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Prayers for my daddy

November 07, 2015

Thank you for all the prayers for my daddy. He had a ct scan a few weeks ago to determine how well the chemo/radiation had gotten rid of the cancer. Well praise the Lord the cancer and all lymph node involvement has shrunk not gone but has shrunk. He will have to under go 3 more months of chemo then re-scan beginning of February. Thank you for your prayers my daddy wouldn't be where he is with the battle of stage 4 esophageal cancer without all the support through prayer. God is working in my daddy. Please continue to pray for my daddy as he endures 3 more months of chemo. I pray for the strength for him and the continued healing of tge existing cancer. Thank you again

warning light in car is off.

October 19, 2015

The service engine light in my car is off. Thank you for your prayers and thank you Jesus for you kindness to me.

Daughter healed of breast cancer

October 19, 2015

I had asked for prayer for my daughter. She had a mastectomy and chemo. My daughter today has been officially declared cancer free!! Praise God!! Thank you Jesus

Answered Prayer

October 17, 2015

Just wanted to let all you prayer warriors know my nephew is doing very well. He entered a rehab center on his own will in Richmond last Year and found the Lord Again!!! He is now home and working a full time job - going to church - participating in church and is living a good clean life. Prayer works and we are so Thankful God put you here to help pray for Adam!!

My brother has recuperated well from all his past surgeries. He just had a hernia operation, but is doing well.

October 15, 2015

My brother needs to really have a encounter with Jesus. He's close but his wife, Virginia, needs the Lord also.

The Lord has ansered our prayer. We have a good vehicle and have moved to CA to be close family.

October 15, 2015

Please pray for my husband who is in24/7 pain. Being referred to a pain management doctor.

Your prayers are helping me!

October 11, 2015

I asked for prayers over a year ago, and thankfully they've been answered! I did find a good job and am finally being a help mate to my husband. Praise the Lord!

went to my knees 3 years ago ,i was very sivk had a rare blood disase n god healed me from that n i just want people to trust n beleive n he ll get u threw so much hes always been with me when i walked in darkness just trust n beleive

October 02, 2015

i was a very fortune thay he forgave me n healed me

God has bless my life

September 30, 2015

I was going through kidney disease and I was so down and in pain and just wanted to not live anymore I was so tried of fighting. But one day that all change. My brother called me and told me that I was becoming an aunt. And to this day his the biggest part of my life.. Then a week before his 1st birthday God gave me the perfect kidney.. God has done so much for me in my life time. I cant thank him enough..

Son and daughter in law possible divorce

September 28, 2015

Thank you those that have graciously prayed over my family. And I am confident that prayers will continue as my son and daughter in law continue to walk in the valley. However, I did speak with my son tonight and he did say that they had stayed together last night. And said that they hadn't laughed so hard in months. My continued prayer is for healing and forgiveness on and from both parties. So dear friends I am asking that you please not stop your prayers but pray even harder. We must not allow Satan to take over another home or family. God bless, your sister in Christ.

Answered Prayer

September 22, 2015

I had put on here that I was in need of a new job after graduating from Virginia Western. Well God has provided I am now a security officer for securtas here in Roanoke. Should be starting within the next month. Praise God

wifes' salvation and marriage restoration

September 20, 2015

I have been posting my prayer request here for the past 7 months on a weekly basis for my wifes' salvation and our marriage to be restored. She has not even wanted to think about restoring our marriage as an option. Tonight she told me that she is scared but willing to go to counseling and see if we can make it work. I have almost given up on my prayers multiple times, but the Lord has kept me going. He is faithful and will hear our prayers as long as they are aligned to His will. My wife has still not accepted the Lord and her salvation is at the top of my prayer list. I know that I can't shove it down her throat but have to let her see it at work in my own life and the Lord will do the rest. This battle is not over, but victory is right around the corner. Please continue to keep my family in your prayers and I will continue to keep you updated. I promised the Lord that I would give Him all the glory because without Him this would not be possible. And If I was willing to post my prayer request here every week then I can take the time to share my story with others going through the same thing.

Husband had stroke last September

August 29, 2015

We were getting up early to go hiking with the kids. Wes went to get up from bed and simply fell to the ground. I got up, yelling, "Honey!" with a Hey silly why did you fall sound, quickly followed by a , "Honey"! of a "Oh no, you look hurt sound. He had fallen and landed with his head up against the nightstand sort of half laying, half sitting. I tried to help him sit up but he slumped right back down like a sack of sand. I realized this was not a get up quick and brush it off fall. I called my sons to help me and then called 911. The night I left my initial prayer request, Please pray for swelling to subside in the brain, for numbers and paralysis on left side to go away, for peace, comfort and sleep right now! I was at a friend's house, it was late (after midnight) and I couldn't sleep because my husband was in ICU at UVA with a massive brain bleed. His blood pressure was extremely high and not quickly responding to medication. I did get to see him awake and we knew that his left side was numb and paralyzed. That night, all I was praying for was for him to live. I was OK with him being confined to a wheelchair, i just didn't know how I could live life without him by my side. I cried out to God to spare him. Since that time, Wes has improved beyond all expectations of the doctors. He is walking with a cane and a brace. It is slow and wobbly but he walks. He is getting stronger all the time. We are coming up on a year after the stroke. Life is still not normal, but every so often we see glimpses of normalcy. By the grace of God, he will continue to improve and be able to return to work in the future. In them meanitime, seeing people pryaing for us really helps me get through the tough times.

We are HERE!

August 28, 2015

Praise the LORD JESUS!!! We made it to St. Pete, FL and the family is doing great. God is so good and His mercies endure forever. We are all moved into the house, the girls are in school, I finished my first month on the new job and our church plant is well underway w/ a target launch date in January 2016! God is good!

One sided friendship restored and renewed

August 26, 2015

Thank you for your prayers. My friendship with Pam has been restored and renewed.

Friendship renewed and restored

August 26, 2015

Thank you for your prayers. My friendship with PAM has been restored.

Father heal me

August 19, 2015

Urge fast & pray. Heavenly father forgive all OUR sins, set me free from all evil thoughts deliver me from devil's clutches, heal my mind & body, take complete control of ourselves, mind, thought, body, soul, destroy all evil plans, No more strength to stay with my husband, OPEN a door to escape, help my daughter in her study-exams, protect me at my work place, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen

Not Alone

July 25, 2015

I underwent a MRI this past week. I was scared. Anyone who has ever had an MRI knows how uncomfortable they are. Paired with the unknown results and diagnosis and PTSD made this a tough event for me. I knew someone was coming to be with me but the MRI crew could not wait for him. I was alone. I began to pray. The tech had provided Spirit FM on the headset inside the helmet I had to wear when I asked for it but the machine was so loud that the noise drowned out the music. I continued praying and was so thankful to know and believe that God was with me BUT I was still so scared. The machine stopped for a moment and I clearly heard Kari Jobe sing the words, "You are not alone." The machine started again drowning out the rest of the song. How wonderful to actually hear those words in that moment to reassure my spirit. I am so thankful for Spirit FM.

"Bump in the Road" pregnancy update

July 23, 2015

Great news and another one of God's many miracles thanks to the prayers of many. Our daughter delivered a healthy baby, and mom and baby (and daddy) are doing wonderfully well. Thank you for all the prayers.


July 04, 2015

Eva Contact me for 4th n understand why I was upset n make to me


July 03, 2015

Eva Contact me for 4th n understand why I was upset n make to me

I am a widow.

June 27, 2015

I posted last year asking for prayer. My husband was very sick and I was praying for healing but in the back of my mind I thought he would die. He went home to be with the Lord February 8, 2014. I have been just barely able to breathe but I am getting better. Satan has attacked me and I am trying to get disability due to my back. I also found out my daughter had been molested by my husband's father. He was a pastor in this area. I want to praise the Lord for helping me so far and I am excited to see what he will continue to do. We will be in court in September to start the process of prosecution. I need funds to pay my bills, God will provide. My daughter has decided to be a missionary with CEF(Child Evangelism Fellowship). I am blessed beyond measure! What an awesome God we serve!

Prayer for my daughter

June 26, 2015

My daughter has seen signs that her relationship is anointed by God.They are planning to be married in August.The family is now convienced that they truly love each other.Thank you all for your prayers.

Prayers Answered

June 25, 2015

My husband as well as all of his classmates thus far have passed their nursing boards and got a job! Praise the Lord!

Grandson is getting better

June 22, 2015

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Liam, my grandson. His ears are beginning to clear up and we are believing for a complete healing. He will have a follow-up visit with his doctor sometime this week to make sure the medicines are working. Praise God for His healing power!

Answered Prayer

June 16, 2015

I requested for prayers for my mothers visa and she got a visa! All problems miraculous resolved. I just want to thank you all for your prayers and praise the name of our living God!

Last spring 2014

June 16, 2015

I was feeling overwehlmed by all the desicions I had to make about my home last year this time! A year later this spring is like a breath of fresh air! Fence gate put in first, so remodlers Had a place to access my back yard, God provided me with ability to plow through 33 yrs. of stuff to get the nessecary work done! Now I'm enjoying family and freind get togethers this year!:). Thank you all for your prayers and thank you God!

Breast cancer

June 12, 2015

I am so thankful to my Lord and to those who prayed for my healing from breast cancer! Today I am cancer free! I didn't have to do chemo or radiation! My test results for any genetic predisposition for breast and other cancers were completely negative! I did have surgery which was the only real treatment I ended up needing! Through it all, God gave me such joy and peace that a few of my doctors made positive comments about my attitude (hopefully seeds were planted for HIM:). Thank you again for praying! You all were used as tools in God's healing!

Computer fixed

June 10, 2015

God bless our computer technician. He was able to completely restore my computer and get all of the nasty virus off of it. He is a MIRACLE worker! Thank you Jesus for helping him to do this!

Answered prayer..

June 09, 2015

Requested prayer for our Pastor's wife, Teresa, she was very ill in a coma. She is home now and doing quite well. Thank you to all who prayed for her!

Answered Prayers

June 09, 2015

I had requested prayer for a test that I was having today regarding a lump in my breast. The test was negative. Everything is fine. Thank you for your prayers! God is good!

Update on Mother-in-Law

June 03, 2015

My mother-in-law, Mildred, is doing better and will be coming home soon. An apartment in an assisted living facility has been secured. Thank you for praying!

Prayers Needed - New beginning

June 02, 2015

I had asked for prayers as I was afraid I was going to lose my job. I did in fact lose my job, but I know God has something in store for me that will make my life even better. I'm excited for this new opportunity and I would like to thank each and everyone of you that prayed for me. Praise God and may all of us know His love!!

God answered my prayers

May 13, 2015

A while ago I posted a prayer request asking to pray for a new job for me and that I would find Gods direction for my life. Well sence then I've been blessed with two jobs and I changed my major and have been doing daily devotions. God has really been amazing and blessed me in so many ways! I am also so thankful to everyone who prayed for me!!! God really does answer prayers even when we're not paying much attention to it

God answered my prayers

May 13, 2015

A while ago I posted a prayer request asking to pray for a new job for me and that I would find Gods direction for my life. Well sence then I've been blessed with two jobs and I changed my major and have been doing daily devotions. God has really been amazing and blessed me in so many ways! I am also so thankful to everyone who prayed for me!!! God really does answer prayers even when we're not paying much attention to it

Update on Josh - miracle!

May 12, 2015

Thank you everyone who has been praying for Josh, who was in a very bad car accident a couple of weeks ago. He had some serious head injuries and had a 5 hour surgery to repair some issues with one side of his face. It will take about a year for the nerves to heal, but he is doing okay. Here is the miracle: Josh was in the FRONT seat of the care, SEAT-BELTED when the accident happened. When the rescue workers came, they found Josh in the BACK seat, and the front where he was sitting was completely crushed. And he wasn't thrown through the seat to the back. It HAD to be one of God's angels that moved him to the back seat! There is no other explanation!! Thank you God for saving Josh!!! Please continue to pray for Josh as he heals, and pray that Josh will begin to recognize, more and more, God's hand in his life and begin to hunger and thirst for Him in a new way!

New Beginning

May 05, 2015

I found myself no longer on God's path for me. I was lost in the woods of sin and temptation. I saw a music video about Jesus walking with us. I realized I couldn't feel Him beside me anymore. I felt all alone. I decided I wanted him back. I prayed for God to cleanse my heart and to lead me back to His path. It was then I discovered Spirit FM. Since then I have started to feel closer to God everyday. I feel like I matter again. I am also realizing I have the wrong people in my life and am working to fix that. I know this is just the beginning of a new beautiful life. Thank you Spirit FM for helping to rejuvenate my soul. Most of all Thank You Heavenly Father for always loving me. Amen.


April 20, 2015

thank u for praying for protection at work. i did not get fired. i got laid off w/ package. lord thank u so much


April 03, 2015

Please say a prayer for me that God will heal my body.I have so much pain and bad stuff going on,I pray all the time but nothing gets answered I am starting to doubt God even exist. I have a lot OI need to change in my life I just pray God will give me a second chance. The main thing I am worried about is cancer( a couple of my family members have died from cancer)I have smoked for many years. I never was taught to go to the doctor's every year or when I was sick,I have a low self esteem ,I am my worst enemy.Please pray that God will heal me and give me that second chance,I promise I will not let him down. Thank you very much

Praise God - Nothing wrong!

March 31, 2015

Thank you for praying for me. Everything turned out fine. Normal stuff, just thick. (Do I dare say FAT??? LOL) Waiting for warm weather to come so I can walk outside again! Thank you for praying!!!

Thank You

March 27, 2015

Thank you for your prayers. Just the other day I posted a request because things just were not where I thought but you know what, I prayed and there were those of you that prayed for me and God has once again showed me that his love is almighty and HE LISTENS! God loves us. Fore the last month we have had teachings about "Why I Pray" and each time I walked away from the service doing a little soul searching. I knew that God loves us and I was that Do It Now person, but you know what, Seek and you shall Find!! Praise God!! My worries are not worries any more, only proof to let God work. If you can feel what I am feeling right now, stop and thank God and feel the hug that I am spreading. Love Our Father, as he has loved you!

Thanks for praying for my benefit concert

March 22, 2015

Thank you to everyone who prayed for the benefit concert I hosted last night. We raised $1053 for the Augusta Brain Injury Support Group. This will be enough to buy all the art supplies needed to start painting workshops for the members and still have enough left over for other fun activities throughout the year. I was able to stay peaceful the whole time through the public speaking parts and did not cry this year when I was telling the story of my late husband who had a brain injury. God is so faithful to help us when we are out of our comfort zone. I just wanted to thank everyone for the prayer support.


March 19, 2015

thanku for praying for me to see tonight tonight. i did

Thank you for praying!

March 16, 2015

I forgot to thank you ALL! Thank you for praying!!! God bless you!!!

Update on Ryan's job search

March 16, 2015

Over the last two years, the Lord has helped my son - in - law, Ryan, to build up a good work history. His last contract work ended December 31st, last year, and he has been in search of a job (temporary or permanent) since then. My daughter, Emily, just emailed me that Ryan has been hired at a local company warehouse (daylight) for a temp position. After 90 days, he could be hired full time. Our God is an AWESOME God!!!! Thank you Jesus for supplying my daughter's and son-in-law's needs!!! :)

Son Delivered From False Accusation

March 12, 2015

Praise God that through your prayers, my son's accuser was found out and he is able to return to his job.

thank u

March 11, 2015

thank u for praying for my brother to see liz for who she is and ignore her! thank u god!!!!!

Liam is doing great!

March 09, 2015

Thank you all for praying for my grandson, Liam who was dealing with the norovirus all last week. (Throwing up many times every day and not able to keep much liquids or any food down) Finally, Friday night to Saturday morning, he didn't throw up once! And Saturday morning he was able to keep oatmeal (with water) down. And all day Saturday and Sunday he was able to keep food and liquids down!!! Thank you, Lord for healing Liam, thank you all for praying!


March 06, 2015

ann called me, and we are great, thank u for the prayers, they worked


March 06, 2015

thank u for praying for tony to contact me, he did

Praise God for Answered Prayers and Miracles!

