Deut. 32:30. Please drive out the wedge of division between the relationship of Rebecca and James, mother & daughter and bring healing, restoration, and reconciliation to this wonderful couple and family. I pray there will be no strain, breach, misunderstanding, arguing, fighting, bitterness, anger or separation of ties. Give Rebecca and James, mother & daughter a heart of forgiveness, love and the desire for reconciliation that will overflow like the river that cannot be bound. As in Matthew 16:19, bind any demonic forces, including any men (Johnathon) and women that has a hold over Rebecca and James's, mother & daughter's thoughts and actions, hopelessness, unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger, and remove them from all their hearts. Use their restored relationships for your glory. Send your servant to help them communicate effectively together. Lord, what man says is impossible, you say is possible, therefore I pray that this wonderful couple's relationship of James and Rebecca and this mother/daughter family be reconciled. In your wonderful son's name, Jesus Christ I pray, Amen. Any other prayers that you think are helpful.

A God Thing

December 27, 2011

I've been hearing all the stories about the drive-thru difference on WMHK, but it had never happened to me until lastnight. And it wasn't at a drive-thru. It was at the grocery store. I had gone to the store with a Christmas gift card and a little bit of cash that I had received as a much-needed gift for Christmas. Being a single mom has been such a struggle for me over the past five years, but the Lord somehow has always made sure we have enough. As I checking out, I realized that $10 of my Christmas money was not there anymore. I wasn't sure if I dropped it or what, but needless to say I was so embarrassed. I began to put things back on the counter to return, but the cashier said,"Hang on just a second." She came around, swiped a card, and smiled at me. As she went around back to the register, she said "Merry Christmas" and handed me the receipt. I wasn't sure how to accept such a gift. I offered her my cash that I had in hand, but she said it was her gift to me for Christmas. I've never had such an experience, and I can tell you that before I went to the store, I had been praying to the Lord to please help provide for me and my children for the week. And He did just that. :) Father, please bless this most awesome person you placed in my path, and please allow me to do the same oneday to someone else in need.

My baby is sick

December 27, 2011

I wanted to thank everyone who lifted up my daughter in prayer. She was very sick with a respiratory infection complicated by cystic fibrosis. Praise God that she is doing much better. Prayer really works.

Prayers for daughter

December 25, 2011

Thank you for everyone who has prayed for my teenage daughter and her struggles w/ her eating disorder and depression. I can honestly say that in the last 6 weeks since I reached out to God for help and asked others for prayer, her life has changed so much! I believe that God is working in her life. She seems like a defferent person and I continue to pray for her recovery and blessings from our Lord. Thank you all for continued prayers!

God is Great!

December 20, 2011

God is so good! My daughter was accepted to Wofford College for early admission recently and we have struggled on how we would pay for this school!!! We put it all in Gods hands and said if it is meant to be it will be! Well the financial aid letters came out today and all I have to say is our prayers were answered! She received two scholarships!! As my daughter put it "God is good!!!" and she told me I guess I'm Wofford bound!!!! God has a plan for this child! If you would have asked me 18 years ago if this would be happening I would have told you no way! This all from a child that was not suppost to make it and was born 2 months early and with a rare syndrome! She is a true miracle and continues to amaze us everyday! We are sooooo blessed! I just can't begin to tell you how much! She wants to do Pre Med and travel on mission trips and help others! How much better can you get then that!?!

Children's Protection

December 09, 2011

Praise God!!! Everything went well today for my sister concerning the welfare of her children. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

Prayer for help in school

December 08, 2011

Thank you for praying! I appreciate all the prayer and notes. I got my grade back and the class that U was worried about failing, I made an A!!! So happy. Thank you , Jesus!

Job Evaluation & Boss

November 28, 2011

Thank everyone so much for the prayers for my job evaluation. It did not go well at all. I realize I have made some mistakes over the past year and it has been extremely difficult to please my boss, but everyone makes mistakes. My boss does not like me, I can feel and it shows. I'm not sure why not, unless it is because I am a Christian and don't know if she is or not. I'm very reserved and quiet, I don't talk back or fight back. I made a mistake the week of my review. It was supposed to be a joint effort with me and the attorneys in the office, but I got thrown under the bus and was blamed totally for the mistake which is what she focused my whole review on. She gave me a C-, not raise and no bonus. I really needed both this year as it has been a rough year financially. I need to get past this. I don't know if I should try to move on or stay here and try my best to make her like me and do the best job I can. I need some advise. I need a pep talk. I just need to know what to do. Thank you again for all much needed prayers.

Job and Boss

November 18, 2011

I sent in a prayers a few days ago about my review and the way my boss has been treating me lately. Well God must have other plans for me, cause my review did not go well at all. She focused mainly on one mistake that was actually a joint mistake, but I was the one responsible for getting it right and I messed up. Because of this one mistake, which was not as big as she made it out to be I was graded a C-, no raise and no bonus for the year. I was counting on that raise and hoping for a bonus so that I could have at least a little something for my grandchildren for Christmas. I do still have a job for now, how long, I don't know. Should I look for something else? I know she hates me, I can feel it. She is not a Christian. It hurts, it really hurts and I don't know how to deal with it. I need some advise and don't know where to get it from. I'm not going to quit until I find something else. But I don't know if I should stick it out and work towards being a much better secretary or if I should give up and look else where. It took me forever to find this job and she hired me on the spot. Now I know why. Someone please give me some advise and thank you for the prayers.

