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Friend with cancer

September 28, 2014

my best friend Aimee Skene has colon cancer. she has a little boy who is 8 years old. She has been through treatment, but doctors have said her organs are shutting down and she has about a month to live. It may be quicker than that. Please continue to pray fear her, her son Colin, and her husband Kyle.

prayer WILL be answered

September 25, 2014

well my parents seperated about 3 years ago. my dad had an adiction that he just wouldnt give up. and so thats why my parents seperated. and i see him on the weekends. but he used to be the youth pastor at our old church but that changed. a lot. and well now he lives with his sister and i have a little brother and hes 8 and im 12. and my dad would do a lot of things he shouldent and one day we got a text and i turned out my dad had went to church that Sunday morning and hes been going ever sense! and i had been praying for that day for 3 years and SpiritFM is what got me through all the hard times! :) and i have a poster beside my bed it says "Some days i can be strong i can be week, i can be proud i can be meek, i can be gental or i can be tough, i can explode when ive had enough, sometimes i laugh sometimes i cry, sometimes i lose but i always will try, i always get up when i get knocked down, and make a smile out of any frown, so when life gets tough and its hard to be strong ill never forget HEAVEN IS WEAR I BELONGE!!!! :) so just remember alway no matter how far away you feel He is always right there next to you!

Answered Prayer

September 24, 2014

Last year I ask for prayer for my husband and I who had to move away from our family due to him losing his job. Although it wasn't answered the way I was hoping God is good and he lead us to a church here in SC that we love and loves us! I have grown more spiritually her than I had the whole 22 years we where at our other church! I miss my family very much especially my grandsons! We get to see them every couple of months which could be worse! Thanks for your prayers!

Job prayers answered

September 24, 2014

A while back I had requested prayer for a job, and one that I could stay home with my kids as my husband is a busy pastor. The day before yesterday I was offered a full-time job with benefits, and it is a job from home! Praise God!!! He is so good!!! I still ask for prayer for financial issues. I believe this job is the answer to those problems also. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless!!!

Answered prayers

September 22, 2014

A couple of months ago I asked for prayers for my six year old, he was diagnosed with mds back in May, and on August 21,2014 he had a successful bone marrow transplant. He has continued to do well all by the grace of God! I've learned a lot from his strength and positive attitude throughout the whole ordeal. God has a plan, we're never sure why kids get sick, but we've got to trust by faith that God has it all under control. Thanks again for all of the prayers.

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