March 06, 2015

INCREDIBLE! MIRACULOUS news to share! Please Praise God, Glorify His Holy Name for miracles, for keeping His promises, for answering all of our prayers from yesterday for my dear 82 year old Dad, Dean Andrews, a patient in Augusta Health Hospital since January 25. The results from the CT Scan ARE miracles, testaments of God's great power and love for His dear child, my incredible Dad. Thank you, Thank you for standing in agreement and in mighty prayers with and for Dad. The CT Scan showed that the stomach g tube was really misplaced. This is the sole reason for Dad's illness since last Saturday. This morning Dr. Thompson removed the original g tube and replaced it with a smaller, shorter tube. We are hoping that this can be clamped off and not needed throughout the weekend. Dad will resume a normal diet again tomorrow. The plan is that as Dad progresses over the weekend this tube can be safely removed altogether. Please continue praying for COMPLETE healing from surgery and ultimately that cancer cells are ERADICATED. I have complete faith in God that soon I will happily be sharing updates of Dad meeting his goal of beginning a spring garden.Thank you so much.God Bless You ~ Junessa Epperly

I'm Homeless being sleeping in my Truck go thru a Divorce

March 05, 2015

I requested prayer at this time: When my wife was living in such a deep depression from being in the military plus the horrible thing that happen while she was in there.She had been Rape and had caught a S.T.D. Herpes from the three men that done that to her. So now she has trust issues flashbacks colds sweats angry issues she luv 2 throw things abuse me and the kid's at times physical she completely turned her back on her faith and God Had told me she wasn't in love with me anymore and wanted a divorce after 5 years of being married. I'm worried so much about my kid's cuz of her conditions I fear for their safety I have reached the lowest of low points in my life, she file for a divorce, she had me kick out of our home I haven't seen the kid's in over 2 months now I being living in my truck with no heat lil gas no job and no place to go a lot of people including my Pastor beg and plead for me to go to a shelter but I had a bad experience at the salvation army so I didn't go or gone back ever since I rather sleep in my truck 2b physically assault and almost sexually assault too. But do to this great trial, I planted myself in God's word, prayed faithfully for God touch my wife heart to change and to heal her and our family, and made the whole deal to completely go away, Now I'm homeless, with lil food no family, no friends, and even Church friends who suppose to be God's loving people has turn their back's on me I feel God has forsaking me I won't beg or ask for hand out but I did do work for my elderly church peoples I shove their walks driveways not 4 money cuz they are on fix income I use to own my own business but had 2 sale it what lil money I have left when I have to pay her child support and gas for the truck so the only hope I have left is to commit suicide but I won't do that cuz I'm afraid of dying. So my only hope is to gave it all time Him, and trusted that He would work all things out for my good. It has been a While now I still am living in my truck, it suppose to snow again and I pray it snow deep cuz I need the money until someone out there can give me a job. it's has been over 3 months now in this truck weeks before I seem my kid's I keep asking why me Lord why me What have I done to be put thru hell I now found out at the doctors that I have severe health issues now severe frostbite, to my hands and feet blood pressure is up being out in the cold, this last weeks especially when it was like 16 below for four days in a roll I truly though God was going 2 let me die or I was going 2 freeze to death but I thank God that warmer weather is coming and everyone whom turn their backs on me would have a good consequence now God has done an amazing work in my life He had made me stronger and taught me to rely on myself then so call others I'M getting depress and irritated. But I know God has completely changed my heart for the best. I'm is back in church, My faith grew has stronger and I learned to trust God's timing instead of my own. Of course I still need help in finding a place to live and a job.... But my trust is with God's and I pray that he we delivery me out of this situation I wanted things to change immediately, but God's timing is perfect timing. I know I have to suffered through this trial alone and be scared, but I know I wouldn't be the man today. I wouldn't be able to appreciate the miracle that God has in-store for me. I'm putting my complete trust in Him,So I'm praying if there any someone out there that can give me hope its God.... Bless you all

I'M Homeless be sleepin in my Truck goin thru a divorce

March 04, 2015

I requested prayer at this time: When my wife was living in such a deep depression from being in the military plus the horrible thing that happen while she was in there.She had been Rape and had caught a S.T.D. Herpes from the three men that done that to her. So now she has trust issues flashbacks colds sweats angry issues she luv 2 throw things abuse me and the kid's at times physical she completely turned her back on her faith and God Had told me she wasn't in love with me anymore and wanted a divorce after 5 years of being married. I'm worried so much about my kid's cuz of her conditions I fear for their safety I have reached the lowest of low points in my life, she file for a divorce, she had me kick out of our home I haven't seen the kid's in over 2 months now I being living in my truck with no heat lil gas no job and no place to go a lot of people including my Pastor beg and plead for me to go to a shelter but I had a bad experience at the salvation army so I didn't go or gone back ever since I rather sleep in my truck 2b physically assault and almost sexually assault too. But do to this great trial, I planted myself in God's word, prayed faithfully for God touch my wife heart to change and to heal her and our family, and made the whole deal to completely go away, Now I'm homeless, with lil food no family, no friends, and even Church friends who suppose to be God's loving people has turn their back's on me I feel God has forsaking me I won't beg or ask for hand out but I did do work for my elderly church peoples I shove their walks driveways not 4 money cuz they are on fix income I use to own my own business but had 2 sale it what lil money I have left when I have to pay her child support and gas for the truck so the only hope I have left is to commit suicide but I won't do that cuz I'm afraid of dying. So my only hope is to gave it all time Him, and trusted that He would work all things out for my good. It has been a While now I still am living in my truck, it suppose to snow again and I pray it snow deep cuz I need the money until someone out there can give me a job. it's has been over 3 months now in this truck weeks before I seem my kid's I keep asking why me Lord why me What have I done to be put thru hell I now found out at the doctors that I have severe health issues now severe frostbite, to my hands and feet blood pressure is up being out in the cold, this last weeks especially when it was like 16 below for four days in a roll I truly though God was going 2 let me die or I was going 2 freeze to death but I thank God that warmer weather is coming and everyone whom turn their backs on me would have a good consequence now God has done an amazing work in my life He had made me stronger and taught me to rely on myself then so call others I'M getting depress and irritated. But I know God has completely changed my heart for the best. I'm is back in church, My faith grew has stronger and I learned to trust God's timing instead of my own. Of course I still need help in finding a place to live and a job.... But my trust is with God's and I pray that he we delivery me out of this situation I wanted things to change immediately, but God's timing is perfect timing. I know I have to suffered through this trial alone and be scared, but I know I wouldn't be the man today. I wouldn't be able to appreciate the miracle that God has in-store for me. I'm putting my complete trust in Him,So I'm praying if there any someone out there that can give me hope its God.... Bless you all

Just have a little faith!

February 27, 2015

I requested prayer at a time when my husband was living in such a deep depression. He had completely turned his back on his faith and had told me he wasn't in love with me anymore and wanted a divorce after 13 years of marriage. I reached the lowest of low points in my life at that time. But, during this great trial, I planted myself in God's word, prayed faithfully for God touch my husband and heal our family, and made the decision to completely let go, and let God. I gave it ALL time Him, and trusted that He would work all things out for my good. It has been a little over 2 years now, and God has done an amazing work in our lives! My husband's depression has lifted. God has completely changed his heart. He is back in church, he is loving and kind, and now has such a heart of gratitude for everything. And not only was my husband changed, I was changed as well! My faith grew immensely stronger and I learned to trust God's timing instead of my own. Of course I wanted things to change immediately, but God's timing is perfect timing. Had I not suffered through the trials, I wouldn't be the woman of faith that I am today. I wouldn't be able to appreciate the miracle God has given me. I encourage you to let go & let God! Pray without ceasing! Put your complete trust in Him my brothers & sisters, trust in HIS timing and you will come out victorious! God bless you all, and thank you for standing with me in prayer!

Brother much better but prayers for salvation

February 23, 2015

My brother much better--but needs to accept Jesus and have that relationship with Jesus. Thank you for your prayers.

p to date details

February 23, 2015

We have relocated to CA already. Near family. Thank you for your prayers.

Holy Spirit leads the dreaded discussion!!!

February 05, 2015

Thank you for praying!!! The dreaded discussion lasted about an hour or so, and PRAISE GOD! The Holy Spirit worked everything out to the Glory of God!!! Thank you Jesus! Thank you for praying!

praise report

February 04, 2015

thanks to those that prayed for finances to cover my sons hearing is being fully paid for. Thank you Father, In Jesus Name :-)

Prayer for son facing prison

January 26, 2015

I just got an email that someone prayed for me. I was a little nervous about sending the request but so glad I did. Thanks so much for the prayers. I won't know the outcome for several weeks yet but I know God hears every prayer. Thanks again, this made my day. God is so good.

half brother

January 13, 2015

i got my half brother name and positive info, thank you for prayers!!!!

Prayers are Answered

November 25, 2014

My husband and I were separated and he wanted a divorce, then after much prayer and Faith, we have reconciled and are more in love than ever. I recently moved to Arizona with my military husband and we were blessed with a house, car paid off, renters for our home in Texas, and I was blessed with a job. Then God is so Good, I applied for nursing school in Az after having to pass up nursing school in Texas and I just recieved my acceptance letter. Now I am praying for God to guide me with finances to be able to pay for school, but I have FAITH He will carry me through all this because His plan for my life is so much more rewarding than I can ever imagine!

Praise God for those who pray for others struggling!

November 08, 2014

Thank you for all the prayers lifted a few weeks ago for strength and peace and dealing with anxiety so I could do Gods work. Bless you for all you do. God Bless and keep each one of you!


November 07, 2014

My renters paid on time and I was able to pay my property taxes!!! I am so thankful to the wonderful people who prayed for me! God is good!

prayers answered

November 05, 2014

I have been asking for prayer for my daughter to find a job. In approximately a month God has answered that prayer. She has been offered a full time job. She has been hired as a full time employee with the company while most hired there must be hired through a temporary agency. Thanks for all the pressures for my daughter!!!

praying for my daughter

October 21, 2014

PRAISE THE LORD... Test came back... No cancer, Prayers do work and we are so very grateful for all the prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much for keeping my daughter and my family in your prayers. thank you thank you. We have an amazing God.


October 07, 2014

Thanks for all the prayers, my family is no longer facing eviction

Friend with cancer

September 28, 2014

my best friend Aimee Skene has colon cancer. she has a little boy who is 8 years old. She has been through treatment, but doctors have said her organs are shutting down and she has about a month to live. It may be quicker than that. Please continue to pray fear her, her son Colin, and her husband Kyle.

prayer WILL be answered

September 25, 2014

well my parents seperated about 3 years ago. my dad had an adiction that he just wouldnt give up. and so thats why my parents seperated. and i see him on the weekends. but he used to be the youth pastor at our old church but that changed. a lot. and well now he lives with his sister and i have a little brother and hes 8 and im 12. and my dad would do a lot of things he shouldent and one day we got a text and i turned out my dad had went to church that Sunday morning and hes been going ever sense! and i had been praying for that day for 3 years and SpiritFM is what got me through all the hard times! :) and i have a poster beside my bed it says "Some days i can be strong i can be week, i can be proud i can be meek, i can be gental or i can be tough, i can explode when ive had enough, sometimes i laugh sometimes i cry, sometimes i lose but i always will try, i always get up when i get knocked down, and make a smile out of any frown, so when life gets tough and its hard to be strong ill never forget HEAVEN IS WEAR I BELONGE!!!! :) so just remember alway no matter how far away you feel He is always right there next to you!

Answered Prayer

September 24, 2014

Last year I ask for prayer for my husband and I who had to move away from our family due to him losing his job. Although it wasn't answered the way I was hoping God is good and he lead us to a church here in SC that we love and loves us! I have grown more spiritually her than I had the whole 22 years we where at our other church! I miss my family very much especially my grandsons! We get to see them every couple of months which could be worse! Thanks for your prayers!

Job prayers answered

September 24, 2014

A while back I had requested prayer for a job, and one that I could stay home with my kids as my husband is a busy pastor. The day before yesterday I was offered a full-time job with benefits, and it is a job from home! Praise God!!! He is so good!!! I still ask for prayer for financial issues. I believe this job is the answer to those problems also. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless!!!

Answered prayers

September 22, 2014

A couple of months ago I asked for prayers for my six year old, he was diagnosed with mds back in May, and on August 21,2014 he had a successful bone marrow transplant. He has continued to do well all by the grace of God! I've learned a lot from his strength and positive attitude throughout the whole ordeal. God has a plan, we're never sure why kids get sick, but we've got to trust by faith that God has it all under control. Thanks again for all of the prayers.

error removed!

September 19, 2014

Prayers do work. I had ask for u to pray my lead remove error i got. i got one removed. still waiting on other, but this is at least one answered prayer, thank u!!!!


September 18, 2014

thank u for praying for my lead to understand my point and fight my error for me. she told me today she is.

Prodigal Son Restored

September 12, 2014

I thank you all for praying for me, The LORD has delivered me again from the satanic bondage I was in, and restored me unto himself. Pariase The LORD and thank you all.

estranged brother

August 27, 2014

thank you for praying for my estranged brother to come see my mom, he did.

Prayers for Best Friend

August 21, 2014

Please pray for my best friend who started a new teaching job on Monday. She is really struggling in her new position and feeling very overwhelmed. Please pray for her to have peace and put a skilled teacher in her path that can help guide her through this new time. Also, please pray how I can use this time to witness to her.


August 12, 2014

I requested prayer a couple weeks ago about a job interview. I got the job! Thank everyone for praying.

In Laws New Home

August 04, 2014

After asking for yalls prayers my in laws got the news that everything went through and they were able to move into the new house Friday!! Thanks so much for your prayers.


July 30, 2014

thank you for praying i find my ring. i found it


July 26, 2014

Thank you for praying for closure for me and Tony. After two months, he finally contacted me. Lord, thank you and thank you all that prayed.


July 14, 2014

I have a job interview tomorrow, please pray everything will go well and I'll get the job if it's Gods will. Thank all you so much for all your prayers!!!! May God bless you all!!!!

Wedding was awesome!!!

July 07, 2014

Our backyard wedding (my daughter getting married) was wonderful. It didn't rain, but was a little on the warm side, but not unbearable. We had a tent and an industrial size fan (thanks to my husband). The only flaw, we forgot the bouquet! LOL My husband and I both escorted my daughter to the tent, and we forgot the bouquet! So funny!


July 05, 2014

thank u for praying for him to contact me, he did. he still cares and loves me

after a year of payers I got in!

July 03, 2014

I got accepted to nursing school, thank you for continued prayers!

Audition went great!

June 24, 2014

Thank you all for praying for me... the audition went better than I had ever dreamed and when I realized that I was there to praise Jesus and minister to others, not just to try out, all the fear vanished. I know it was because of your kind prayers and notes. Thank you all again!


June 16, 2014

There is something special that you should know. Eternity has no beginning or end and God has existed forever. And in the mind of God you have existed forever because He says He has loved you with an everlasting love so His mind has been on you all this time. His love is higher than the heavens and we can only grasp to understand it. Love you all.


June 13, 2014

thank you for praying for me and for me able to be strong after this break up.

Thank you Lord for my sister

June 11, 2014

Thank you Lord for prayers answered for my sister's baby. She did not miscarry and the doctors have pronounced her healthy and the baby strong.


May 28, 2014

thank u lord for letting our team meet 100% quality for may

baby in distress prayer answered

May 21, 2014

About a week ago I asked for prayers for Haven, she was in extreme distress right after birth and her family was given the horrible news that this little angel that had just entered this earth would not make it her first full day...this was a fact that I did not know at the time. As we all know God often has other plans for us, so we prayed and your listeners helped us and God answered those prayers. Haven is now 1 whole week old (144 hrs older than the doctors said she would be). She has been taken off of the life supporting heart/lung bypass machine, her chest tubes have been removed, and her oxygen level is holding steady at 100% and they have weaned her down to 21% oxygen which is what is in the air we normally breath. She is being weaned off of her blood pressure and other meds and she is opening her eyes and responding to her wonderful mommy and daddy. Thank you for your prayers now I ask for prayers of a different type...I ask for prayers to thank God for his love and mercy and healing powers...Thank You God!!!!!

Unborn baby

May 12, 2014

I asked for prayer for a baby to be born 4/30 to a meth addicted mother. Baby was born and is now 3 weeks old. Praise The Lord no signs of withdraw or addiction. Please continue to pray for this mom and her baby as some prayers still need answering!! Thanks for all the prayers so far!!!

Answered prayer

May 12, 2014

I placed a prayer request to prayer works on asking for a raise. Finances are tight for our family right now and we really need provision. Well, God has answered. My company has given me a raise to recognize my contribution to the company. Thank you Lord and thank you spirit fm for the prayer support.


May 07, 2014

Much Love to Erica and Michael who keep me smiling with thoughts of them and their precious words. Happy Birthday to my daughter Melanie Irene who is celebrating 19 on this glorious day Our Lord has given us. The song Toby Mac sings about speaking Life are the words Our Lord gives me to describe her. she is clothed and keeps on the clothes of compassion and gentleness and kindness and lays down her life for her friends and the proof of her life is when they come knocking on the door to do the same for her. The laying down of your life is like the story of the two brothers that were asked to do something by their father and one said yes I'll do it and did not and the other said no and did it. For the the Youth in this world today, to me that is Glory to God. God bless your faith because it increases mine. Sincerely love you guys and yes Miss Erica it is me Miss Lily of the Robins, always trusting in Our God.that never fails. Till the heavens open up we will praise Him and then even more...

Ann's Dad

April 29, 2014

Lord, I pray that you touch Ann's brothers and sisters to make amends with their dad. They have been estranged due to the mom, putting bad things in their head. Her dad is in hospital and old and ill, and I'm not sure how much he has. Lord hear my prayer and knock some sense into his kids, and for them to go see their Dad in hospital and make amends once and for all. thank u

Lost Job-Now employeed

April 29, 2014

I was successful in finding a better job out of state!!! Thank you for all of the prayers. Prayer definitely works!!!! God Bless

Thank y'all!

April 20, 2014

Jay wanted to drop back in and let y'all know that my job situation has been rebuked from it's former unhappy/unhelpful state.....I start full time tomorrow at a hospital making IVs. I now will be able to help my family and we'll even have good insurance and benefits! Thank you all so very much for your prayers with me. I know our prayers have been answered. THANK YOU GOD!


April 15, 2014

Thank you all for your prayers! Last Tues. I made a small dent in my basement, Sat. I spent about four hours and got rid of a lot of things and old records to be shredded. then yesterday I was going to just work till the wash was done and dried...I was on a roll from 11:00 AM till 5 PM!! I'm feeling more and more closer to being able to remodel it! I'm committed to working every dreary day I get weekly till every thing is gone through and has a place! Again thank you!