Marriage in trouble

November 15, 2011

Thank you so much for all who prayed for my marriage. My husband has not put Christ first in his life, and I am certainly not second, in fact we are both last. I wanted my marriage to work, but he is moving out, in with a woman whom he says is just his 'business partner'. She has been a parasite in our marriage since she entered our lives, and my husband is going with the devil on this one. Thank you for praying, I guess God has other plans for me!


November 14, 2011

Thank you for praying for my son and us (the parents) with homework. The load has been spread out some. Thank you!!

Prayers for Healing

November 07, 2011

A couple of weeks ago my husband suffered a stroke and he is in NH and I am in SC so travel was out of the question at this time. Due to all the answered prayers he is now in a rehab center and is able to walk a few steps with the help of a walker - please don't stop the prayers are they are really helping. They are still treating him for the blood clot at the base of the brain with blood thinners. Thank you all again for all your wonderful gifts of prayers.

Fiancee broke up with me over jealousy concerns

November 04, 2011

Praise God for his mercy and blessings. After much prayer from many, many people, God has restored our relationship and we will be going to premarital counseling to discuss how to proceed as a Godly couple. We continue to pray for God to heal our hurts and wounds from this incident and want to give Him the glory for his everlasting love.

Spiritual Help

October 27, 2011

I just want to thank those who have been praying for me, and have been sending me words of wisdom and encouragment. I will not give up, and God Bless all of you!!!

Prayer for Healing

October 24, 2011

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for my husband who had a stroke on Saturday. I can see the results already from all the prayers as he better. They were finally able to do the CT which showed a spot in his head. They believe that this is from a nick in a blood vessel but will know more as they do tests. They did an Echo of his heart and the results were good. The black blood was from blood gathering in his stomach making him sick to his stomach. It was determined that some of the blood from a huge bruise on his leg was to be determined if it went into his stomach. He was released from ICU today and put into a room. He will need physical therapy to help him walk. They have a patch over his eye as he is seeing double. He can talk with a slight slur now. Thank you once again for all your prayers they are appreciated.

Meth Lab

October 18, 2011

Thank you all so much for your prayers about my concern of a meth lab in the new building my daughter and I just moved in to. The Richland County Narcotics office has been so helpful and had made several arrests within the past few weeks. I feel so much safer knowing that I have prayer warriors out there praying for me and my family. I just can't say thank you enough!


October 18, 2011

Thank you for praying for my moms healing from a broken ankle in two places. We went to the orthopedist and he decided against surgery. Praise God! Please pray for continued healing peace and strength. She has a long road ahead with the cast and she is discouraged but greatful for no surgery.


October 11, 2011

Thank you to all of those who prayed for me, my husband is still planning on moving out, he is in the process of moving things out now, he said he will be gone this weekend. I am very conflicted on what is the right thing to do, I do not feel as though I should give up on my marriage, but I do not desire to be with a liar and a cheater. Plus, he does not want to be with me anymore. Please continue to pray! I am struggling still with grief and anger, and asking everyday for God's wisdom! Thank you!

God Is So Great!

October 09, 2011

Is praying for everyone to be safe because through prayer anything can happen and being in HS through all our problems with friends and things ive been praying for them to pass these struggles and for me too to make it through and pass temptations up! I Love You Lord Jesus Christ! i cant wait to see you and im living for you! <3

God is good!

September 29, 2011

God was soo gracious during my administrative hearing! Thank you for all that prayed! I am back at school!

Thank you

September 28, 2011

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that prayed for me and my kids. The Lord has provided the money to pay rent and other past due bills. We had received an eviction notice last week, and, I have to say that I have prayed and fasted so hard this past week. I am so grateful to have such wonderful and loving brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to pray for others in need. I am learning that it is so important to not only pray for our needs but others'. The Lord has truly shown me grace and strength through all of this. I am so blessed to have such an awesome church family, too. I would not have made it through this "hurricane" without their love and support. God Bless each one of you for your prayers.

Psalm 37:7-11

September 27, 2011

Psalm 37:7-11 KJV Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil. For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the Lord, they shall inherit the earth. For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. I want to thank everyone that has prayed for my girlfriend and I, and those who have sent me notes as well. we definately learned from our mistakes and she was not pregnant. we have agreed to remain pure and wait for marrage for those lustfull things. He is amazing, and i should not be so lustful over any woman at all. it is so sinful. we want to teach people about this situation weve had and show them that remaining pure is what is right, and it is also healthy. it will not lead you to hurt. but if you do not remain pure. it will hurt. i can promise you that. stay strong in the Lord!!! and follow him!! He will lead you to Life! May God bless all!!!!

devil onmy back

September 26, 2011

I just want to thank everyone who has prayed for me!! I felt like my request was so small compared to the other requests I had read and prayed for myself. All who prayed for me have shown me that my request was not small and that I am important. That bad ole devil has been lifted off my back and I wanna say thank ya'll so very much!! I feel so blessed to know that there are people in this world who dont even know me but has said a prayer for ME!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Re: Move

September 25, 2011

Thank you everyone for the many blessings I received from your prayers for me and my daughters move. Things turned out so much better than I expected. This was a tough move but we are settled now and very happy in our new place. Thank you again!!!

