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Bad diabetes day

September 17, 2014

I'm very excited to say that after days of battling my high blood sugar due to my type 1 diabetes, is down! This morning my blood sugar was 593, and I was very sick. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. I feel much better and am able to attend Wednesday night service.

Marriage Restored

September 13, 2014

Praise God, I am so blessed to share with you all that 6 months ago my husband of 10 years (while he was deployed) was ready to walk out of our marriage. With all your prayers, my faith in the Lord, and holding onto His Promises, my husband and I are now on the path to righteousness. God has been so good to us and EVERYTHING has fallen into place. His blessings have shined down on us as we stay strong in our faith. My husband and I have moved to Arizona and are actively going to church. We spend more time together, and are starting to pray together. God has changed my husband's heart and opened my eyes. We are learning to cherish one another like God cherishes us. My husband is saying he loves me more now then ever before and we even went to a couples communication class together. We did a Bible Study on the book Love and Respect by Emmerson which has made a tremmendous difference in our marriage as well. Thank you all again for all your prayers!!!

Cancer at age 35

September 09, 2014

I am a 19 year Cancer survivor; Breast Cancer in 1995, I was 35 at the time and went with my sister on Thursday, May 18, 1995, for my first "baseline" mammogram. I really didn't want to go; I thought it was a waste of time and money, but my sister begged me to go with her as a buddy system. After the mammogram, I was told I would receive a letter in a week to 10 days letting me know everything was good and when to come back in five or ten years. But that's not what happened, two days later, Saturday Morning May 20, 1995, my OB/GYN Doctor called me at home. She told me that my images were blurred and I needed to go to the hospital the following Monday because their imagining capabilities were better than the screening center. On that Monday the Doctor of Radiology at the hospital brought me into his office to show me the images - showing me three areas of cancer in one breast. This news was very hard to take; after all I was a single parent with a 4 year old daughter. I was referred to a General Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon. Both of which explained how important it would be for me to have a Last Will and Testament prepared. They scheduled my mastectomy surgery for June 15, 1995. I made an appointment with my attorney and outlined a Last Will and Testament in case anything would happen. I, being a Christian since I was 8 years old, trust in the lord with all my heart. That night after putting my daughter down I went to bed and started sobbing out loud and praying. Not sure what the outcome would be and not wanting to leave my daughter at such a young age. That's when I experienced something I had never before. The Lord God spoke to me! I heard in a clear voice with my own ears in the midst of all the tears and sobbing, the voice said, "Gail, everything will be ok" at that moment all the tears and sadness left and I never felt sad or cried about the cancer or surgeries again. Well God was true to his word, the three areas of cancer were small and enclosed in the milk ducts and none of the surrounding tissue had any cancer and all 14 lymph nodes were clear. The general surgeon said no chemo or radiation needed, just annual mammograms and checkups. This was wonderful news. I have always wanted to do something for people who are fighting a battle with cancer, I have done a few breast cancer walks and collected money for cancer research but nothing that I felt lead to do. My sister in-law told me about a Face Book page she liked and that I needed to go check them out. "Crochet for Cancer" I couldn't sleep that next morning with the idea popping in my head to do this. So at 4:00 am and was on my phone tooling around on Face Book and thought I'd go check out their page. The next thing I know tears wouldn't stop falling, seeing that smile on a child's face because someone had crocheted and donated a beanie with "The Flash" on it. I knew at that moment this was something I had to do. After all I was very blessed to not have to go through chemo or radiation, and my grandmother taught me some basic crochet steps way back when I was 15. I hadn't crocheted much over the past 39 years but the last 3 years I had picked it back up and made some afghans, infinity scarf's for my daughter and her friends and a couple of baby blankets. I know that my grandmother would be proud to know that the basic steps she taught me could be used for such a worthy cause. So many families are affected by cancer; this is one small way to help those who are fighting the battle now. That is why I Joined with Crochet for Cancer and Started the first a chapter here in South Carolina. My chapter name -- SC Hooked by Faith I could use many more who are able to help, all donations are greatly appreciated. Any questions or concerns please contact me at


September 07, 2014

After years of turbulent life in this broken world, I became broken too. I've shrived for years to get to know God better, I knew in my heart he was my answer to the emptiness and hopelessness I suffered. Despair,anxiety, fear came at me from every direction. I wanted to bad to surrender to God. Surrendering to anything is hard, but I found this unbelievably hard, because surrendering didn't mean the problems were going away, it means you have FULL faith in God that it's all going to be alright, in his plan. I was so riddled with the suffering, and I read and read sat with God every morning and after a while, the words I need to hear were the words is place before me every morning. I started to understand what He wants us to do, what He wants us to ask for. I finally asked to take my anxiety and depression away..honestly the next day they were gone, I felt the weight of the world just gone, problems still there, but I was no longer worrying about them. It was then I started really getting what faith is. If people around this world would strive to understand and ask...wouldn't that be wonderful! "Ask and you shall receive" people pray for others but sometimes you need to pray for yourself.

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