Urgent please pray!!

February 17, 2014

Lease pray for my parents my brother and I. Our whole good spirit is switched with someone else and w got their evil physical spirits....please please pray for restoration ... Thank you

Please pray

February 15, 2014

Please pray for me. God is trying to heal me these days but I've been failed a lot and lot of my spirit got taken to other people. Please ask God to give me and my parents and my brother back ours completely. And please ask God only He touches me and heal me thank you.

Update on Prayer Request for my Nephew Adam

February 15, 2014

Praise God and God Bless to all the prayer warriors who lifted and keeps lifting my nephew up in prayer. He still has a long road to travel but things appear to be improving. He still needs help in rebuilding his faith but he has gotten away from the girl that was not helping in his recovery process and so could use some help herself. He may have lost his job but is with family that is lifting him up and giving him positive support. So please continue with the prayers..

Please pray

February 15, 2014

Please pray for me and my family for heal and restore what satan tried to destroy an had stolen from us.

Wanting to be excepted..

February 13, 2014

Please pray for me and my friends. I have been struggling with them excepting me. But please pray that no matter what they do that I could just forgive and forget! Thank you for your prayers! God Bless!

A prayer for a critically ill friend & a prayer for pregnancy

February 12, 2014

Recently I asked for prayers for both a friend and myself. My friend was very critical in the hospital with an unknown disease and we weren't sure if he was going to make it... Thanks to God's amazing grace and the thoughtful prayers you all put up for him I am happy to say he is now at home and doing rehab every week! Also, my husband and I had been praying the The Lord would bless us with a child and just after 2 months of trying we are so happy to announce we are excepting a baby boy in August!!! =) I feel so overwhelmed with emotion when I think about how amazing God is and how thankful I am for our many blessings! Thank you all for for prayers!! God is Great!!!

Please pray..

February 11, 2014

please pray for me about I messed up during healing process. please ask God to give me back what I spit out.. should swallow...spirit of healing and blessings.

Praise report

February 11, 2014

Praise Jesus, I am employed now! Long story short, I ran completely out of unemployment on 12/14/2013. I knew that God had to do something because things were lining up. On new years eve I got a call from the company I had applied with back in October and they wanted to know if I was still interested. Of course I said yes. Started new job on 1/27 after 14 months of unemployment. It pays very well for this area, with benefits and lots of overtime if I want. Jesus is so faithful, he has always been with us, never forsaken us, we had to believe it. I am so grateful and thankful to him for all he has done. For those out there still awaiting their answer to prayer, don't give up. It could just be a day away until your answer arrives. Thanks to all that prayed for us, and thanks to spirit fm for the exact right songs played all the time. God bless you. BELOW IS THE PRAYER REQUEST I SENT IN MONTHS AGO. EVEN WHEN YOU HOPE IS LOW AND YOUR BELIEF ALMOST GONE, HE IS THERE FOR YOU. I HOPE THE RESULT GIVES YOU STRENGTH TO KEEP GOING ANOTHER DAY FOR JESUS. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. ________________________________________________ I am a 46 yr old husband and father of two great honor roll teenage children. My wife and I have for the past 12 yrs been going through tough financial times since the closing of a business we owned. Havent been on any type of vacation in seven years. Especially the last three years I have been let go at three different companies that were no fault of mine. I have during those times had a seven month, a five month, and this current time going on seven months of unemployment. I feel like a weak pathethic christian sometimes for being concerned if we will loose our house and not being able to provide as well as we would like for our kids. I know God is good and he has us in the palm of his hand, so it doesn't make sense that I am so concerned about "money". I guess its that unemployment money and food assistance isn't enough to pay everything and the little money we have in checking is running out. No savings, no stocks, just what we have in checking. I believe a breakthrough is coming, I just need your prayers, please.

Husband's Ultimate Healing

February 11, 2014

My husband, Dennis Haynes, was diagnosed at age 43 with pancreatic cancer stage 4. I requested prayer and have received several notices that prayer has gone up on our behalf. Approximately three weeks later, he went home to be with Jesus. He was healed better than I could have ever asked for, but my heart aches as he is not here with me.

please pray for us

February 09, 2014

please pray for me and my parents and my brother.. please ask God to restore good spirits keep loosing.....keep taken to someone elses.......and please ask God heal and restore what I messed up helaing process.........

Urgent healing

February 08, 2014

Please pray for our dear friend Tami who is in intensive care with an unknown bleeding of the brain. Please pray for her urgent healing according to God's will. Pray for her families peace in this difficult time. This is extremely urgent. Lift your prayers to our heavenly Father in Jesus' name.

Please pray.. for miracle//

February 07, 2014

please ask God to rrestore what I made mistake during healing processs..


February 01, 2014

please pray for me and my parents for spiritual healing and restoration

please continue pray

January 31, 2014

posted the prayer request about losing my good spirits, soul =crowns and blessings...please continue pray ..I felt different last night and realized whole me except body was taken to someone elses I don;y know it was weird....realized it was satan tried to destroy me but I still believe Him He is big enough to fix everything..yes God answers prayer but even healing moment satan tried to bother me....satan can do anything,,,,.but God is stronger...please ask God to hold me tight and touch me with love and mercy...I trust Him I believe Him .please pray for me and my parents and my brother... please ask God to heal and restore what I missed or messed up or satin destroyed during healing process.. ,,, I didn't mean to disobey Him or dissed Him..I have faith and still trust Him... please ask God for mercy and love...give all back to us.. Thank you.

Need your powerful prayers..

January 29, 2014

please pray for me and my parents and my brother for spiritual healing and restoration.

Neice with CF Update

January 29, 2014

Thank you everyone for your prayers! Back in June 2013 my beautiful niece was born with an intestinal blockage and a ruptured intestine and had to go through a 7 hour surgery when she was first born and was also diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. She came through it great and healed great. She is now almost 8 months old and is thriving. She is a sweetheart who is always smiling and is growing like a weed! Which is hard for CF babies but she is a fighter and I know it was God who has kept her safe and held her through her surgeries. He hears our prayers and answers them! God is Great!! Prayer Works!


January 28, 2014

please pray for me... even people pray for me for healing,,moment of healing...,other people soaking all my good spirits andsoul blessings.....and please pray for remove evil spirit from us... thank you

please please

January 26, 2014

please ask God to give me back all the good spirits, soul , blessings and crowns taken to someone elses and even I pray, good spirit and soul is keep taken to those people...and please ask God for mercy and love...give all back to me.. Thank you

Please continue pray..

January 24, 2014

please pray for me my parents and my brother for spirit mind body soul healing and restoration.. and please ask God for mercy.... please ask God to heal and restore what I made mistake during His healing process.. lost whole good spirits blessing and crowns..went to someone elses and we got their evil physical spirits...and even I pray they keep soaking my good spirits and only keep evil spirits left... even pray they keep soaking my good spirits and just evil spirits left.also during I'm sleeping and just see FB logo..and phone..I my good spirits taken away and switched to wrong i';m like spread out evil wrong spirits.... it happens to my parents and my brother too.....please ask God for mercy....and love..Thank you.

Update Help a brother in Christ

January 21, 2014

Cindy's dad died three days after I posted along with 4 others between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the good news is they were able to return home Christmas Eve and were able to get most of their stuff cleaned. Praise be to God!

Answered prayer

January 20, 2014

Just wanted to share a praise with all of you prayer warriors! I posted a prayer request some time ago regarding an ongoing situation in our family that has caused considerable stress & anxiety. I asked you to pray for resolution and that God would receive the glory. Prayer answered! God is good. Thank you so much to all who have prayed for our family. I have prayed for each of you and the needs that you may have! God is faithful!

Father hear my cry

January 06, 2014

Heavenly father nothing is impossible for YOU. Father please look at my daughter & restore my 18 years of marriage. Father please remove the other woman in the name of Jesus Christ. Father forgive our sins. Father help us to forgive each other. Father create a situation he may not touch my earning.Father send Your angels to protect us from all evil. Father bring Your love, joy, peace & happiness. Father THANK YOU for everything. Hide identity. IJN Amen

23 year old Son

January 05, 2014

I will never stop being amazed at true prayer warriors. Spiritfm has been amazing. From time to time I still get that someone is praying for my concerns. My 23 year old son has started to go to church with us but still continues to struggle with getting a job and realizing who he is and can be through Christ. He needs a counselor to talk to but can't seem to get him to go. He is hooked on computer games and let's life pass him by. He knows God word but problem is knowing the word is not enough. He needs to live what he has read and knows. He is 23 years old, no job, no money, no car,and can't seem to make him understand he needs to take a chance on people. Live and search for hopefully what God had planned for him but to just sit in front of computer all to himself is a waste. Life is ticking by. Anyway, I know it is God's timing and my real purpose for writing this was to Thank consistent prayer warriors. They deliver such hope. God Bless whoever you are for the prayers. You comfort my heart.

Please please pray..

January 04, 2014

please pray for me andmy parents...for spiritual mind body mental soul healing restoration... please please please///Please ask God to touch each one of us powerful hand... remopve all dirty wrong spirits


December 27, 2013

I just wanted to say how much this station has blessed me. The music has lifted my soul so many times. Especially as I drive to and from so many doctor's appointments. They play the music I need at the time it is amazing. Spirit FM has done so much to help me. After listening to them one day, I was convicted to stop listening to secular music on other stations. I stop listening to them and stay on this station. It is the only station allowed in my car. Also, prayerworks, they have been amazing. I have felt bad asking for prayer, but it seems people know when I feel like that and they tell me is okay to ask and have sent me notes that have helped me so much. May God continue to bless everyone of you.

I got a job that I can handle.

December 12, 2013

Thank you soo much for the people that prayed for me. I have a job now that I think I can handle with my back problems. Praise God

Help a brother Christ continued

December 04, 2013

Taking donations all week at the One Stop Thrift Shop and I will be there today from 1 to 5pm

Help a brother in Christ

December 04, 2013

My brother and his wife are amazing christian people who give to others freely even though the have little. They recently lost everything when a kerosine heater left everything in shambles. He was at a friends house over an hour from home when God spoke to him and said "Go Home" as he opened his door the house was filled with black smoke and he could see flames bellowing out from the heater where his wife was sleeping in bed before her shift at the hospital. He was able to get her and the heater out of the house in time. PRAISE JESUS NAME! But I am not asking for just anyone, my brother has been suffering for many years and does not say NO to anyone in need. this is just a brief run down. He was born on St Patricks Day, but we are not Irish. He has been hit by a car twice, once when he was 6 and then again in his 20's. He has had 3 back surgeries, his hand mangled in a paper press, about 7 heart attacks, he flat lined once, hypothermia twice once saving a puppy from a frozen lake and then again saving a baby deer, his lungs fried from chlorine, ribs separated from his sternum covering a load he was trucking,has about 22 stints in his heart, several concussions, and has been struck by lightening burning a hole in his leg! He had an implant put in his back in March to help nerve pain. He also dresses up like Santa every christmas and heads to Lynchburg and other shelters passing out gifts. He has also been on Thanksgiving morning at the local food pantry feeding the needy. His wife is a very hard worker, working 2 jobs to make ends meet and they are staying with her mom and dad. her dad is dying and only has maybe a few days left on earth.What I am asking is for anyone who can help I will be taking donations at the One Stop Thrift Shop on Old Forest Road and I am selling magnets to raise money to help them out. They need it and deserve it! Thanks for your kindness and please pray for them and that I am successful in helping them out. God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Cheryll

Amazing Grace (. . . WAS Feeling Suicidal Prt 2)

November 30, 2013

A couple weeks ago, I was torn. I wrote on here asking for prayer. I felt hopeless, I felt lost, I felt like I was going to give up on life for sure. That night I posted that, I grabbed a bottle of nail polish remover. Ready to drink it until I killed myself. But because of all you, I am still here. God has other plans for me. He did not let the Devil win and neither did I. I am really thankful for all of you. And I am thankful that my father in Heaven saved me. He saved me from going to hell. He saved me from eternal fire. I have not gone to counseling because all I need is my Bible and prayer to help me. I have been sad because there are certain things going on again, but I am trying to be a stronger person. I am trying to be strong emotionally and spiritually. And I have so much faith that in the end, everything will turn out to be the way God wants it to be, and I know that I will be happy. I have a lot of issues still going on with my weight, with my relationship with my parents because they won't accept my boyfriend, and me feeling like I have to hide it from them, also trying to get a new job, a new car, doing well in school since it is finals week. . . etc. There is just so much. But I think it's important that I grow to be stronger. And I want my parents to know how happy I am with my boyfriend. I want them to meet them and realize that race has nothing to do with the person. It's about showing his heart. And I just pray that everything falls into place. I know God has a special plan for me and my future. And I will not stop praying.

Father restore my marriage

November 27, 2013

Heavenly father forgive my cruel & adulterous husband and the woman who snatched my 18 years of love. Father break their relationship. Father have mercy on my cruel husband to convict & repent his sin of adultery. Nothing is impossible for You. Restore my marriage with love, peace, joy & happiness. Send Your angels to protect me & my daughter from all evil & mental torture from my cruel husband & his sister. You are the Father of justice & truth speak for me. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

Answered prayer!

November 21, 2013

God has answered my prayers! Thank you all for your prayers! God bless you

Father I have lost my patience

November 14, 2013

Heavenly father I have lost my patience I am fed up with my cruel, adulterous husband's affair. Father throw fire on the woman break the relationship. It is Your will RESTORE my marriage with joy, peace, love & happiness. Father look at my daughter. Have mercy on us. Father You love me answer my prayers, waiting since long. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

Answered PRAYERS

November 12, 2013

On oct. 22nd I came on this website asking for prayers on behalf of my mother who was going for a visa appointment at the US Embassy. My mother has been denied a visiting visa 3 times hence she missed the most important day of my life which was my graduation. Anyway, she went back to the embassy on the 24th of October and this time her visa was not denied. Her application is currently being reviewed and we are believing that GOD ALMIGHTY would perfect the work he has already started. I just want to thank you all for your prayers!!!! May God enrich your lives with blessings throughout your days. I just want you all to glorify the name of The Lord for me and keep praying for God to perfect his wonderful work and I believe I will see my mother this Christmas. God bless you all

Prayer Request

November 09, 2013

Our little girl was born 3 years ago. At 3 weeks old she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She has been sick now for 2 months and dr just said yesterday that she had pneumonia. I would ask for healing for my baby and also for me as I have been struggling with anxiety and depression.

Father YOU are the ONLY hope

October 31, 2013

Heavenly father please create a situation that my cruel & adulterous husband may not touch or ask for my earnings help me I am all alone. Father I beg for mercy end my husband's adulterous relationship & mental torture. Restore & SAVE my marriage. SEND your angels to protect me & my daughter from evil. Bring peace, joy, love & happiness in our lives. Give mental & physical peace & rest. IJN Amen.

Father You are the ONLY hope

October 31, 2013

Heavenly father please create a situation that my cruel & adulterous husband may not touch or ask for my earnings help me I am all alone. Father I beg for mercy end my husband's adulterous relationship & mental torture. Restore & SAVE my marriage. SEND your angels to protect me & my daughter from evil. Bring peace, joy, love & happiness in our lives. Give mental & physical peace & rest. IJN Amen.

Father I could not bear any more

October 26, 2013

Heavenly father I could not bear any more this pain & sorrows. I am mentally & physically completely crushed, help me. If it is Your WILL throw fire on my cruel husband's adulterous relationship.Have mercy on me restore & SAVE my marriage. SEND your angels to protect me & my daughter from all evil. Father bring peace, joy & love in our lives. Waiting for Your answer with a rolling tears on my knee since 2 years. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

Father I am completely crushed

October 24, 2013

Heavenly father I am mentally & physically completely crushed, help me. If it is Your WILL throw fire on my cruel husband's adulterous relationship. Have mercy on me restore & SAVE my marriage. SEND your angels to protect me & my daughter from all evil. Father bring peace, joy, love & happiness in our lives. Waiting for Your answer with a rolling tears on my knee since 2 years. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen

Songs of Hope

October 17, 2013

I have been going through a really hard time the last 3 months and this radio station was so helpful to me in getting through the long nights. When I would lay down at night and the room was quiet and I was alone, the songs that would be played comforted me in a way that only God could do. I just made my first time pledge for the Fall Sharathon and after hanging up the phone, the song Word of God Speak (a song that made such an impact on me on one of those difficult nights) started to play. The work that you all do on this station is wonderful and I am grateful to have the ability to listen to uplifting music. It keeps me focused on the Lord who is always there.

Answered Prayer

September 29, 2013

I submitted a prayer request I had lost my job and my home was in jerpodey.Last week I found a job out of the blue. I am far from out of the woods but My Farther In Heaven has given me hope. I thank every one for the prayers

Answered Prayer

September 25, 2013

Thank you all so much for your prayers for the Stevens family. I haven't had time to update until now, but Sara went home to be with the Lord not even 24 hours after her son made it back to her from Greenland. The family is doing wonderfully, though, but they would certainly appreciate your continued prayers during this difficult time of grieving. Thank you all, again!

Answered Prayer

September 25, 2013

I posted a request for prayer last week for my son to see the light. He is now home. He is going to church with me tonight. Praise the Lord. The prodigal has returned home. God deserves all our praise. He still has not made a commitment to God, but I feel it is coming. Please continue to pray for him as he deals with the consequences of sin. He has a road ahead of him, but he really wants to make a better life. Continue to keep my family in your prayers. Prayer changes things!