Re: Answers and Healing 9/7/11

September 22, 2011

Thank you to so many if you who have prayed for my husband and my family. I am truly in awe of God's power to bring together so many people. Just to recap this is what I had originally written back on September 7. "My husband has had Epilesy since 3 years old. 2 years ago, I lost my job, which also meant our insurance. His medication was over $800 a month, which we could not afford. Since my husband had not had a seizure in over 10 years, his neuorologist suggested that maybe he could be taken off of his Rx. Unfortuantely, a year ago he did have a seizure, and was put back on medication that is cheaper. However, he is now having dizziness and tiredness. He has now had another seizure, and is scared that he will not be able to return to work. His income is the only one that we have, and entirely supports our family. We still have no insurance, and have now gone through all of our savings for medical bills. We have had every test that we know of, but his neurologist insists nothing is wrong. We need answers to what is causing his issues and for healing." We have had some answers as to the continuing problems with my husband's health issues, he has receive a release to go back to work. However, his employer has terminated his employment, stating that because he was unable to get into his doctor to get the work release within 2 days, he had voluntarily quit his position. As I had stated before, we have gone through all of our savings, we have our utility bills that are due, rent is coming due at the end of the month. We know that when God closes one door he opens another, and we know that he will provide. We are just continuing to pray that he will guide our steps and lead us in the direction we need to go. Thank you again for all who have prayed for us and that continue to pray.

Wow!! Prayer Answered!!

September 20, 2011

Thanks so much for praying for my brother to pass his truck driving test. Thirty-one people took the test and only one passed... You guessed it... my brother... Praise be to God!!!

Friends dad doing better

September 12, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my friends dad with the aneursym. He is still in ICU at MUSC but is doing better. He made it through surgery Thursday when it wasn't clear if he would, MIRACLE, he is not itubated anymore, MIRACLE and is talking and knows his wife and kids and acting like himself MIRACLE. The last 96 hours were very crucial and he made it through them. I want to thank everyone so much for praying and I just wish that you all will continue to pray for his recovery. He is not out of the woods yet and the next two weeks will be very important, so if you all could still pray for him and his family I would greatly appreciate it. May God bless you all !!

Thanks everyone who prayed for my Father he is doing better. He has a procedure that he has to go through soon. But I truly believe in the power of prayer. Because when I talked to him up in the week and then talked to him 3 days later he was feeling bet

September 11, 2011

My Sick Father

Marriage Issues

September 09, 2011

My I received my first email that someone had prayed for me, I broke into tears! Thank you all who have prayed for me, and for the ones whom have sent notes of encouragement. I truly appreciate it! My husband is still spending way too much time with this other woman, and I am still very frustrated with the entire situation, but your prayers have helped, I have let go of some of my anger, and am praying even more! Thanks again! God Bless All of you!!

sister in business problem

September 08, 2011

Thank you for all the prayers lifted up for my sister. She was having a rough time of things with her work. She sells real estate and had some closings for property fall apart. She was counting on those commissions. She has been selling off her jewelry, other items and even has been trying to sell her wedding china. But God has blessed her greatly. She has four closings scheduled this month and all are looking good like they will happen OK. Thank you all who prayed for her.

Feeling much better!

September 06, 2011

I am feeling much better since you prayed for me! Praise God and thank you!

prayer for my mom

August 21, 2011

Thankyou for praying for my mom. The day after I asked you to pray for her she started to feel much better and she started to eat normally. She would not give credit to the Lord for her recovering, but i know it is because of Him that she is doing much better. Thank you so much for your prayer support!

sister in business problem

August 15, 2011

My sister who sell real estate was really counting on that particular closing to help pay bills this month. It did fall apart but she has had what seems to be two good sales and she knows that God is in control and I thank you for all the prayers made on her behalf.

Job 1,2,3

August 10, 2011

I had been asking for prayer for my husband to get the job that we went to the interview and we found out yesterday that he did not get the job. But thats ok. That just means God has something bigger and better for my husband.

Praise Report

August 05, 2011

I have requested prayer for my husband who was without a job for a few months. Praise the Lord, he has a job now. He has been working for 2 weeks and he loves it! Thanks for all the prayers but most of all, thanks be to God! He took care of us through this storm and has blessed us through all of this. GOD IS SO GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!!

financial prayer

July 24, 2011

I came here a few weeks ago and asked for prayer for a financial blessing to help me out, as I'm a single mom who's trying to work 6 days a week and put myself through school. But still no relief in site, unfortunately. I did want to say thank you for all of your prayers and emails. It really has been a blessing to know so many people care.