Answered prayer

September 22, 2013

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my boy friend to be able to find a job and become closer to God. He starts a job tomorrow, and last Sunday he gave hisself to God. He's been going to church with me for awhile now. Please keep praying that I will know if he's the one that is meant for me to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Thank you all so much, I know with out a shadow of doubt that God answered our prayers, and it's all thanks to all your prayers, God bless you!!!

Answered prayer

September 15, 2013

I had been praying for a few months that my grandmothers house would sell. On Monday, I posted a prayer request on PrayerWorks, and on Thursday, my grandmothers house sold!!! Thank you prayer warriors! Truly a blessing!

son off to college and employment problems

September 12, 2013

I posted my story about two months ago and have had many prayers sent my way. I wanted to let those know who prayed for me and those who didn't that prayer does work and maybe it does work even better in groups or abundance. Since I ask for prayers my son who left for college, who was so unhappy and wanted to come home is finally seeming to adjust to his new college enviroment. He does not seem to be as homesick, his grades are looking very good, and even though things are not looking so good so far with his college sports he has the will and back bone to continue to stick with it regardless of how hard it is on him. I do miss him so very much but I get to talk to him everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day. My other problem that I ask for prayer was my present job. I was having a very hard time adjusting in a position that I did not like, people who I work with are so similair to your bullying you hear about. Yesterday I had an interview and was offered the position.This is a position working in the field in which I have my degree, its making 4-5.00 more dollars on the hour, excellent benefits, excellent hours, etc.....this was a God send my way and I do think all the prayers sent my way did help. Of course I know if God did not think I was worthy of these gifts I would still be asking for prayer and support, but I am a Christian and I have devoted more of my life to God and the church. I believe I am worthy of a little good fortune and luck to be sent my way by the gtrace of God. I just wanted to thank those who sent prayers my way. With your help and with Gods attention things so far seem to be looking up.


September 06, 2013

Please pray for me I am having some cramping in my pregnancy and it is too early to tell if its miscarriage. PLEASE PRAY THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Also, im having a lot of issues with my boyfriend, he needs god in his life! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM ALSO.

My friend Mark's back surgery

September 01, 2013

I am still getting alerts that people are praying for Mark. I am moved to tears. He is scheduled for 9/23 and we are all praying that he will be able to endure until then. Thank you so much for the prayers, and so grateful that his tests for cancer came back negative. We love him and want to keep him around as long as possible. I love my fellow Christians so much!

Anxiety prayers answered

September 01, 2013

A few weeks ago I asked for prayer for anxiety and fear. I seems as though it juxt comes upong suddenly and for no reason at time. Of course at times it is because I am fearful of an outcome. I know now that it is truly because I am not trustyly God whole heartedly. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me. That day I, like never before felt a peace come over me. I knew God was with me. Please continue to pray that this anxiety and fear will never return and that my eyes, heart, and trust will be on Jesus who will keep me in perfect peace. It is not easy but I know He will. Thank you for all the prayers and please continue to pray. It was a miracle.

Anxiety prayers answered

September 01, 2013

A few weeks ago I asked for prayer for anxiety and fear. I seems as though it juxt comes upong suddenly and for no reason at time. Of course at times it is because I am fearful of an outcome. I know now that it is truly because I am not trustyly God whole heartedly. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me. That day I, like never before felt a peace come over me. I knew God was with me. Please continue to pray that this anxiety and fear will never return and that my eyes, heart, and trust will be on Jesus who will keep me in perfect peace. It is not easy but I know He will. Thank you for all the prayers and please continue to pray. It was a miracle.

Successful Surgery

August 29, 2013

Two weeks ago today, my sister in law donated a kidney and my brother received a kidney in a 18 person chain of 9 donors and 9 recipients. They both are doing amazingly well. Their physical bodies have been touched and now I ask for them to be healed spiritually.

Michael had fallen and had bleeding on the brain.

August 06, 2013

Michael went through the surgery and was improving slowly. He had trouble staying awake. He went to see his regular doctor and a cyst was discovered on his bain and a tumor. We begain praying once again. Michael had surgery on Wednesday. We began praying for a speedy recovery. He went home on Friday and has continued improving everyday. praise God for answered prayers.

Amazing Healing - Praise God

August 04, 2013

Back at the end of April - beginning of May I asked for prayer for my 8 month old niece. She was sick and needed a touch from God! She was born a preemie and her lungs were very weak, which mean a common cold was extremely hard for her to deal with and get over. She was hospitalized and we didnt think we would ever be able to bring her back home. She had to be put back on oxygen and her heart monitor. Well, she was healed. And no longer needs her oxygen or monitor. She caught another cold a few weeks ago and Praise God he healed her again! She did NOT have to go back to the hospital. He is such an amazing God. And thank you to all those who kept her in your prayers!

Pending Divorce...

August 04, 2013

The story has just begun. My husband decided to move out to pursue his sexually immoral lifestyle-literally what he said! Seeing the number of people that were praying at the exact moment when I needed it was overwhelming! Thank God!! And please continue to pray for restoration and healing in this marriage and husband's surrender and deliverance. I know it's God's will that none shall perish. AMEN!

The power of Pray is priceless

July 31, 2013

I am so thankful that i was able to spend 2 days with my daughter and my grand child. We are taking baby steps but its happening. I am so excited. I am struggling with my job, I work in retail and have ehlers-danlos #4 its taking a toll on my body.

My testimony

July 22, 2013

My testimony: I was adopted at 6 months old by two wonderful parents and raised in a Christian home. I began to make poor decisions in my teenage years by having premarital sex and drinking and smoking pot; I guess to fit in with society. I moved from a small town in SC to the big city of Atlanta, Ga. when I was 19 years old. I continued to have sex with my boyfriends and partying which led to cocaine which really began in high school. I always said that I was just a social user. I went to college back in SC at age 22 and still continued to party. At age 29, in 1993 I got married and I had two awesome and wonderful children, a boy and then a girl. This relationship did not make it long. In 2001 we divorced and I had two small children to rear on my own. My ex cheated on me and six months later married his third wife. We never committed ourselves to God and I believe this was where we went wrong in the first place. During the ten years or more of raising my children, I acquired my own home and car and career and was doing well, but always struggling to make ends meet. My ex did not help and did not even see his children much at all. I dated and lived with a man for seven years after my divorce hoping to fill that void in my kid's life. I was wrong. He was not a good example for them to follow and for that matter neither was I. We partied and continued to progress in that partying until about 7 years later, we broke up and I was devastated yet again by a man. I made the worse decisions ever after he left. I began to experiment with cocaine and tried it in every way possible and got hooked. Within six months, my life was over. I lost my home, my kids, my career, my car, and my freedom! I was in jail and going to rehab and that is where I found God and truly was saved. I have had many trials and much turmoil and so much to deal with since leaving rehab and jail; from a disturbed young man stalking me constantly, trying to get visitation with me kids and then fighting for custody, walking away from friends as well hurting and disappointing my family from the poor choices I had made prior. I have been homeless and jobless for months. I lost my mother after the divorce in 2002 and my father in 2009. I have had more than my fair share of bad luck and yet somehow I always seemed to survive and get through those times. I know without my faith and trusting God I would not be where I am now. I am now working full time (not as a paralegal as I had worked for over 20 years) but still it's a job and I am grateful. I filed all the necessary paperwork to regain custody of my children and now my daughter is living with me again and my son visits pretty regularly and will eventually come to live with me I believe. For with God all things are possible. I am now a recovering addict and a very grateful one at that. God is still working in my life each and every day. He puts people in my life that I help and ones that help me. I am never surprised by his love and blessings. God has placed a confidence and love in myself that I have never had before so "Thank you God" for the many 'True Blue Christians' you have put in my life and for all the blessings you bestow on me daily. I have not come this far without lots of prayers and the help and love of my true friends and family and I thank you Father for those special people in my life and the strength you have provided me. You are 100% my Savior and always first in my life! I will forever have your name on my lips. I realize now with lots of prayer and reading of the Word... that all the answers were here for me and I never asked the questions. Although I still struggle daily with other life's daily cards that are dealt, I have an attitude now of NO MATTER WHAT -- I will praise You Lord, thorough my storms and my triumphs! I have much more to share and would love to answer any questions anyone may have for through all my trials what has come to be is that I want to help others to see what I didn't see and hopefully prevent the same hurts, guilt, shame and woes that I had to deal with and give them the best gift of all... JESUS! I believe it's important that we know who we are in God ... We are a one of a kind and God has made us like no other for a purpose- His purpose. Yes, bad things happen and yes, We make poor choices, but we don't have to. Once we know and believe who we are in Christ and that we are a child of God, we are not an accident, the circumstances before us each day no matter what they are... God gives us the choice and the power of Him to choose right and live right. Let his power and love work in your life to day and see that life does not have to be the way you are living now. He wants to help you, but you have to let him. He can't make us come to him, he is not lost - WE ARE!


July 22, 2013

In May, I wrote about a trip that a group I am a part of was going on a missions trip to Puerto Rico and that I needed prayer for raising the support. This is a crazy story! The very last day I had to raise money, I needed almost $700. Keep in mind that this night at 2am I was supposed to be heading to North Carolina to catch my flight to San Juan. I am messaging people on Facebook asking for donations, with 5 hours until I needed to be leaving. God provided!!!! I got $672 in 2 hours. DONE, I am going to Puerto Rico! WRONG!! I could not find a ride to NC! I ended up missing my flight! With a lot of prayer from all of you and my team that was already in PR, I got a flight out the next day and arrived a day late to the mission. I cannot explain everything that went on during the trip, but please believe me when I say it was literally life changing. We already have the same trip planned for next summer but it will be 3x bigger with 3 more campuses involved. God bless you all that prayed!!!! It was because of prayer that I was there and was able to affect Puerto Ricans lives with the gospel and also grow spiritually myself. I love you all so very much!! God Bless!!! If you would like to see the pictures from the trip you can add me on Facebook - Ohio University Amanda Dalton :)

answered prayer - prayer request

July 17, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, A year ago I requested prayer for our 17 year old daughter and for our cabin to be sold. I would like to thank all of those who prayed for us...and there were many. Just to know that we were being supported in prayer helped us through this last year. God's timing is perfect and we learned many lessons on the way. Our daughter was married in May to her boyfriend and they have learned to put God first in their lives through the past year's trials. Our cabin was sold yesterday after an agonizing year of financial stress that grew our faith as we saw God provide through rentals and eventually the sale (the sale was despite our realtor alone having 32 other listings). Romans 5:3 -- Exult in your tribulations, knowing tribulations produce perseverance and perseverance proven character and proven character, hope. We do exult in this past year's tribulations because God was in control and strengthened our faith and was our Provider. Another prayer husband, Kevin, is having bladder surgery at Mayo's on July 26. Please pray for a successful surgery and that it would relieve the pain he has lived with for the past 10 years. Thank you so very much, Katie Keller

answered prayer - prayer request

July 17, 2013

A year ago I requested prayer for our daughter and our cabin to sell. Here are the results! Also a prayer request for my husband's bladder surgery 7/26.

My son Erik

July 16, 2013

Erik has been sent to Elmira Correctional facility and may be moved but must serve 1 1/2 yr in NYS prison. Please pray for hedge protection while in Elmira,it's a rough place, and that he remember God loves him and Is with him even there,thanks

Praise Report

July 14, 2013

In May of 2012 I requested prayer for our daughter who was pregnant, hoping & praying she would not lose the baby she was carrying. After the prayer request, it was determined that the pregnancy was ectopic. She had to have emergency surgery and the fallopian tube had to be removed. She and her husband have been trying to conceive again since that time. She told us last Sunday that she is pregnant again. She will be thirteen weeks tomorrow and the baby is in the uterus where he/she should be...and the heartbeat is good and all seems to be great. We expect nothing less than that, and we are praying for a strong and healthy baby, who will go full term. Thank you for the many prayers. Please continue to pray for God's hedge of protection around our daughter and her baby. The baby is due in January 2014.

Restoration is coming to fruition

July 02, 2013

"Hallelujah!!!I had previously submitted prayer for my son MacKenzie. I am seeing the prayers of the righteous being answered. Slowly but surely God is reeling MacKenzie back into the fold. In my prayer request I had asked that he be delivered from substance & alcohol abuse & restored. Well thanks be to God MacKenzie has been reading his Bible(he texts me every morning what he reads), he & I talk about what God has in store for him & he doesn't walk away from me but listens. He allows me to pray for him. He even went to church with me Easter Sunday. He hasn't been to church in two yrs since my mom died (even longer before that). I see God breaking up that fallow ground; turning him around. He told me he is doing drugs less & less as well as trying to quit smoking & alcohol. He has the Holy Ghost so I know these things God will deliver him from. I ask that you please cont. to pray for him & to celebrate with me what God has done, is doing, & shall do in our lives."

Ms. Ewald and Lucy

June 26, 2013

Thank you all for praying for Ms. Ewald and my mother Lucy. Ms. Ewald's catscan and other tests have come back without serious report. Praise God also for answered prayer for my mother........her cancer was removed and she is doing great! They believe they got it all!

God Answered our Prayers!

June 24, 2013

A few weeks ago I requested prayer for my home situation and I just want to praise God for answering our prayers! I asked prayer for our daughter, son in law and 7 month old Grandson to find their own home and God provided them a lovely affordable home and both have good jobs now. God is so good!

Update on PHIL

June 22, 2013

Phil was attacked for the third time in Stillwater prison. The prison is not going to do anything to help him. They say he should learn to get along in his society even though he does nothing for these gangs to hurt him except not join them. Please pray for him once again and thank you. Hopefully he will not have to spend the remaining 2 years and four months suffering threw this

Desperate for Prayers

June 03, 2013

I want to thank all of the Spirit Fm family members that have lifted us up in prayer since I posted my request on May 28th. We are still trying to find our way through the grief and loss of our daughter and also the grandchildren being taken. Please continue to lift us up in prayer for our journey ahead. We are trying to gain custody of our grandchildren and are told this will take time. Pray for their safety and well being during this time of separation from us. I also ask for continued prayer for my health with my back and leg pain. We don't understand why all of this has happened as it has but are still trusting and praising God through it all. God bless.


June 01, 2013

Despite tremendous political forces in favor of counterfeit marriage, the Lord stood and defeated the foes of marriage , using a small group of believers. The opponents said they are "stunned." And so are we. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, Saints, we have much to repent of, and much more hard work to be done. Let's repent, and turn from our selfish ways, serve Him as living sacrifices, giving back to Him who gave us life the lives that He has freely saved by His own blood. Let's get outside of the sanctuary and onto the roadside, compelling men to come in. This is our Master's instruction. (Luke 14:23) Thank you from our hearts for all your help, brothers and sisters!! God bless you!

Thank You for Your Prayers

May 30, 2013

I cannot thank you all enough for all your prayers and the wonderful note someone took time to send to me about the difficulties I am having with my son and my mother. Yet....I have a praise! My 23 year old son has been headed down a very bad path for many years now. Today, my son actually determined to not do something very destructive (which is unusual for him.) I just know it was all your prayers as I have been so worn down lately. You will never know how much those prayers have meant to me. I cry as I write this because you are wonderful and awesome brothers and sisters in Christ!! You really are. And we do serve a great God, don't we! I ask for continued prayers for my son and mother as there are still big battles ahead, I am sure. Much love to all of you!

Quilting For God -printer received now needfunds for quilt batting/matrerial

May 27, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted a prayer request for a laser printer I needed. God answered the prayer today, Memorial Day. I was asked to meet a couple of friends at the mall this morning. We went to Staples and they purchased a printer, the labels and post cards for the Quilting For God. Now I need funds to purchase quilt batting and fabric for more quilts. Here is my original request: God is leading me to make quilts with the gospel message printed on them to have ready to send out to areas hit by tragedy. Right now my goal is to have 20 quilts - queen size and baby ready to go when the first storms hit. I am in need of a laser printer to print the gospel on fabric (attached to full page labels) and to make the labels and cards. The cards will have the Romans Road to Salvation printed on the back.

After almost 20yrs God restored my marriage

May 21, 2013

My husband and I have struggled for years in our relationship. We were so different and unequally yoked. Through it all, we struggled to stay together and I kept praying and believing. We couldn't have been further apart than we were the last three years. Finally, we spoke with a pastor at the local church, where some of my friends have attended for years. We still felt despair and hopelessness; but little did we know that there were people praying for our marriage at that church. Meanwhile, I prayed that God would show up in my life. One Sunday, after church and later in the evening; He did just that. Suddenly I had this overwhelming feeling of love pouring over me. So much so that I realized my pain and despair was gone and never to be remembered again.God had poured out so much of his love. When I went to get my husband, I looked at him and just felt this overwhelming love for him. I knew in that moment that God had healed a broken marriage and the month prior, my husband was lead to Christ after going to the Easter special at Church. A complete restoration of our marriage. Everyday I thank God for all he has done and our love for each other and for God just gets stronger. Keep praying and keep the faith. God is faithful and he has all the Love we need. We are rejoicing everyday!!

Truck for work

May 18, 2013

I asked u all to pray for a truck, do my husband could make more money and fit my whole family. Well we got the truck and it has helped and it now fits most of my family so he can help with the kids, but does not fit the whole family as God has blessed us with another little one. So we are now a family of 7. Thanks for all your prayers

Answer to prayer

May 09, 2013

I had asked you to pray for my daughter when she went through a court date via phone regarding unemployment benefits that were denied because she was (wrongfully) terminated. On the day of the court (via phone), my daughter answered but her employers did not. The court went on without them and she was awarded unemployment. Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray as she is faithfully submitting resumes and diligently seeking a new full time job. Thanks!

My Doggie Is Better

May 09, 2013

Thank-you so much for all the prayers for my dog, Starbuck. He is doing much better now and got to come home Sunday! Praise The Lord that he is still alive!

mom in ICU

May 05, 2013

Thank you for all the prayers, no sooner I asked for prayers we started getting good news that my mom is improving, she still has a long road ahead but we have seen a big difference in her. Thank you again for the prayers.

mom in ICU

May 04, 2013

Doctors had not been able to diagnose my mom's illness since been admitted to the hospital last Sat.

Possible Victory!

April 30, 2013

Thank you for praying for my daughter. At the Court hearing via phone, she answered when they called, but her "accusers" did not (their phone went to voice mail). So the hearing took place with my daughter and without her "accusers". We don't know what the decision will be, but my daughter was able to plead her case and it looks like it will be in her favor! Praise the Lord!

Urgent: O'Donoghue needs healing from sickle cell disease. He also needs Jesus.

April 30, 2013

Please pray for O'Donoghue. He needs salvation and healing from sickle cell anemia. It's gotten really bad. He's only in his 30's, and I'm scared it's going to kill him. Please ask God to heal him and let him live a long time so he can live a full live. He also needs salvation. Please ask God to save both his life, and his soul. Thank you.

Answer to prayer

April 28, 2013

A little while ago I had asked for prayer for the decision on whether to travel down to Florida to visit my parents who are both not believers. Since then I was greatly encouraged by people's prayers for us. My husband and I made the decision a few hours ago not to go to visit my parents. I felt a sense of relief and peace that I knew came from God. Fear about my parents' reaction to us not coming started to try to enter my mind. God showed me the verse in 2 Corinthians 12 "'...My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." I am able to stand firm on Jesus who is my rock. I may not know His reasoning for things, but I will choose to trust in Him and not lean on my own understanding. Thank you so much for your prayers. He hears and answers them. God is so good!

Colin is young adult who urgently needs healing and salvation.

April 23, 2013

Please pray for a man named Colin. I care very much for him, he' s so young, and may be battling cancer (Stage IV penile, it's rare, it's aggressive, and he's only 32 years old). Please pray that God will heal him. He's been battling this for a while now, but he recently learned he still has it. I am afraid, and want Colin to live a long life. Please ask God to give him total healing, a long life, children, grandchildren, and most especially, salvation in Jesus Christ. Colin needs Jesus and while I realize this may be God's way of drawing Colin to Him, I hope that there would be some other way, any other way He could do that without threatning Colin's life. God is still in the healing business, isn't he? So, why not Colin! Please ask God to heal him, and to save him. Thank you, so much for your help to pray for him.


April 18, 2013

2 months ago I was in a car with 3 of my friends when 4 masked men approached us with guns. They shot the tire but we were able to all get away unharmed by the grace of God. Ever since that incident, I have been having really bad anxiety attacks and I often fear everything. News of bombs and the sound of planes frighten me. I wanna live a life without fear because I know God is good and he will never leave nor abandon me. Please pray for the spirit of fear to exit my life.

Situation ongoing

April 12, 2013

Thank you for praying for my daughter. Please continue to pray. The situation prompting prayer is, thankfully, ongoing, which means there is still possibility for a positive outcome. Thanks for praying!


April 10, 2013

Thank you for the prayers that were sent up for me when I was out sick with pneumonia. I go back in a week for a final check up, and I have been able to go back to work.

Bathtub is fixed!

April 09, 2013



April 06, 2013


pray for michelle m triska

March 26, 2013

pray god heals intestinal gas, digestive system, flatuence, stomach , organs

15 yr old daughter ADD, anxiety, and depression

March 24, 2013

THank you all for your prayers. She is steady and coming along with good progress. We face ups and downs but we do feel God's grace with us. She is open to God but still questions. The prayers and kindness of strangers praying for my daughter is felt by our family and we hold on to faith. We hear constantly that "she will be fine" from family and friends and we believe that. God does work through others and we appreciate the prayers!

pray for one of my friends

March 19, 2013

I am asking for alot of needed prayers for one of my friends who has been addicted to drugs for several years. About 2-3 weeks ago, Myself and my friends and my church had the honor of bringing her to Christ and is getting baptized on Easter Sunday am. She struggles with good and bad days but lately bad ones. She doesn't have the confidence in her to fight these cravings and I think she;s trying to beat this by herself. I am also asking for prayer for me as I continue to remain by her side as a friend to give me patience and strength during this very difficult situation. Like several of my friends have told me that once we through this it will make us stronger and will help me to learn patience especially going into the ministry.

A few prayers for job closer to home

March 04, 2013

It was just 10 days ago that I posted a prayer request for my husband to get a job closer to home. He's been working in South Carolina for 11 months and our family lives in Virgina. Today, we received the answer to our prayers - he GOT THE JOB!!!! I received an email from everyone within the SpiritFM family that prayed for us, total number of emails = 3. I know it may not sound like many, but to those three people, we cannot say Thank You enough. I cried and cried so many tears of pure joy and excitement and couldn't wait to pass along this praise, Thanks again!!!

Kittys Surgery ~ All is Well ~

February 16, 2013

Thank you so much for everyone that said a prayer for my son's kitty - HoneyBear! Not only did her surgery go well but her recovery has been Excellent. She up and chasing toys again!!!

Son in jail

February 09, 2013

Thank you for all the prayers for myself and my son. His court case came out a lot better than we had thought. He should be home by the end of Feb. and he will be able to be a Father to his Son. Please keep us all in your prayers as we all have a lot of healing.

Thank you

February 05, 2013

Thank you for praying for our family. God is always good and He has a plan. We still have some unspoken needs and really need you to continue to pray. God always works things out in His timing we just need to learn to be patient more somedays and keep trusting Him. We also know someone who lost their two year old and her funeral is today. Please pray for that family. Thanks again for your prayers.

From Hurt and Tears, to Peace and Joy!

February 01, 2013

I have posted a lot of prayer requests on here the past month or so, saying how my boyfriend broke up with me right before Christmas. It was soo hard to get through that and I couldn't see any hope really and I was just crying everyday for the longest time. Tough trial. I just wanted God to bring my bf back or at least give me a peace that passes all understanding. Well, no I don't have my bf back. He is still my best friend though and I still have hope that maybe someday he will come back if it's God's will, but I have accepted and now have peace about the fact that it's all in God's hands and there could possibly be another man out there for me. I'm just sayin', I still don't know what's going on or why, but I wanted to thank you all for praying. Because I've got peace and joy in m life and God is using this trial to bring me closer to Him than ever, and I have actually felt happier lately with this peace Jesus has given me. Thanks for all the prayers! Please keep praing that God would reveal to me the right man for me in His own time. God bless you all! Prayer does work for sure! It changes things :)

looking for this person

January 25, 2013

I'd like to hear from this person please. when you send me links, make sure they're valid. Rw39UB nubyhcvygffh, [url=]xcuolmphfqoi[/url], [link=]wcombqpuxoms[/link],

continued prayers

January 24, 2013

Hello every one. Well i went to court for back rent and was told to pay back rent or move withn ten days. I showed the judge my taxes and told them i can pay it when they com in. Land lord says if i can get help to get it paid i can stay. But iv tried everywere and cant find any help. So pleas pray for me to see if can pull throught this. Thank you and be blessed. Jason


January 22, 2013

ill have enuff to pay all up todate but not till end of febuary im asking to please continu to pray for and my family i that we can get a extension. thanks jason

Prayer answered

January 15, 2013

My prayers were answered today when my son was fasly charged with stalking by his estranged wife. He went to court today and the charges were dismissed - thank god. He still has a long way to go and needs prayer for his emotional well being and family unity. I thank Spirit FM for their prayers and am being renewed in faith because of Spirit FM. Truly, God is working thru Spirit FM - thanks for being there.


January 07, 2013

I asked for a prayer about faith and it has be answered, due to your assistance thank you.

God answers prayers

January 06, 2013

I just wanted to write and give God the glory. This last Spring I asked for prayer for a family friend that had throat cancer and that this cancer was a particular aggressive cancer with'finger' around a blood vessel that went to the brain. Our family friend was named Steven and I am pleased to report that God has answered all our prayers and Steven was able to celebrate this Christmas and go into 2013 cancer free. This is only by the grace of God and I am so happy to have the blessing of seeing yet another example of God's love. Thank you for all your prayers. God loves you and so do I!

The Lord shall provide all my needs...

January 02, 2013

The past couple I have asked for prayers regarding my finances, work and health. I am very pleased to report that through the prayers you have lifted for me, everything has gone much better than I could have expected! I think the neatest thing of all is my safety getting to work during the bad weather. I difficulty driving in the dark, even on roads I am familiar with. Also, I don't drive we'll in the rain. Two days last week I had to drive in both and each time the Lord guided me through safe and sound. Lead me through the 'valley of the shadow of my death.' :-) literally and figuratively. I cannot express how much I have depended on your prayers, and I appreciate every single prayer!!!

Unemployed, bills pass due and car up for reposession immediately

December 27, 2012

I would like to request a prayer of agreement for my finances. God gave me a vision and I'm walking by faith trusting in Him. In doing this, I relocated from the north to the south about three months ago. I have been searching for employment and have been unsuccessful. As a result, all of my bills are pass due. I am staying with my sister. My car note is three months pass due. I received a call today from the repo man stating that he needed to get on our property to pick up my car. My sister has been wonderful and have helped me out with providing food, shelter and gas in the car so that I can search for a job. I know that this is God's vision for my life and I'm going to continue to thank Him and give Him all of my praises. I don't understand why God has brought me this low with no money, no job and bills pass due, but I know that I'm not alone. I know that God is with me. I just don't know what to do right now. Do I let them take the car? I live in the south and a car is needed to get around in the courtry. I've never been this low in my life but I also know that this is just a test and God has a great testimony in store for me. Nobody understands what God is doing in my life and I look crazy to them but I know God will work this out for my good. I'm thanking God right now for what He is about to do with my finances. I know God did not bring me this far to leave me. What the devil meant for evil, my God will turn it around for my good. Please stand in agreement and pray with me that God will fix this for me and my family. God, not my will, but Your will be done in my life. I don't understand but I know that you didn't bring me this far to leave me. Praying for a supernatural miracle to take place right now in Jesus' name, Amen.

praise report

December 26, 2012

I would like to thank every one that has been praying for me I now live in a two bedroom single wide mobile home that I rent. I got hired on instead of being a temp and I got a raise. They lord has really been working through me these past two weeks and really opened my eyes. I would like you to keep praying that my wife nancy will be home soon, the lord spoke to me and said he will bring her back but just be patient and worship every day. I surrender my life to him everyday now. Thanks again god bless everybody.

God be praised

December 24, 2012

My grandson is doing fine and is back to his happy little self. He came home last night from the hospital. Thanks for your prayers

Prayer was answered

December 21, 2012

My son was healed and is off every medication Praise God. He is the God of the impossible.

Surgery for ectopic pregnancy

December 18, 2012

In May I asked for prayer for my daughter who was pregnant....the first prayer request was prayer that she wouldn't lose the baby; the second request was when she found out the pregnancy was ectopic. Surgery was performed and one fallopian tube removed. We thank God for His hedge of protection around our daughter, that her life was spared and that she is healthy now. They continue to pray for a baby. Though in the world's eyes, the chances are slim after the tube being removed, but we are all trusting the Lord to give them that healthy baby -- and He WILL receive the glory! Thank you for your continued prayers...

un milagro por oracion

December 18, 2012

yo soy testigo como Dios sano a una seora en mi pais la republica dominicana y hoy estoy pidiendo a todos los que conosen en poder de la oracion a k se unan a una cadena de oracion para que Dios sane de cancer a una miembro de mi iglesia


December 13, 2012

I asked today for your prayers for my daughter Kaitlyn and a job offer as she is graduating and PRAISE GOD she was offered a job today. I truly believe it was through all the prayers offered through this website. Thank you all and God Bless!

Spouses with cancer

December 13, 2012

Thank you for your prayers. My sister in law went home to be with Jesus in Oct. and my brother went to join her yesterday. They leave an adult son and a 12 year old son. This is a devastating situation esp. for the 12 yr old, to lose both parents within 2 months. But the 12 yr old did receive Jesus as his saviour and he and his dad was baptised in May. Please pray for the older son to receive Christ.

Prayer Answered!

December 02, 2012

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers! God answered and I heard from my boyfriend- God is definitely amazing!

friend with breast cancer

November 28, 2012

I asked for prayers for my church friend with breast cancer. She has had both breasts removed, is done with chemo, and radiation, and next year if everything remains good, she will have reconstruction. She is in high spirits, feels great, and loves God more and more everyday and thanks God everyday for her life. Our prayers have been answered and the cancer is gone. Thank you all for your prayers.

My Son was Delivered and healed

November 26, 2012

Thanks to all for praying for my son Mark. Prayer does Work!! He was healed and is off all the medication. He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and ADHD and the medication was causing vision problems. Praise God for the healing.

God is SO good!!

November 05, 2012

I have loved each and every encouraging email I've received about my original prayer request! I cannot even begin to explain how important those were to me. God placed peace in my landlord's heart and she has been very patient in me getting caught up. Her words were "Anyone else I would have put out, I don't understand why I just can't with you"! How amazing is that? I told her it was an answered prayer. I have also found a job! Although only part time, it has HUGE potential, it is in the field I want to work in and that I am attending online classes for. How great did that work out? God DOES have a plan and it's so hard to see sometimes. I've set an amount of money to give out of any money I receive and I give that to the church. It's not 10%, but it's my amount that I promised to the Lord and that's what matters. It feels so good to be able to put something in. I still need to strengthen my walk, I do thank Him daily for all the blessings I have and pray for others always. Every single one of you that clicked on that link to pray for me or even sent me a message - THANK YOU. You are a part of my journey and I am forever grateful.

Little Brooklynn

October 29, 2012

Brooklyn is doing better, slowly having less seizures and they are no longer as severe. Thank you all so much for your prayers over her. God bless you and this wonderful org.! All the glory to The Father in Jesus name, Amen

My house was not repossed by the bank!

October 16, 2012

Prayer really works. Thank you all who prayed for me. I am just speechless right now. This is indeed a miracle. We have never come up with so much money in our account in this short period of time. And we used it all to pay for our past due mortgage - 3 months in all. Another miracle - I got a raise from my employer just last Friday so that will really go a long way to settle other bills. And again my employer promised me a bonus which we have not seen in such a long time due to the way the economy is. I am so thankful to our Mighty God for his endless love towards me and my family. He makes all things beautiful in his own time. It's like a big load has been lifted off of me. This is indeed a true miracle and testament of our Father's love. Again, thank you all for supporting me in prayers and this had helped me to start praying for others in need.

Prayer Answered!

October 16, 2012

Thank you so much for the prayers regarding getting my mortgage loan reduced. God came thru in a huge way and surpassed my expectations! God is so good and is always on time! Thank you!

Back in Nursing School!!

October 14, 2012

You all have NO idea how grateful I am. Thank you to everyone on this site. I was amazed by the amount of people that prayed for me. God worked miraculously and put me back in school. I thought it was TOO LATE but somehow I was enrolled even though I owed the school money. I am really grateful for KTIS and the people on this website. God bless. God is SO good. And I can not explain how surprised I was by this outcome.

thank you for the continued prayers

October 10, 2012

I want to say thank you to those who are still praying for our family. We still need lots of prayers. It was a hard couple of months at my last post for prayer and it seems like it just keeps getting harder. My husbands father, a good neighbor, a dear family friend, and one of my youngest son's homebound teachers recently passed away and we have been to so many funerals lately. Praise God they were all saved. My job closed down so it has only been my husbands paycheck and it is just not enough to meet all bills due. Some days we have to borrow money from our son just to get cut-offs paid or groceries. Our son has bills of his own so he will not be able to continue to help much. With four kids it is frustrating at times. We have no idea how God will provide for the winter months but I am sure if enough help us pray it will be so good to watch God bless and provide. My sisters husband still has not found a job and she was a stay at home mom homeschooling her two children and they are struggling a lot at this time also if you could pray for them as well. We all know God has a plan but we need help praying to keep trusting him and not give up. We have some specific needs and ask you to pray with us to have those needs met. We need miracles soon. Thank you again for continuing prayer for our family.

Follow-up on our house being repossed

October 10, 2012

Thank you all so much for your prayers. I really appreciate it a lot. So far the bank has given us up until October 18 to come up with a huge sum of money to settle our 3 past months' rent. We have absolutely no money but I know God will make a way. I am grateful that I have a place to stay for the next 8 days. Our second car was repossed yesterday (the first was repossed a few months back). Even though we are loosing everything I trust God to make a way. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

praise report

October 06, 2012

Thank you so much for your prayers! Baby Hope is doing much better! Please continue to pray! Doctors will decide on Tues. when to do her next heart surgery!