Elizabeth and Seth

July 23, 2011

Please continue to pray for Elizabeth and Seth as their struggle and conflict continues. They have successfully crossed the first hurdle before them and we are praying that God will guard them from any future danger or harm. Our mighty God is also faithful; he never fails one word of all His good promises.

My daughter who was 15 weeks pregnant

July 13, 2011

My daughter and her boyfriend was pregnant with their first child together. There were many complications, to many for Peanut to survive here on earth. On July 11 God took Peanut home to Him. We know this is God's will and we constantly give him praise as we work through this time. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support during this time. God bless you.

Pray for my future husband to return safe from Iraq

July 12, 2011

God bless each of you. I just wanted to let everyone know that my sweetheart made it home safely from Iraq after 5 years working as a contractor. I thank God for bringing him home to us safely. However, he dropped a huge bomb on us when he arrived. He was asked to return to help the soldier with their deployment from Iraq. He will be responsible for making sure their belongings return to the US during their transition. Of course, I admire him for wanted to return to help our heros, but on the other hands, I am very sad because he is returning to the war zone. This is bittersweet for Rachel (our daughter) and me. I ask for you to continue to agree with me in prayer that God will protect my sweetheart and the soldier that are still in Iraq. My heart drops each time I receive a DoD casualty report. God bless each of you and thank you so much for the prayers.

finances and desperation

July 01, 2011

I came on here a few weeks ago and prayed "Father, please help me....I can't take it anymore". Unfortunately, my prayer still hasn't been answered, but I just wanted to say thank you for all of you that have been praying for me and my children. I am so touched by the outpouring of love and prayer that has been given to us. I am still receiving emails saying that someone just prayed! You guys are so awesome. I'm continuing to believe that my prayers will be answered. I'm a single mother(not by my choice), and will be evicted if something doesn't come quick. I have to keep believing that the Lord will provide.


June 29, 2011

I posted here like one month ago I think, asking for y'all to pray for Magalita a girl of only 8 years that lost her brother of 5 and mother in a very horible car accident. She was the only one who survived and was in critical condition but thanks to everybody who prayed for her she is healthy now and much better, this last Sunday she went to our church and we were happy to see her! She is a very sweet child and o want to thank all the people that prayed for her. God Bless you all for praying for her. She really needed it. And thank you again God Bless you all!

Generational Curse

June 25, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has and still is praying for me. God has blessed the issue with a book called every young mans battle by Fred Stoeker and I believe it is the answer to my prayers. Thanks again to all who helped pray for the issue.

Living with Chronic Spinal Pain

June 24, 2011

I posted a story on this site awhile back, probably 4 or 5 months and to this day I still recieve notices that people are praying for me and a few people sent me very inspiring messages. I wanted to thank all of you. Though my health is still the same I can say I have been blessed in numerous ways; my condition hasnt gotten worse, my body has not become resistant or used to the medication (which is always a fear for pain patients), I am comming up on my veteran disability reassessment and have high hopes (many people who represent diasbled veterans and even those who work in the d.v office have said I should most likely double my V.A. compensation, which was music to my ears and a blessing to hear), my wife/family/friends/loved ones all still stand for me when I cannot stand myself and they still stick through this with me. What I mean to say is, though my spine is not healed and I still am crippled by never ending pain I still know that I am also supported with never ending love and as long as I am in our Father's embrace I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you for everyone who have prayed for me and continue to do so, thank you so much for taking the time to pray for a complete stranger and brother in Christ. I go to a church and recently God has answered our prayers and has healed an elderly deacon at our church of cancer for the 2nd time, blessed be the name of The Lord! Our God is a loving God and a healing God, I have faith that my time of healing will come one day and I will continue to my best to serve the church, community and walk in the path that God has made for me. I am still young yet and there is still much life left in me at the age of 32. Though I may be "retired" by the military and by Social security I know that once that wonderfull day of healing occurs I will never take my health for granted again and will strive to live life to the fullest every single moment I can. Praise be to God and all that is Holy. Thank you all and thank you Father God and Christ my Lord and savior. Oh! and ty you serve such a vital role in our community and in our lives, thank you so much. United States Airforce Disabled Veteran, Retired from the military but never from God :)

Step-son was incarcerated, troubled by wife, and his mother's spiritual strength

June 14, 2011

Thank you ALL who prayed for my step-son and wife. God has granted her (his mother) peace of mind. He has been out of prison living with us since the 1st of April. He has been granted peace of mind concerning his troubled wife. He hasn't got entangled with the issues he was sentenced to prison for. Please keep praying. The work is in PROGRESS. I believe one of the ways we show our faith by works is in prayer. It is faith that we believe He will do what we ask, and it is work to discipline ourselves to pray. Thank you again!