Follow Up

October 05, 2012

Hello all I just wanted to follow up on post a few months ago. me and my wife recently divorced, we have 2 boys together, we both still attend the same church but it has been very hard. we have had some time apart and are still staying separated which right now i think is a good thing which is allowing god to work and speak to us. Did I mention its very hard. I miss my family, I didnt want to get divorced but by my thoughtless actions and by my lack of commitment over the last year or so she gave up. but im not giving up and I dont think she does either even though we are divorced, its hard to explain. Some things in me have to go before we can pick up again. Anyway Im mainly writing to say thank you for all the prayers and notes. its encouraging!! I love you. thank you very much. Im still hanging in here.

urgent request

October 03, 2012

Baby Hope appeared to be doing well after surgery. She had some problems yesterday and today is showing signs of a stroke. A CT scan has been ordered. Please pray that there is no brain damage! Her mother is pleading for intervention!

Answered Prayers and New Requests

October 02, 2012

Thank you to all who have prayed for me and my family the past 2 weeks. Since I sent out our prayer for our home to sell and my husband to find a job, our house went under contract this weekend after 14 months on the market! And my husband has 2 2nd interviews with good companies this week. Praise the Lord! Our new request is that God will show us where to move. We have to be out of our current house November 13 and have no idea where we are going. Please pray that God will show us clearly what house we are supposed to be in and make it happen for us. Thank you so much for your prayers, they have meant so much to us!

Devasting news from a close family friend

September 16, 2012

Yesterday, my family received some devastating news, a dad & fellow leader from our boy scout troop called us and told us that he has stage 4, inoperable colon cancer. I believe and know that God can work miracles. I also believe in the power of prayer. So I am praying for a healing miracle for him. Here is my prayer request... I am praying that God would work miracles and heal him. I do not however, know where he stands as far as his salvation. I know he is a strong catholic.... I am claiming Ephesians 6:10-17. Praise God! His name is Bernie and he has been given between 3 months and 2.5 years.... He is married and has 2 boys in high school. Thank-you and God Bless!


September 16, 2012

RJ is home safe and sound. He has graduated basic training. God is Good! I am so thankful for prayer warriors.


September 16, 2012

RJ is home safe and sound. He has graduated basic training. God is Good! I am so thankful for prayer warriors.

You prayed in Agreement and God awnsered!

September 07, 2012

Perceive, Receive and prepare Holy Spirit Prayer 2012!!! Many prayed for this weeks back and I wanted to share my whole testimony on what you guys prayed in agreement on and thanked God for, thank you! Its a long story so dont read unless you have time. It all started when I thought I was pregnant. My husband and I have been married for 10 years now and we have been blessed with two beautiful boys who keep us quiet busy, especially with Gods leading us to school our children at home. Our boys are seven and nine years old. Past the diaper stage and all out of the baby paraphernalia. So to go back to diapers and puked stained baby bibs was quite far from my heart and my mind. As for my husband it was a possibility that he didn't mind having happen and was quite the opposite as me. I really thought I was pregnant. I was quite depressed about it. One Sunday morning when we were at church one of the women that serves with us on one of the many great ministry teams our church has to offer was looking a little down. I asked her what was wrong and she said " Her Son and daughter in law had been trying for a baby and she found out that they are on there seventh miscarriage. My heart just dropped at the sound of her voice and her eyes. I mean here I am thinking I am pregnant and already rejecting the baby inside me, and sowing seeds of rejections, I came from the same background and had to deal with the same rejection in my life till recently when the lord delivered me from it and here I was giving my possible baby the same roots I came from, and this family cant even have a baby. Something in me was not right and I knew it. I didn't want to have a baby, but I knew that if I was pregnant I didn't want to give that baby the same legacy I originally had, so I decided to pray to God and ask him if it was his will to have more children that he would change my heart and mind, and that my husband would be in agreement. Well around this same time we had been praying about our purpose, what God was calling us too. We both felt that in our relationship with God he had taken us and shown us so much of himself and we were getting to the depth were we wanted more and we had started to develop the heart to serve him. I knew on the inside that God had more for me, I wanted to know him more and wanted to know his heart. My husband felt the same and we agreed on praying for God to revival to us his ministry for us. Over the course of time he did reveal a vision and heart of ministry to us. God gave my husband passion, faith and a name ( Mountain Movers), and God drove me bonkers as he put a feeling of being addicted to faith scriptures on my heart. But what I didn't realize until just recently was that over the past year he has been giving us this vision and heart, and teaching us things about faith. I was reading some of journaling from the last year. I would keep a prayer journal and also a study journal with my questions and scriptures that I would meditate on. When reading guess what I found? I found that almost all my questions, studying and interest was based on faith related yeah God was already at work. We have learned so much about faith and have so much more to learn and we want to share what we learned and learn more with others. Our church has a great way of doing things. We have these subgroups, where people will start small bible studies or things that are of interest to them for fellowship purposes. After all church doesn't start until its over J Our passion is for a God guided, Spirit lead, faith based subgroup. A group where we can come without agendas and ask God what he wants us to do that night, where he would like us as a group to study, or pray about ect. Weather its looking up verses on faith, or reading about Abraham because he was first justified by faith, or praying, worshiping, or just sitting in his presence as a group, we just want to follow God. If you would have told me a year ago that this would have been in either of our hearts I would have laughed at the mere thought. This is so far from my personality, so far from who I was, what I wanted, so far away from me. I have always been worry some, fearful, untrusting, and greedy and the sad but awesome thing is I knew God for the last 6 years of my life and followed him as best as I could and it was when I received the filling of the holy spirit this last year my life has changed. But God in the last year through many people and resources has torn so much out of me its crazy. My husband is a whole new man thanks to God. It brings me great joy to see him pouring over scriptures, listing to the bible on his phone daily, a year ago I would say I was playing the spiritual roll in our home and not doing a great job...and why because that was never my job to do to begin with. Now a year later God has changed so much, He has given me so much to be grateful and thankful for. A couple months back God started teaching me a lesson. The lesson was, no more asking why just do and obey. That lesson was my loathing. I was very flustered, very freaked, it was like he was putting me in front of a moving train strapped down to a set of rail road tracks and asking me to trust him to save me with out knowing how he was going to do it or when and with what. I cant remember what I was asking but in my relationship with God he had always been so gentle, patient, understanding, merciful, and good at telling me why on big topics, giving me understanding on why I needed to do something and this time I was getting no where with him but needing to just obey and do it with out knowing the why format. Even though at times I was far from God he was always there. I got quite mad and decided that I was going to tell God how it was going to be. I pulled out the bible and tore it open forcefully and yelled "Your going to tell me why, right here in your word!" and I opened it up and pointed to the page I landed on. That page was in Job, and this particular chapter or should I say chapters was all about Job asking God why. God basically started out with "who do you think you are? Did you make the sun and put it in its place? Do you know how the winds work and where they come from? Do you know how the moon gives its light...God went on with a whole lot more questions, I started crying while reading this...he's right who do I think I am, then of course I had to follow Jobs example and repent. I said " Here I am Lord, I don't know why but ok Ill do it." Then right after that I started feeling lead to look at scriptures on healing, as I had and I say had some back and neck problems, every scripture he lead me to had a similar theme. It was what came out of the persons mouth, I started to question what we say with our tongue, and that is where God really started working on me about blessings and cursing coming from our lips and being careful what we say. Then I realized even God himself said "Let there be light and there was light. He said " Let us make man in our image" I started to look at all the things God had said, Jesus had said, his apostles had said. And I was on to something, I have not quite figured it out but I know we have a lot of power in our tongues for I have seen God move quite a few mountains in my life by experimenting with this idea. I feel there is a correlation between faith and the use of our tongue. I mean we are saved by believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, he gives his word to his prophets to bring forth his will into the earth (Isaiah 48:3, 5) When we think about it, the prophets spoke forth Jesus birth, death and resurrection into the earth. A lot of power is in the tongue. At this time thinking I was pregnant and having vision for ministry and praying for God to change my rejective heart. Two weeks later he did just that. I found out that I in fact was not pregnant, But now I had a different heart, my husband and I want more children and I was saddened to find out that I would not be having a baby. Ok so we new God had changed some things and he was doing some major house cleaning. We seen the vision for Mountain Movers. We prayed Ok God if that's your will for more children and ministry of faith then we are going to need a bigger home. At this time we have been in our current home for 9 years and counting. We owed way more on our home then what it was worth in this market, so the likely hood of selling was pretty much gone. But before we could even think about the situation on our town home we really had to see if we could even qualify for a new loan on a second mortgage. We had prayed in years past for so many things, for a new home, new cars, yet me complaining and not being thankful for the one I currently have, Prayed for my husband to get a bid in the post office to a post office closer to us...never happened. Why I asked myself and never new till now. Me, mine, and heart motives was the why. Well we went to our bank to see if we would qualify. About three years prior we had let a timeshare we owned go into foreclosure, as we had to make a choice and we felt paying off our cars was a much better decision, and we also found many flaws in our contract for the deed of our timeshare. So we got hit with the foreclosure of our timeshare on our credit and it hit us like a mortgage foreclosure and basically ruined our credit. We found out however that the laws changed over the last three years some time and that our foreclosure was no longer that, but now a repossession and us owing nothing and it not affecting us. We had credit scores of 700-800. At the beginning of this year we had lots of credit card debt, about 6k and no money in saving, and horrible spending habits, but we started reading Dave Ramsey's books. Over the course of about 3 months we changed our spending habits, watched were our money was going, seen God send in finances through crazy ways, had taxes come back in Feb that were more then we thought we would get and seen him do some major changes. We didn't know what God had in store for our year, but we new that he started making lots of changes and its been so fast its made my head spin. Back to the moving situation, in about the end of may, first week of June we started really looking at things more, at our bank we got approved for a conventional loan of 185k with 10% down. Well that's great in all but who has 10% down now days in this economy? Even though we had seen God work in our debt and help us with being good Stuarts, we were no were near 10% down payments. So we thought Ok God we cant do that, what now? We were then lead to a realtor through a friend and a loan officer, we looked into seeing if we could get another loan on a second mortgage through the VA. A week later we had a pre approval letter from the VA funding program approving us. Then shortly after that we had a bank approval for another loan, and these approvals were with out having a renter in our home which was surprising to me, but with what God had been showing us with our finances and how much we can save we could afford to do two mortgage payments. I want to say how important it is to get a hold on your finances because when you do things Gods way and start budgeting and asking him were he wants your money its amazing to see him work.. Of course in-between this time of getting these approvals God had been doing some miracles in our finances. At the beginning of the year God had called us to give a amount into our churches catalyst fund. A amount I was not comfortable giving and really kind of sucked then, But both my husband and I were in agreement. Remember we still had credit card debt then, but we were working on it, we had bought a bed for my back that we felt God was telling us to buy as well. So to me I was thinking But God shouldn't we be paying our debt off instead...of course there was no answer back when I came untrusting and complaining to him on that one. When we got to church that morning on catalyst Sunday I felt very strongly that I needed to be the one to put it in the offering plate. As I did I had the thought unlike any I would think, my being so faithless and all..."I am going to take this and x it by 10." I can tell you know on that day God was breaking things off on the inside of me, like fear, untrust and greed. Over the course of those weeks to getting approved for stuff in the year for buying a new home God has done some pretty cool things. Like for instance, I found out that with my husbands FSA account through work on medical if I can get a prescription written we can claim the purchase of our bed in full and get the money to pay for it. I thought well God why not just heal my back? Then I relized if I were a Dr. would I want to keep fixing something over and over when it's a life choice someone was making that was causing them to be broken again and again. I thought it was a lack of faith and didn't understand why God wanted me to buy a bed. We also got blessed with so much over time it has been crazy. But the real crazy God crazy stuff started happening after we got our pre-approval. We prayed and found that we felt God wanted us to move, He wanted us to rent our home out to someone, that He wanted to lead us to a new home for ministry purposes. It was when our hearts got right and we started asking God what his will for our lives is, like seeing his purpose in our lifes for ministry, what we can do for him and not just our own selfish desires. I feel very strongly that having the right heart motives, wanting, desiring to follow God and know him and do his will has brought us to where we are now, seek the kingdom of God and all the things that we need will follow after. We got a couple things that spoke up on the inside of us. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding, seek him in all the ways you know how and he will direct your paths." "To prepare our home and family because he was moving us. And knowing that he will either make this thing run smoothly or shut it down if its not his will. And keeping a heart of being submissive to his kingdom purpose." There was a lot of be done, we have lived in this home for 9 years and had not ever really done anything to update it. That meant there was a lot of money to be spent. At this point our finances had turned around, We had more then gotten Dave's 1k emergency fund down, we paid down most of our debt, less the interest free ones. And We found ourselves comfortable, its amazing what watching your spending can do, and having a budget for every little thing. Lets not forget the fun God did during the first start of the year having us open what we called 'The God fund" where we would bless people by his will, he taught me how to be a cheerful giver while learning to trust him and not rely on money, He also taught me that if money is not mine to begin with, which its not, I don't have to worry about it, Which is still a lesson I occasionally have to go over again and I have hope that God will instill this is me as I learn more. I also don't have to worry when someone wrongs me because of it, like stolen money, because its was not mine that was stolen but his...that takes a weight off my shoulders of being bitter and angry J Let him deal with all of the financial aspects, but me needing to make sure we are being good Stuarts with his provisions. I went out and on faith bought several hundreds of dollars worth of paint and paint equipment, and by faith slowly every day I pained each wall in my home. By faith I picked out he colors asking him which ones would look the best for my new renter. I prayed over the walls that I painted, the paint, the windows, anything that I could speak the words of God over I did. There were times were doubt came and I didn't want to do this anymore and I cried and fought with God and learned a lot through the process. There were special times, like the one time I was painting the first room and trying to be in a hurry and was frustrated and wanted to get done now, I mean after six coats of paint and knowing nothing about what your doing...then I felt the impression on my heart "Take your time and paint this house, like I myself am coming to rent from you." I didn't know at that time what that ment, I had a idea that God would be sending me someone that knew him. One day as I was painting our second room into the project I walked into my half mess and heard very distinctly in my spirit, DEEPER! Deeper is a in depth worship and prayer service our church holds for people who want to do just that "go deeper" I never really had gone to deeper, but maybe once, I said "ok Lord, Ill go If I get dinner made on time, my husband gets home on time, and I get the part of the room done on time before." Well I got the room done on time, my husband came home on time, we had dinner and ate it on time. I had forgotten my earlier conversation with the Lord and went back in to painting the room, as soon as I opened the door the words deeper came in my mind like huge blinking letters on a black board....ahhh ok off I went. When I got there I thought, ok as long as im here ill go for some prayer. So far we had had no confirmation on anything except, you know, God providing for us excellent credit, foreclosure basically gone, VA approval, things Going smoothly, the leading of dave ramsey and financial house cleaning...I went into the prayer room for prayer and I asked if they would pray for a situation in my life that I needed Gods confirmation on direction. That we have asked God many things and he has met them, the most recent a nice surprise, my husband had a bid open at work where we live that he has been trying to get for years and that night he had just found out that he had got that bid and will now be working close to where we live. That was part of our decision making. That I didn't want to to tell them what its all about, I wanted to see if God would basically confirm prophetically. Before we even entered into prayer, one of the girls looked at me and these are some of the important things that she had said to me. Maybe not word for word but as close as I remember them "I keep hearing the word 'move'. The Lord is moving you to a new house. He's taking you by the roots and transplanting you else where. Not to worry about our current home or the finances. That what we see going on in the natural is different then what God is doing in the supernatural." One particular thing that really blew my mind and was not related to this topic but was yet another piece of my mail being read was "Don't say you don't know how to hear his voice! All his sheep hear his voice." That week I was praying its not that I don't trust you God I now your working in this, but I don't trust myself to hear you well enough, is this really your will. God used this several weeks later with my doubting heart to show me only he knew my thoughts and prayers, and that the person who prayed at deeper was in fact speaking on behalf of him. Its amazing how we can have God answer so profoundly but yet doubt...I just want to take this little weed and rip it out. Well after that night at deeper we decided to follow God deeper into the mountain. I started asking God for more specific things. Like to bless my renters, to give me someone to bless and be a blessing back. To give me good renters, someone we could reach for his kingdom, someone we could have a great relationship with. That this family, person, our renting out to them would be a ministry in itself. I really felt that I wanted to bless this person. I worked day and night painting every wall of my 1440 sqft town house, I replace so many things. I asked God to help us fix it up for 2k or less...I was counting and keeping tract of how much we were spending on it and when it got over that limit I started to get a little doubtful, worried, tense, once again I find it amazing how we can have confirmation after confirmation and still doubt? Well after seeking him I felt very strongly "Just get what needs to be done and ill take care of the rest.' in other words stop worrying about the finances and keeping tract, trust God for the needs to be done, he deals with all the other parts, besides I had forgotten the part of "Don't worry about the financial aspect." So I did just that and that was hard to do, but it worked out fine. My husband by that time had been getting more over time here at his new station then he did at the old one and the over time paid for the fixing of our home and on top of that we had a little extra to add to our bank account each month. We had to redo our floors, because a lot of our carpet was really bad in places, its 9 years old and needs to go, so sought the Lord on what we should do and decided on replacing carpets and washing others. We found that going with laminate wood flooring was cheaper then carpet and we think it looks better and would be a good selling point later on and renters like the new look. We decided to go shopping to look for all the items we needed and I had a big list of things, we went to lowes and while we where there a employee had been showing us flooring, she then said to us come back tomorrow and she would give us 10% off our whole purchase....come on who does that J So we did just that, we got 10% off and then I had to go back to buy curtains and I happened upon there clearance section and found them on sale for $10. I brought it to the lady at the desk to help me because I needed to learn how to put it on a steal front door. She said " Wow Ten buck what a great price." "yeah I know right!" Here let me see that she says. She grabs it slaps a new sticker on it and say." We are clearancing these down more I figure I might as well start with you." I look and its now $5. I get home and take it out of its box and find its missing pieces, 3 days later bring it back to find out that all the others ones are now down to $2 only and so I was able to get mine for the same price, I also felt lead to pick up other ones as well. Who knows maybe they will fit my windows in my new house. So we really felt lead to do our own wood floor. Although financially it didn't make any sense to us at the time. As lowes was having a deal for basic installation on wood flooring and to do our own floor ourselves with the rental of equipment would probably cost the same if not more. But we just didn't feel peace going with the install so we decided to do it what we believed was Gods way. We were getting a little edgy when it came 2 days before laying the flooring and still had yet to find loaner equipment as we figured this was how God would offset this. Then that morning at church, we where loaned three saws leaving us with only needing a table saw and a finishing nailer. At lowes while I was returning a carpet washer my husband was talking with another customer about projects. This total stranger asked us if we needed any equiptment for our project, we said we needed a finishing nailer, and he responded with: you can borrow him, heres my number as he handed my husband a card. Later that week I met him at home depot and he loaded his machines into my car and told him to call him later, didn't even want my address. Said he trusted me, knew me from know where...what person in this day and age does that. Later he came to pick up his stuff and said he firmly believes in what comes around goes around and he knows that when he needs something it will be there for his use. I am pretty sure he does not know the Lord as I made many attempts to bring up God and talked about my testimony some what, but he had no intrest, yet I believe God used him to bless us and this person was so right. What comes around goes around. Our flooring turned out absolutely lovely and I came to find that if I went through Lowes it would have been more then the $400 for to do it for it would not have been considered a basic install because we had many weird cuts and lots of under cutting we had to do even after we thought we had things cut right. So it was a great things we listened and went by faith into what we thought God was leading us into. We started Showing our home a week after that. I listed on everything I could list on my own. Craigslist was a major source of my advertisement, but I got a lot of scammer and people that were looking for really cheap deals on rentals. I felt God wanted us to rent our home out for $1500 at the beginning of our whole thing as we were trying to be smart and make sure things are covered if they break down and for pre paring our home for new renters each year. But of course as the weeks went buy I got impatient and lowered the price each week. Here we are only 2 and a half weeks into advertising process and im freaking out. I was getting worried we would have to hire our realtor to list our property and that is 90% fee of first months rent that is a lot of money and I didn't want to do it. I was posting and re-posting so many times a day my adds. I had had 5 showings and no true intrest. I had someone steal my adds of CL and make fake postings pretending to be me, it was horrible. Bottom like was I was working this rental on my own, in my own way and forgot to ask God what he wanted, I got so uptight and stressed. Finally I agreed that if we didn't have a renter by the following Monday, so within 4 days then we were going to hire our realtor and pay him to advertise for us. And I decided maybe that was what God wanted us to do anyways, who am I to decided maybe God wanted us to use our fiances to bless our realtor to find our renter etc. My husband and I were in the kitchen that night praying to God about this and that is when I gave it over to him, as my husband was having a fine time and trusted God just fine, but I was in so much stress of the deal. We had already packed up our home and most of our belongings were gone, and I kept thinking what if, what if, what if...its not his will and we have to move it all back in? The what ifs were really just taking toll on my faith. As I was praying with my husband something hit me and I relized, id been doing this all myself, I invited God into the situation after all he said we needed to prepare our home for renters and I really felt then that when we were finished it was him who would do the rest and bring us the right one. I started praying about how God had me paint my walls with prayers earlier on, how he had been having us pray out blessings for our renters, and that I am expecting him to show up in our home and let our renter be able to feel the difference in our home, that they would feel peace when they walk in and they would feel the holy spirit, and not only that but it would be a confirmation to us that they are the right renters by telling us they can feel the difference in our home. It was like I got revelation on what needed to be prayed out and then the holy spirit took over my mouth and prayed things out through it. It was awesome. The best part was literally 2 mins after we prayed that prayer I found we had a voice mail on phone. I returned the call and was on the phone with this lady for about a hour. We talked about a lot of things other then just the rental of my home. I found out that she had a unique situation and she wanted to come out and see it in the morning and I had a wonderful conversation and talked for so long, I was so excited. I came in the house and told me husband "I think I just found our renter!" The situation was this. She was in a two year lease and the place she was renting was being emanon domain by the county and so she was being made to move. The county was then in return for her troubles giving her financial recompense for her troubles of moving before her lease was up. They are paying half of her rent up front and we as her land lords will get that payment up front. I have never heard of that before and of course the devil came to rain on my parade about it. With all the scams on Craig list I wanted to be careful about it. Normally when something seems to good to be true it normally is. So the lady came out the next morning and she walked through our home and we talked a lot. Then shortly before she was leaving she mentioned the atmosphere of my home and how peaceful it is and that she really liked it and was interested. I pointed at her and said "You just confirmed you're my renter!" Then I told her a little bit of the testimony on our renting our home out...and guess what! She didn't freak out in fact she was and seemed to be a sister in the Lord as well. So she had to give me this card so we could call the people to come out and look at my place and make sure they approved of it, God sped the time up, it looked like it would possibly take a week to do the walk through but they found someone else to put in place of the guy who normally does it, he was on vacation, the next day I had the inspection done. Today is August 31 and today was the first day of my renter Nancy's official move in day. God is so good, yesterday we spent all day hanging out and our kids got a long great. God gave to me a good renter, someone to bless and be blessed back buy and I believe what seems to be a dear friend in the Lord. Now we are waiting on Gods leading to weather we should build a home or buy one. We really don't know what to do next. All I know is I want him to lead it because when we step into his will things work out so much better.