My Best Friend and me

June 09, 2011

On June 2, I sent a prayer request for my best friend and me. Prayer works. Later on that night, I went to an AA meeting and low and behold, who was there, my best friend. It was great to see him. We just hugged for about 10 minutes. He has since added me back to face book and he gave me his new cell number. We see each other about three times a week now but only at meetings. He looks great and happy now. We have both accomplished our 30 day sobriety. It feels great. I have all my bills caught up to date. GOD is an AWSOME GOD.

my cousin

June 09, 2011

i asked people to pray for my 3 year old cousin who is autistic and had a seizure on the night of the 6th of June and i cant believe that 13 people prayed and the doctors found out what caused it so my cousin got released yesterday

marriage recovering

June 08, 2011

My husband and I almost separated 18 months ago b/c of his sexual /pornography addiction that culminated with his adultery. We both have been in recovery and are not the same as we were then, but not where we want to be either. We still have issues we deal with and mine is that although he says he's not viewing porn anymore he's still isolating w/ the computer mostly on Facebook (tool that he hooked up with his adulterous woman). I've told him as long as he has access to a computer, I cannot trust him in that realm of our relationship. Please pray our relationship will be healed and the distractions the enemy is using will be diminish by the wayside.

family troubles

June 07, 2011

my husband and i went to court for a temporary separation, at the time i was told that my daughter and i had to move out and my husband got temporary custody of our little boy. Well the separation only lasted about six weeks. My husband allowed me to come back home but not my daughter (she is not his child, she is from a previous marriage). My daughter moved in with relatives and has been with them for the last 9 months. Now my husband says he is still going to fill for divorce and just yesterday my relatives said they can't keep my daughter who is 15 any longer. i am in desperate need of prayer and guidance. i don't know what to do. i feel like the lord put me back in the home for a reason and i have faith that he can save my marriage and my family. Please keep my family in your prayers.

buddys hips

June 07, 2011

a few nights ago buddy went to the vet and the vet said he was doing good and we got some medicine

RE: Need direction

May 19, 2011

Last night we found out that my husband has a mandatory retirement date from the Army in July 2012. The offer for the new job has dissolved since the commander wants someone who can stay longer than 14 months. Unfortunately, he will have to stay in the job he doesn't like until he can retire at the beginning of February. At least we know that he will be free from military obligations after 2/1/12. Now we just need to figure out how to manage our finances without the military income. Thanks for your prayers.


May 18, 2011

Many people were praying for me that I knew about my current job situation and being put on a RIF because of cuts they were making in the schools! I had heard about Prayer Works over WMHK radio and would like to say I did not think that complete strangers who didn't even know me would pray for me. I call it EXTRA STRENGTH JESUS for what happened because I posted probably on Saturday afternoon after about a month of nothing from my school, from the district, nothing!! I was becoming impatient and knew I needed more prayer. I posted and was scared that nothing would come from it... I don't know why I ever doubted. I was scared... going jobless... and upset... I posted.... people prayed... I was told today that I officially am employed next year and to expect to sign a contract before school lets out! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS... GOD IS AMAZING.. HE ANSWERS... HE IS GREATER THAN ANY OTHER!! <3 PRAISE THE LORD AND FORGIVE ME FOR DOUBTING... I'm still a "child" in faith and learning more and more to trust in God fully.. And he ALWAYS lets me know he is there!! :-)

Son's Exams

May 13, 2011

Praise the Lord!! Thank-you everyone who prayed for my son! God is so good! He passed his online math class!

Update on my Aunt

May 07, 2011

Previously I told you that my 48 year old Aunt had suffered a massive stroke, and after starting on her road to recovery developed an infection. She is now dancing on the streets of gold with Jesus! Her legacy will not be soon forgotten as her compassionate heart touched everyone she met. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for my uncle as he fights the sorrow of losing her. Thank You, God bless you!

Praise Report

April 26, 2011

I want to thank all of the WMHK listeners for sending up prayers for Tim that is currently dealing with seizures. I wanted to let everyone know that he went to Charleston early yesterday and they have started him on some new medication and have his seizures under control for the moment. This is all of the information that I have at this time but things are looking up. Thank you again WMHK for helping me help someone in need of prayers. Prayer works and this is an excellent way to broadcast when you don't use Facebook

Praise Report

April 23, 2011

I asked for prayer for a little boy named Memphis who had a head injury, just to give an update: neurosurgen said he will make a full recovery in a few wks. Please cont'. to pray for speed recovery. Our GOD is great and pray does work!Thank you for your prayers

Mom's cancer

April 14, 2011

I shared a prayer request for my mom, who had been diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma in Oct, 2010. She had fallen and appeared to be going downhill. She went home to be with the Lord at 11:39 on April 3. It was a very fast decline. I am so thankful for a family friend who came when I called, and stayed until the end with me. It meant so much to me and I'm sure to Mom. God bless you, Richard. Thanks for all the prayers. I am back home now, and moving on with "my" life, after being a caretaker for my mom for 5 months.

PCS Answered

April 14, 2011

I wish there was a way to search prayers, so you could go back to your oringinal prayer and respond. As for my own prayer, it was answered in Winchester VA, My family will be staying back in SC for now. I am thankful that I will now only be 2 hours from my parents and we have Army family in VA only 1.5 hours away. I keep telling my self to embrace this situation instead of fighting it. Right now I am praying that my wife will help me contact someone like Kevin Skipper with our finances, I mean paying a mortgage and rent for myself will be hard. We are already trying to figure out what things we will have to cut from our normal budget. On the other hand my wife has always wanted her own B and B and I am praying that this is the real answer to us moving. I will just have to keep praying and see what happens.

Marriage update

April 11, 2011

In the first of February about my marriage and that my husband had just found out about an affair I had over 2 years before. I just want to thank everyone for their prayers. I also had asked for prayers for myself and him, that we were neither one in church and that I wanted the walk with Christ that I had years ago, that I had run from so hard. I am happy to say that I am gave my life back to Christ on Feb. 10, 2011 and have been in church and seeking God since. My husband, though not in church yet, is reading the bible and told me that he wants to go to church with me (Praise God!!). We are working on healing or marriage, things are looking good. We are going to a great Christian counselor, talking, growing closer daily and learning ow to love again. He told me the other day that he is 100% sure that with God's grace we WILL MAKE IT through this. I know that what I did was wrong, I am just so glad that God can use my failure and sin to bring us to our knees, and lead us to Him. He is leading us into this new chapter of our life, teaching us with every step how to be the man/woman, the spouse, the Christian He wants us to be. I am so thankful to Him for his mercy and grace...I am so BLESSED, I am SO thankful to Him for my husband, for my Marriage and for the promises I have for the future. I ask that you keep praying for us, that we continue to seek Him and put Him first. I Love mu Lord and Savior and I give him all the Glory and Praise for his blessings and love

Pain Update

April 08, 2011

Hi! I had the prayer request under the title "Pain". The doctor did a lot of test and could not find anything. He believes it may be stress. So I have been reading Philippians 4:6 Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all he has done. It's not easy to do but I can do it with God's help. In fact, I haven't felt the pain at all this month! Thanks so much for praying! And thank you WMHK!!!

bless it be ur name

April 04, 2011

i had prom the other night and i had a great night on saturday but everyone took pictures and showingthen to everyone and it worry me. i was just having a good time. and now i worry about wat everyone thinks about me.what can i do i cant ease the past but i had a blast and i will always remember my prom my senioryear.

Prayer answered

April 04, 2011

I had requested peace for my mom who was diagnosed with liver cancer last Oct. On April 3, at 11:39, Jesus called my mom's name and she peacefully went to be with him.. I held up. Thanks for all those who prayed.

What happened to me saturday

April 04, 2011

Saturday I burnt my neck playing with the curling iron.Its not that bad though. I am 15 years old and I just want to tell you all that i love everyone and everynight i am praying for everyone that had told a story about them and there loved ones.

Praise Report

March 29, 2011

i asked a while back for prayer for my father who was on a ventilator and not expected to live. PRAISE THE LORD my father is at home doing well and living each day to the fullest. if you have never believed in the power of prayer then i suggest you start. it wasnt time for my dad to go home to see Jesus and always remember that He is in the miracle working business and my dad is a miracle. thank you guys for your prayers, but please continue to pray for him and the rest of my family.


March 29, 2011

Hi. I sent a prayer requewt on March 15 regarding a pain I have been having under my left breast. I went to the doctor and he sent me for some test. I don't feel the pain that often, now. Praise God! I will keep you posted. Thanks to all of you for praying!

Raising money so that family can adopt little girl from overseas

March 22, 2011

I recently asked for prayers for a family that was trying to adopt a little girl with Down Syndrome would be able to raise all the money that they needed by the end of March in order to continue on with the process. Well God is soo sweet and gracious and he answered all of our prayers. I just found out a little while ago that the family was able to raise the 18000 that they needed in order to continue with the adoption. Now they should be receiving their forever little girl soon. Thank you for all of the prayers they were so very much appreciated!


March 22, 2011


Answer to prayer for Mom

March 22, 2011

Asked for prayer for Mom in Dec and yesterday for injuries she had from a car accident. It was a miracle she survived the accident it has been a long road and a long road is still ahead. By God's grace she has gotten this far. Went to Dr. today and he said surgery was not needed at this time and we are believing none will be needed in future. Praise be to God. She received an unexpected check in the mail that covered one of her Dr. bills. God is answering prayer. Please continue to pray for her sore on her ankle to heal, her broken knee and financial needs. Praise be to GOD!!!!

Update - Missing 15 year old in Rock Hill, SC

March 20, 2011

Dillon was found a couple of hours ago. Lynne has posted on her facebook page how much she appreciated everyone's prayers. I don't have any details, but I am so thankful he is back home with his mom. God is so good!!

Missing 15 year old in Rock Hill, SC

March 20, 2011

My friend, Lynne Erica Eby lives in Cherryville, NC. Her 15-year-old son was visiting his dad this weekend in Rock Hill, SC. He has not been heard from since 7 am on Saturday March 19th. At first the police would not issue an Amber Alert because he was not taken. But the police are now involved and actively searching for him. She has been posting hourly updates on facebook. She needs prayers for Dillon's safe return as well as for her ability to make it though this horrible time.

Single mom so many struggles

March 14, 2011

I am a single mom by divorce and I love my two children with all my heart. I am fortunate to have a hjob however I can barely make ends meet. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I know I am not doing my best as a mom for my children. Please pray for my children for God to guide them to be the Christian children that he calls for and for me that I can just let go and give it "all" to God who is the one who is in control. Lord, please hear my prayers... I am calling out I so need you in my life.....