Friend/Coworker Surgery

August 27, 2012

I requested prayer last week for my friend/coworker who was going into surgery on 8/23. Thank you all so much for your prayers. The surgery went well and she is healing and doing good!! Thank the Lord!! and Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!! It means so much!! I know that without prayer and the good Lord, we wouldn't be able to make it. :-) hope you are all very blessed!! Be safe & May God Bless!!!!!!! SO THANKFUL!!

Healing has begun

August 25, 2012

I asked for prayers for one of my best friends who lost an uncle and was having trouble handling his life. Thanks to your prayers he has found healing and is doing well. Thank you!

New Job

August 21, 2012

Praise the Lord! He provides even before we ask! I put a prayer request in yesterday for a new position and today I received an increase from part time to full time position at a job that I love. Thank you for all your prayers!

26-year old daughter who has brain tumor (Stage II, now Stage III

August 20, 2012

I have asked for prayers for my daughter. Thanks for your continued prayers. After her third surgery, she is now stage III. She is about to undergo radiation treatment. I ask your prayers for God to give her the will to fight and be strong for her three children. Pray that her boyfriend will stay committed to this relationship and will not falter through all the challenges that gets in the way...that He will see to it that his troubles will be lifted so he can wholeheartedly focus his attention in lifting my daughter's spirits and care for the well-being of her kids...In Jesus name we pray. Amen

Please help to fight for the ones that can't!

August 19, 2012

we petition the obama administration to: FEED the HUNGRY in the World! Hi: How come 25,000 people DIE of HUNGER every single day (18,000 innocent children and 7,000 adults) while the USA Government spends 2 billion a DAY in weapons? How many tons of Rice, Beans and Corn can 2 billion buy to distribute it in the World for these people? They are OUR Human Brothers and Sisters that are dying for Christ sake! I am in a 40 day HUNGER STRIKE for them at UW Health in Madison Wisconsin (my fourth day today) and I wont stop until I talk to the President Mr. Barack Obama! Thanks, Horacio Cesar Rubio.

re: My daughters great grandmother

August 14, 2012

Just wanted to post that Gerry is not suffering anymore. its been weeks I asked for everyone to please pray for her healing. I received many emails stating she was being Prayed for and I want to thank you all. But she went to be with the Lord and I know if she had a choice she wouldn't wanna come back, shes at a place where our minds cannot imagine how wonderful Heaven is. Thank You all again an God Bless

Answered Prayer

August 02, 2012

PRAISE THE LORD, prayers were answered!! My husband received wonderful news. The past week and half has been a deep valley for us, but we have grown so much. The Lord has shown us what we need to do to become the children we wants us to be.

Sister's Protection

July 24, 2012

Thank you all for praying for my sister who needed to flee out of fear from her husband with her two children. Thank you for praying she would have a clear mind in making the right decisions during this very stressful time. She has been making very wise decisions, legally and every other way! I know your prayers have been a huge reason behind all of this. Please continue to pray she will continue to make such wise decisions for herself and her little ones.Thank you many times over!!

Sister-In-Law's Health

July 20, 2012

Thank you all so much for your prayers. Elaine is fine! They were so concerned that she had that flesh-eating disease and it turned out to not be as serious. Thank you again. Prayworks is all are wonderful to pray for her!!

Praise God for our new grandbaby!

July 16, 2012

My daughter had her baby in just over 9 hours on July 6th. Our grandbaby was 8 lbs, 4 oz and has lots of hair! He is healthy and a joy to all the family members. (He has lots of them! Thanks for praying for my daughter and the baby.

Thank you for the prayers

July 14, 2012

Thank you for the prayers I think I am going to be able to stay were I live. I had a couple of different prayers answered also. I would like to request another prayer please this woman that lives down the hall has been harassing me for over a month and the police won't do nothing because she is only cursing and slamming doors. My request is that the lord cast the devil so I can live in peace please. God bless to all!

daughter, deliverance, healing, thanks

July 13, 2012

THANK YOU all who have prayed for my daughter and her many diseases- In June I took my daughter to a prayer/deliverance pastor who prayed for her healing, and so many symptoms were healed: visual problems connected to migraines - they are gone (black spots, weird lights, wavy lines in vision). THE MIGRAINES THEMSELVES are gone (they used to happen a few times a week!) A limp that she had because of crooked hips and a shorter leg, disappeared. Much chronic pain left - the whole right side of her body was ALWAYS in pain, but not now! Her digestion is the best it has been in years, and also, no more seizures! My daughter has been bed ridden on and off for almost 11 years. ... she seems to be experiencing increasing well being and healing each day...thank you all who prayed. We are amazed -- and praising the Lord. Please praise the Lord with us...if anyone would pray for her spiritual growth, I will thank you in Heaven...please pray that she becomes a student of the Word with a heart for worship...

Thank you for the continued prayers

July 12, 2012

Thank you to everyone who is still praying for us. It was a hard couple of weeks during this power outage for everyone and our family has been hit with some frustrating things over these past few weeks. We got our power back on Thurs and my other family members didn't get theirs back until late Monday and Tuesday night but we are so thankful to TRBC for all the help they gave with ice and water and a cool place to sleep to help with some of these frustrations. My friends mother passed away and my brother-in laws grandfather passed away this past week and my brother-in law lost his job yesterday. We are still struggling financially also. Our youngest son is facing some big surgery very soon so please continue praying for that also. We have an unspoken request also. We know God has a plan and He is in control but we want to say Thank You so much for still praying for us. Please continue to pray for our family.

RE: Brother Mentally Unwell/Came suddenly

July 11, 2012

Praise God! I originally requested prayers for my brother who became mentally unstable in February and had to be admitted to the hospital in the insanity ward. Turns out he was sexually abused in his childhood by a friend and he has surpressed it all these years. This mental breakdown came at the exact same time the Penn State Sandusky scandal came to light. It doesn't help that we live in PA and that is all people would talk about. We got my brother the therapy to cope with the past and he is doing fine and is back to work! Thanks again for the prayers!!


July 09, 2012

Thanks for your prayers everyone we got a good deal on a truck.

Court date went well!

July 07, 2012

Prayer works! We serve an awesome God! Don't ever let anyone tell you there isn't power in prayer. Jesus is here for us all. Let's continue to pray for one another. I'm so happy. Thank you Jesus and bless everyone that reads this in your holy name Father! Amen.

Baby and Mommy doing just FINE!

July 07, 2012

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my daughter Emily. She delivered a healthy baby boy on Friday evening at 6:13 pm. Liam weighed 8 lbs, 4 oz and has a full head of brown hair. He is absolutely beautiful, and it was amazing to watch God work through Emily, to help her do what she needed to do to bring a wonderful little life into the world! Pray for mom and dad to have the wisdom of God to raise this child for Him. Blessings to all!

Re: Pray for Healing

July 06, 2012

Thank you for all of the prayers for Louise, my sister-in-law's mother. She did go home to be with the Lord on Thursday. Please pray for the family to have strength and peace. Thank you!

Passed college test!

July 05, 2012

Thank you so much for praying for me, I had to pass a test or I would be kicked out but God gave me favor with the professor and I passed.

Physical healing and Strength, also Provision

July 05, 2012

Thank you for praying for my friend, Ariel, who works with a youth ministry and they had their 1 year anniversary for this ministry last Sunday night JULY 1st. He is feeling much better, they had a really wonderful night. From what I was told, 115 people came to christ also, that night during the Youth ministry/ anniversary. They are really grateful for everyone who prayed. Thank you, so very much. God bless you.

Prayers Answered

July 04, 2012

Hi I was able to get the finances to attend my grandmother's 90th birthday. I made it to and from safely,and enjoyed my time with family. I thank you for all of your prayers.

Complete healing

June 27, 2012

God has answered many prayers that went out for my Son Mark. I have twice requested prayer though this ministry for Mark. Once for deliverance and other for healing. Mark was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia(the worst-type) last June. He was told he will not be able to function without medication for the rest of his life. It is now about 4 weeks Mark is off the ant-psychotic medicine(with the doctors approval) and he is doing better than he ever did before. He just scored 100% on his Stats final exam.His vision has also healed. All praise and glory goes to Jesus on high.

Ivf Cycle 2 is a Winner!

June 22, 2012

I am so grateful for all your prayers. I prayed on Ktis prayer works almost everyday for help from God for my husband and I to get pregnant. We received over 90 prayers! THANK THE LORD we are pregnant! We had lots of circumstances working against us but praise God we're gonna get through all of it. Thank you soo very much for you prayers. Please keep praying to as I have my first ultrasound to hear the babies heart beat on July 28th. Thank you, in Jesus name.


June 16, 2012

I could have had a very bad accident at work yesterday and I believe that the Lord stepped in and saved me. It is a long story but lets just say that he gets all the glory and praise. I know who protects me and watches over me. He has changed my life over the past year and he can do the same for you. If you really get down to business and pray, fast and forgive all those who have wronged you. Mark 11 22-26

Husband needs a promotion

June 12, 2012

About 5-6 months ago I posted regauding My husband and I and how we would like to move out and getting a bigger place to live. We have one 9 month old daughter and would like more kids, but have not the finances to do so, or move out of our trailer. Well, he is now being trained for team lead on his Job. After just 1 day of training, they are letting him fill in for another Team Lead that went on vacation. While he is in training they are paying him the salery of team lead, but when training is done, he will go back to Paletizer Tech pay. (Until A team lead postion opens up. Please keep us in your prayers. Pray that doors will continue to open for him at work. :) thank you all from the bottem of my heart. I am still getting E-mails. Saying that we are being prayed for. God bless you all!

Prayer Works

June 12, 2012

PRAYER WORKS Thanks to all of you who have been praying on my behalf. So far, two out of the four of my applications regarding my immigration status have been approved. I believe God will intervene on my behalf to get positive results for the other two applications still pending with the Immigration Office. God-fearing people out there, kindly continue to pray on my behalf. The good work God has begun to do for me shall come to total fruition, Amen.


May 27, 2012

I placed a prayer request on here a few months ago fro my husband who had fallen so far away from the Lord. who profesed to be a christian, He had decided he was wanting to do drugs, had got stuck in other addicitons and I felt like I was raising him as one of our children. Two nights ago he went out and I was still up when he got home at midnight adn he was high on drugs, that night I was shaking so bad I had nothing left I could say or do. The spririt of God came over me and I started speaking to his soul, and God gave me the words to say and then he asked what we do next so I laid hands on him and prayed over him. My husband had deliverence, heaing and gave his life fully to Chist. I sit here now saying he has hope now, a light in his eyes, and now LOVES life!!! He was delivered from the addictions that moment, has true peace and joy now as a result. I can say he is a TOTALLY different person he even wants to get re married now as he feels like a baby and now is hungry for God again :-)

Thank you God for answered prayers

May 25, 2012

I made a prayer request back in April that I wouldn't lose my teaching job. I found out two days ago that I'm safe for this year. It's the first time since I graduated from college in 2008 that I won't spend the summer looking for a new job, the first time I've been in the same place two years in a row. I'm so thankful for all of your prayers and so thankful that we have a God who works for our best!