Prayers answered

March 09, 2011

I had asked for prayers to keep my husband out of jail due to support payment issues. We got the money and he is now working a better job. It is still very hard because I can not work because of a kidney issues with our daughter, she can not be in day care. Things are getting some better now and I am starting to sell AVON. Please pray with us that my business will take off so that we can afford the items we need and that my late grandmother's house will sell so we can afford an attorney to help fix his out of control support. He pays his ex-wife so much in alimony that he is unable to pay his full child support and still live. She was suppose to use the money to go to school but she has not even obtained her GED after 6 years and is teaching their daughters that is how to make money rather than working for it your self. Please pray for these three girls so that their lives are better than that.

father very ill/out of work

March 06, 2011

My Dad has been recently hospitalized. He nearly died and since I have been caring for him I asked to be set-up to work from home. My employer refused my request and then threathened me with firing if I was not back at work within two weeks. He faces having at least one surgery that we know of so this job will soon be history. Please hold the both of us up in prayer so that all may be well.

Prayers for my family & me

March 02, 2011

I have a prayer request on the prayer page and I received an email from someone who read my story. The words were encouraging and thank you for praying for me. I feel the prayers!

Praise Report for Today

February 11, 2011

Thank you for the response on trying to maintain an old family business. Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19 Please continue to pray for us daily. I just wanted to let you know that God provided for us today and I know that is with your prayers. There is still a long way to go but I know "...with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Trying to maintain an old family business

February 10, 2011

My husband lost his father a year ago and we have struggled to maintain the family business. We have a small company which only employees 7 people. Unfortunately, with the economy struggling customers are not paying in a timely manner, therefore leaving us in a bind. This is all my husband has ever done and I'm afraid he would be lost without it. I'm just asking for prayer for our customers to pay their bills so we can meet all the financial needs necessary. God has put a heavy burden on my heart to reach out to others so we can pray collectively. He tells us to ask without ceasing and I know he will answer our prayers. "If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." Matthew 21:22 I love your radio station and listen to it all the time. There has been many days I don't think I could have survived without hearing the stories and songs you present. Thank you.

We are all so blessed. Even when we dont realize it.

January 31, 2011

Praise The Lord! God has been working so much in my life this year and has blessed me with so many things. I have such an amazing girlfriend now and we live a very godly and Christian relationship and we have surely needed each other. Please pray for us tho, life still has its troubles but i know God is with us no matter what. Im also blessed with a job, especially in these difficult times. And one more thing, God is leading me with the Ministry/Business im trying to start and i Pray that it will inspire others to come to Jesus, everyone needs him. Dear God i give you all the praise and all the Glory for everything!!! sometimes, we dont even notice how blessed we really and truly are. May God Bless you all!!

Christmas miracle-update!

January 03, 2011

God is so good! Our family had a wonderful Christmas. We enjoyed a candle light service at our church. It was amazing. We had gifts donated for my kids by my church and grandma. We also received a gift to help with groceries. The day before Christmas eve my boss gave me a gift card. So, that HELPED me shop. God is so good. He always supplies our needs. My kids were great and so appriecative for the gifts. Thank you for all your prayers!!!

Blessings Received

December 01, 2010

I wrote to you about my 12 year old daughter's father passing away and not knowing how we were going to make it.Yesterday her father's mother( her Grandmother) called and is sending some money. Thanks for your prayers, I just wanted to share the good news!

New Job for Husband

November 04, 2010

I would like to thank you all so much for praying for my husband and my family! HE GOT THE JOB!! PRAISE GOD! God is truly and Awesome God and without him none of us could make it thru each day! Thank you again, and may God Bless continue to Bless you All!

Looking for opportunities

October 23, 2010

My dad owns a restaurant... well, one of the workers came up to my mom one day, and asked her, "Why is your family so joyful?" And believe me... this girl had seen us all at our worst times.... haha. Well, by us being a light, this girl asked that simple question, which led to my mom telling her about where we get our Joy.

Brother in prison

October 19, 2010

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for my brother. Update; He was given a cell mate who turned his life over to God. He is still troubled but not suicidal. Prison is a place where one is treated worse than an outcast. The food they eat is labeled "not for human consumption" yet their fed it anyway. Their food has ground up bugs in it. I know he has broken the law. He still needs compassion. I love him and so does God!

"Single" prayer request update

October 05, 2010

Well I'm still single, God hasn't gotten me that far this quick, however, I'm not hurting near as much as I was. I'm feeling more confident and stronger. I'm reading my Bible more and I want to truly seek God. There have even been a couple of guys asking me out lately... but no rushing, just browsing. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me and sending me encouragement. By the way, I'm the one with the praise report about God answering my prayer regarding my car... "Surprise, God is in control". I'm so grateful He heard me and is helping me. I mention that because in all of this He is still showing me His love.

Surprise, God is in control

October 05, 2010

I've always been someone who has struggled financially. I'm currently out of work for the long haul, but am working a seasonal job which will end in 4 weeks. All other times, I'm a full-time college student. Around the time of training for this seasonal job last week my vehicle started whining at me - something under the hood. I was nervous about it being something serious and/or expensive due to my financial situation. I prayed about it. Training week and the actual working of the seasonal job hasn't left me much time during the day to get it checked or fixed, however I managed over the course of several days, including an attempt over the weekend, to get 3 mechanics' opinions. In the meantime, the noise had worsened over the week. I got more nervous, but still prayed and tried to be positive including tried to speak positive. First mechanic said alternator, just under $300 new which I don't have. More praying and trying not to worry that the car would leave me stranded. So I thought about having one of those parts places test it, he said it was powering correctly and it was a bearing in the alternator. At church we were reminded of Josh 10:12, 13 "Then spake Joshua to the Lord... Sun, stand still upon Gibeon:...". "And the sun stood still,...". So I "spake" to the Lord and to the car and alternator. I wondered how God was going to "heal" an alternator, but I tried to have faith. I settled on rebuilding, might not be best, but would be cheaper for now so I spent a lunch break getting an estimate at a place which specializes in alternators -- this third guy told me it wasn't the alternator at all, but instead a pulley on the front of the motor which assists in turning the alternator. By now it's been several days and I'm more concerned about being stranded as he said the part would take a day to come in. The good news is it would be cheaper than a new alternator AND wouldn't take as long to put on. So more praying that the car would keep working. I was upset that this was happening right at the start of the seasonal job due to the risk of missing work on account of the car. I was upset at how many days this was taking because I just didn't want to be left on the road walking or waiting for a ride. Thus more and more praying and trying to be positive. So this third guy said he'd order the part, have it the next day, and for me to be there next lunch break and he could do it in that amount of time. I was happy things were looking up, but still concerned about being stranded til then. The day comes (today). I called him to verify he had the part and that he could have me in and out on my lunch break, he had the part and confirmed time. So far, car was still working. Got to the shop at lunch (whew, made it -- I was relieved), he took off the belt, removed the part, walked in to get new part... I heard very loudly from outside, "They brought me the wrong part!" I was about to lose it on the inside. I couldn't miss the rest of the day's work on this particular type seasonal job. I started praying and being a little upset at the same time. I didn't know what I was going to do. He called for a new part. I prayed for a few more minutes then asked how long this whole process was now going to take. His answer surprised me. He said about another second. He then proceeded to tell me he happened to have the bearing I needed to fix the original part AND that my original part just happened to be the type that could be repaired as some are not. He replaced the pulley in a matter of seconds w/ my original repaired part and my whole cost was less than $15 for everything. I immediately thought of how God knew I could save this money if I would trust in Him. How grateful I am that the car kept working AND cost me so little AND once there, only took minutes to repair so I didn't miss any work AND that I was spared from buying a new alternator for no reason. God truly answered this prayer. Wow, I "spake" to the alternator... and God heard me.

A family I met on a mission trip to Moldova needs help to move to the states

September 17, 2010

I received this from, Sergei, who was one of our christian interpreters in Moldova. For 3 years I have prayed the door would open for this family to move to the states and it finally has, but as always the need is great! Please read Sergei's letter below and be in pray that people will reach out to them to help. As long as they live in Moldova ,Vladimir will not be able to receive an education or medical care. Children with disabilities are not considered worth the doctors time and effort. Their only hope for a life for their child is to come to the US where he can receive treatments and even go to school which would allow his Mother to work. I do not send this lightly as I believe too many of these things are processed through e-mail or such and we never know if the need is real, but I know this one is. I just pray there is someone that knows someone who could make a huge difference in the lives of these dear people. Thank you , Kathye ----- Original Message ----- Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:16 AM Subject: Our last news Hello . In this letter we want to share with our last news and to ask you to share it with friends and church. We are asking every one for help. My name is Sergiu Cebotarenco. I live in the country of Moldova with my wife, Olga, and our two sons. Our youngest son, Eric, is 1 year and 8 months old. Our oldest son, Vladimir, is 7 years old and has been disabled in a paraplegic condition since birth. In 2005 we went to the USA for three months seeking medical treatment for Vlad. The therapy helped him very much. He received several series of Botox shots in order to relax his tight muscles. Though Vlad responded very positively to the treatments, this kind of therapeutic medicine is not presently available in our country. Desiring to find a means to provide regular treatment for our son, we began looking for a way of moving to the US. We believe that the Lord has providentially given us an opportunity to immigrate to the States this year. Our family was among those recently selected in the Green Card lottery. This is a legal way to come to US, stay, work and provide a better future for our children. Our next step is to have an interview at US Embassy in Romania at October 12. In order to apply for the visas we need to raise $4000.(this year the fee has grown up, we called the embassy and were told that each person applying for visa through GreenCard Lottery has to pay 890$) This expense includes the visa fee and medical examination and round-trip travel from Chishinau to Bucharest, Romania. With this letter we want to address you our brothers and sisters with a request to help us to cover these financial expenses. If the Lord moves you to donate even a small part of this amount of money, we will be grateful for your gift. Here is my e-mail address : God bless you and we hope to be able to see you soon. Serj and Olga

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