Requested praye for lifelong struggles

May 17, 2012

I just want to thank everyone for praying for me (please continue to lift me up as the Lord leads). I went to a women's conference recently at a local Baptist church, and the speaker was sharing the process of a catapiller going from what it was, to a chrysallis to a butterfly. Once the catapiller "locks" itself in the chrysallis, it lets the Lord change it. The breaking out process from the chrysallis is not "fun", but necessary. Once the butterfly has been freed from its chrysallis, it doesn't try to take the chrysallis with it, but leaves it behind. In the same way, I had been carrying loads from the past, (regrets, failures, etc) and on that day at the conference, I was able, with God's help, to let go of my past, and forgive myself and begin looking to the future. There is still some "residual" reminders that I deal with occasionally, but I remember what God did, and I am even wearing butterfly earrings to remind me of what God did. Every time I look in the mirror, and see the earrings, it reminds me of the breakthrough that God brought in my life! Thank you for praying for me!

Thank you to all the prayer warriors, keep them coming

May 10, 2012

I asked for prayer a couple of months ago regarding our financial circumstance, and how I love my God and how I have to trust in Him. Things are about the same, but another stumbling block has come up. My husband found out he needs surgery to repair a hernia that has broken through again. We have some insurance that has a $6,000 deductable. We pray that God will lift us up again and help with these added expenses.

Spot on my arm

May 10, 2012

I asked for prayer for this, & went to a dermatologist to have it cut out, & he said nothing needed to be done, theres nothing wrong with it, no danger of cancer.

Wife wanted me out by June

May 09, 2012

This is now out by July. Still keep on praying for the first request 2-3 months ago.

Boyfriend at boot camp praise report

May 07, 2012

The boyfriend is now in AIT (Advanced Individual Training), and we recently had a huge fight, tears were shed, but in the it ended with him genuinely trying to get his spiritual life on track with God... still trying. Which, even though its not done yet, is a HUGE improvement and answer to prayer. He has started praying for me now (I am estatic about this), and he reads his daily devotional/journal "My Utmost for His Highest" that he and I both got for our graduations from youth pastor. It is small baby steps, but in the right direction and I am so thrilled it's finally happening! But the war is not over yet, so please keep praying for him to genuinely get to personally know our Savior! Thank you so much!

disabled daughter, travel crisis

May 07, 2012

thanks to any who prayed. I decided to drive from Minneapolis to Chicago in the middle of the night to get her, and back. The Lord sustained me completely. I hope to thank you in Heaven!!!!

Teenage Son

April 26, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I came to you asking for prayer for my teenage son. I just want to thank the good Lord above first and foremost because I know ultimately He spoke to my sons heart. Secondly but so important, I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who prayed for my son. Things are much better. He has not had the attitude or disprespect that he was. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I know that I can't expect him to be perfect, and know he won't be. Sometimes the decisions that we make aren't necessarily the way he may want them to go, but he has definitely not been "getting bent out of shape" like he was. I am so thankful for Spirit FM and to have this an ally for prayer. The name could not be more fitting - "Prayer Works!" AMEN!!!! Thank you again for your prayers and God Bless You!

My Son's Healing

April 24, 2012

Almost ten years ago my precious first born son was born and he seemed to be the perfect baby. Soon we noticed as he got older that he wasn't talking. We took him to physician after physician who couldn't give us a reason for him not talking yet. One night when he was just 2 years old, I got down on my knees and poured my heart out to God as a desperate mother who wanted to hear her son speak. I told God I didn't want to worry about him any more. The next day on the way to another doctor's appointment he spoke his first word, "truck". No it wasn't mom, but it was still a miracle from the Lord!!! I give all the credit to my Heavenly Father who created my precious son!!! God gave this scripture to me that encouraged me and I'd like to share with others. Psalm 139:13-14 "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. "

5-month old Baby Bethany

April 19, 2012

Praise God! The Lord is healing Bethany and she is home now. Thank you for all your prayers!

Pregnant Daughter

April 06, 2012

I asked for prayer this morning for my daughter who is 33 weeks pregnant and experiencing preeclampsia. She was seeing her doctor at the time of request. Her blood pressure was good enough to send her home on bedrest. A c-section has been scheduled for May 4th, which gives the baby another month to develop. Her condition will be monitored weekly. Thank you for praying. It has indeed been a Good Friday!

Peace from disturbing letters

April 06, 2012

I was getting letters asking me for money from a ministry that was fake They were sending creepy letters trying to personalise it to me and others. They were sending objects through the letters as well. After about 5 months with 5-6 letters. My prayers were answered thanks to the mercy and wisdom God gave me. I found the way to get them to stop sending letters and they obeyed God's command for them to stop.

Peace from disturbing letters

April 06, 2012

I was getting letters asking me for money from a ministry that was fake They were sending creepy letters trying to personalise it to me and others. They were sending objects through the letters as well. After about 5 months with 5-6 letters. My prayers were answered thanks to the mercy and wisdom God gave me. I found the way to get them to stop sending letters and they obeyed God's command for them to stop.

Thanks to God for helping me with my teeth

April 06, 2012

Thanks to God for helping me with my teeth, he provided the money to have my tooth bonded as it has a hairline fracture on it and he made it successful. Helped me with travels and money and a good experience. Helped me save the money up and have the right time, have it done fast that is my teeth whitened and blessed it to work very well! Thank the Lord he helped me with the money and also helped me with removable braces. I got through the treatment fast and never had to pay, my orthodontist was good and understood and granted me removable braces because I didn't wnat fixed ones as I was self concsiou and they take longer. God spoke to him and changed his mind at the moment and I got them for free. I got discharged quick. Not only did they successfully straighten my teeth but also lift up my gum in level with the other so I didn't have to have gum surgery. When I had an extraction the dentist couldn't get the root out but God did cause I prayed and remembered God can move mountains and I believed I received and it came to pass. I went for my scan and they found no root at all! Thanks to God for that I didn't have to be delayed brace treatment nor suffer getting it surgically removed. God cares about our small issues.

Thanks to God for helping me with my GCSEs

April 06, 2012

Just wanted to say when I was in school and doing my GCSEs. God never let me fail any of my exams. I prayed and he helped me and gave me good results. I got miracles cause I thought I failed knowing I never answered some questions correctly. I got all C and above. Praise God!

Thanks to God about my surgery

April 06, 2012

I just wanted to share with you a testimony. Nearly two years ago I had surgery done. I was unhappy with my appearance and I wanted to change it. I kept worrying about whether it was God's will or not until God was speaking to me through my thoughts and telling me if it made me happy then I could have it done. I prayed to God about it three years before I had the surgery and I would say I found him leading me to have it done. God provided the money, spoke to my dad who at first refused to take a loan for me and I got really upset. God guided him and God guided me and made all travels afforable and well. Found me a good surgeon and blessed me with very healthy and successful surgery. God answered my prayers and made me more confident and happy and gave me the look I wanted and protected me from all risks and complications. God also lead me to have it done at the time I wanted. I was the youngest candidate and didn't have to wait long to have it done. I got it done soon so I could enjoy my life with it. God blessed the journey to be short, smooth and successful. He was there for me when I was in need so much, he helped me mentally and emotionally. God also helped me find him after this surgery I got much closer to God and learned more of who he was. My experience lead to faith.

Praise for 6 Saved Lives

April 06, 2012

This past Saturday my family and I were travelling from SC to IN to take some of our little ones to visit their other family members. 3 hours into the trip on I-40 in NC our tire blew, we crashed into the mountain, the car rolled over approximately three times and we landed upside down. GOD is faithful & has work for us, all 6 walked away ALIVE! Praise God for his precious gift in Christ Jesus. My nephew had the worst of all injuries but he is recuperating extreemely well. Please pray for this testimony to be used to bring others to Christ. I love you brothers and sisters, I do!

Prayers answered

April 06, 2012

I asked for prayers for peace for my son. I had to tell him last night that his release date from jail had been moved out for another 4 weeks because the Rehab program had to change his admission day. He took it so much better than expected! He is very disappointed, but he handled it well. Thank you all for praying! God bless you.

prayer for a job for my son-in-law

April 06, 2012

On Wed. April 4 I posted a prayer request for my son-in-law to find a job. I posted this on Wed. morning and he came to the house for supper Wed. night and announced that he would be starting a new job on Thursday. Praise the Lord!!!!! God is good. Thank you for all the prayers. He will not be able to get insurance for a year on this job but I am believing that God will provide a way.

My missing brother

March 22, 2012

I appreciate everyone's prayers. We found my brother on February 7, 2012 in under a bridge in the water. We buried him on February 13, 2012 in our family cemetery. My family still needs your prayers, it has been very tough and we are all having a hard time with dealing with things. Thank you & God bless.

thanks to all those who prayed for me

March 21, 2012

I would like to thank all those who prayed for me during a time of trials, only to be victorious through Christ. I pray that He will do the same for you. Be blessed.

Thank you everyone!!

March 21, 2012

Thank you everyone who prayed for my brother!! He came home and now is back with our happy family. Gob Bless Everyone and wish you only the best.

Praise Him for He aloneis WORTHY

March 19, 2012

I recently submitted a prayer request regarding the siblings I never knew. They had gone through alot of abuse growing up. My half sister had been sexually abused by our father and physically abused by him and his 2nd wife. Their mother died when they were very young. About a month ago my half sister contacted me on facebook. That's how I found out about what had happened to them. I had asked for prayer for healing for them. My sister is doing remarkable well. I had shared some reading material that had helped me and she also found comfort from it. I praise God and thank Him for all He has done and will do. Thank you all and God bless you all.

Sister's sight

March 19, 2012

Great news! My sister Carol went to the opthamologist today and he said he can do corrective surgery to fix her problem with her eyes. Praise God, He is good all the time. We do have a second prayer request. My sister doesn't have insurance, so we are asking for another supernatural blessing for financing for the surgeries.

Church Heating system

March 13, 2012

Someone asked for the name of the church and I was not sure where to answer it but its Belair Baptish Church.


March 13, 2012

I posted a prayer on Sunday and even though my prayer have not been answered yet. I feel peace in my heard due to all the prayers I have been receiving and I know that God will answer my prayer in his time. I just want to say. Thanks.

Rebellious 17 year old son

March 10, 2012

While we are still in the middle of the battle that I posted about in early January I received a post that someone prayed for my request last night March 9. I was feeling desperate last night and this morning it was such an encouragement to see that God led someone to pray for me last night. Thank you for praying for us. May God be glorified through this heart-breaking trial.

stress in the family

March 08, 2012

My mom stopes taking the pills and inot being as grumpy any more we are doing better on our finances and my parents are getting back together again thank you for your prayers and may God bless you all

Prayer answered

March 02, 2012

I posted a prayer on here a week ago about my sister losing her apartment due to the city shutting it down. She's a nervous tilly! And lived there 18 years.. But praise to GOD I told her to rest in the lord and he would help her into a new place and if she did'nt get the spot she was trying for that GOD had something better in mind for her.He used me to help her but the glory goes to the lord cause he is so faithful. I know he wants us to love GOD love people!


March 01, 2012

I want to thank everyone that prayed for my sister in Camden South Carolina that needed surgery on her knee. The Doctor's heart softened and he is going to do the surgery without the insurance payment up front. Prayer works and Praise God....He is an awesome God.

I passed NCLEX!!!

March 01, 2012

I just want to share with you that yesterday I took NCLEX. I came out from the test desperate, i cried so much, it was so very difficult in the way that nothing that I studied was really there. It was all about Critical Thinking. I felt so sad and thought that I had failed so bad, but thanks to the Grace of God and your prayers I did pass. I thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers and believe me I will continue praying for God to keep me humble and grounded, and that I become the best and most caring nurse ever. I love you all and I love GOD!


February 29, 2012

Thanks for continuing to pray for our neighbor. Her kidneys have shut down and she is just not doing too good. Being 95 is not helping her and she seems to be feeling pretty bad and not sure she will be here much longer. Thanks again for the prayers.

child custody: prayers answered

February 29, 2012

GOD IS GOOD! Thanks to everyone who has prayed! Lynn will retain custody of his two girls at present, and false allegations against him were dismissed. Truth prevailed!!! Lynn, his girls and their mother still need prayer to help them survive the impact of divorce.

Brother missing

February 08, 2012

I had posted on here that my brother was missing. That is no longer the case. We have found him and God had called him home. Please pray for my family as we go through this.nightmare.

Husbands Promotion

February 04, 2012

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I posted up about two weeks ago for my husband to get a promotion at work so that we could afford to get a bigger and nicer home for our children to be raised up in. I team lead postion has opened up for the shift he works, as well as another team lead postion for 2nd shift, and for that one a supervisor came up and asked him if he wanted it! Thank you SO much everyone! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!

Promotion Granted

February 03, 2012

I posted last week that we would hear somthing abotu my husbands job and today he got the call that he is being promoted into another position that will be better hours and a position that is going to be great for our family. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

Life is not better

February 02, 2012

Since I last wrote in October she wants to live in seperate apartments. In a year her intent is to divorce. Need feverant and never ceasing prayer from everybody.

Praying for a baby

January 22, 2012

Thank you so much to everyone that has been praying for us! My husband and I have recently found out we are pregnant. It is still very early and I am having a few issues and have been put on progesterone pills. We are so grateful for all your prayers so far and would love the continued prayers for the pregnancy and the health of the baby.


January 21, 2012

I gave my life to God last spring during a difficult in my life. I receive help with my housing since i live in one of the most expensive parts of the country. I work and go to school full time while taking care of my daughter. I'd been praying for a church to go to but was extremely busy and had no clue how to balance my life. I had a tragedy happen where I would lose the help I receive. I went the whole summer not knowing where I would live. God came to me that spring and was with me through the storm. I can't explain the feeling and peace he brought to me unless you've experienced it yourself. Needless to say, people prayed for me, I gave my life to God and he was with me the whole step of the way. Showing me how to enjoy life and leave what I can't control to him. In the end, he save our place. My daughter and I aren't homeless and I now know who my Savior is. Praise God always!

Praise Him in the storm

January 17, 2012

I have had the freedom to drive and have owned a car most of my adult life. But recently, through a bad choice of my own, I no longer have a car and can't afford to replace it. My "human" side would like to list all the things and illnesses and whatnot that lead to that bad decision. But God has revealed to me that they would only serve as excuses and would not represent my sole responsiblity for my actions. Therefore, that information has been omited. In addition to having the freedom to come and go as I pleased, I also live alone. Thus I know have to depend on others to help me meet needs such as getting to church, going to the grocery store, taking pets to vet and the list goes on. At first I wanted to blame others for my circumstances as I had taken some precautions to prevent me from making this mistake. But ultimately it was my actions that resulted in me lossing my car. God has blessed me in so many ways during this time. I have developed a deeper relationship with Him, talk to Him more than I ever have in my life. And not by complaining about my situation, but I have gained a true attitude of gratitude. I have become more aware, through God's grace and provision, of the things He does for me on a daily basis. As the Newsboys so elequently put it, God's not dead. I know from personal experience that miracles still happen and often.

Prayers work !

January 12, 2012

I just want to thank everyone for praying for me as I took the challenging exam this morning regarding geting into an RN program (been an LPN for 20 years ). I PASSED ! Thank you lord ! Thank you friends for your prayers ! I will con't to pray as I see all of the prayer requested listed on this site !

husband and father of 2 passed away

December 29, 2011

Thankyou so much for your prayers for our friend Ronnie. After his brain aneurism ruptured we prayed hard and he faught to stay but God decided it was time for him to join Him in Heaven. His wife Cicely and 2 children still need your prayers desperately so please keep them in your thoughts. We don't always know why our prayers are answered the way they are we must only continue to know that they are.

That GPA I wanted

December 29, 2011

I only wanted God to help me get a 3.4 GPA at my college so I would be eligible to be a part of the honors society and hopefully honor God by doing so. I thought it was a long shot...but I ended up getting a 3.58 GPA. Don't ask me how, all I know is that my God is able and He is all loving. Thank you everybody for your prayers!


December 27, 2011

I asked for prayer late November that I would find a friend to connect with and help with repairs on my house and a job I had interview for. Well let me just say god is at work and is AMAZING. I got the job and met the most amazing man who I feel like I have know forever and he has helped me get my wood stove hooked up so my son and I will be toasty warm the rest of the winter. I am so thankful for the love of the lord.

half off update

December 25, 2011

A few months ago I submitted a prayer request regarding my illnesses. One of which included self mutilation. It had really gotten out of hand and was fast becoming a daily habit. But praise God, I haven't cut since November 5th. While I have had alot of stressful issues that have tempted me to cut, I no longer have the desire that was once there. I give God all the glory and honor for this remarkable transformation. I also want to thank all of those who prayed for me. May God bless You in all You do.

prayer needs

December 20, 2011

Part of our request was answered today. Someone gave us 75 gallons of oil! When my husband measured oil we didn't even have enough to last through day so God's timing was perfect. Please continue praying for other needs and we know God has a perfect plan. Thank you for continuing to pray with us on our needs!!!

Wonderful Result from Exam

December 14, 2011

I am the one who asked for prayer for me as I had an English exam today. The exam ended up going really well, and, praise God, I got a 100 on it!!! I definitely could not have done this on my own and only got that grade because of His help.

My car got repossessed

October 10, 2011

The day my car got repossessed, I had a business proposal. I did a promotion and it sold 150 massages. God is Good! He blesses you in the midst of a storm, thank you all for the prayers.

Operation and Recovery

October 07, 2011

I had an operation for a cold nodule on my thyroid on 09/30/2011. The doctor had to to remove both thyroids as they both had nodules on them. He said that the initial biopsy was that it was not cancerous, but because the fine needle aspirations showed some of the cancerous cells, that they were sent to UVA for a final biopsy. I have not heard from this yet. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns from my wonderful friends and caring people like all of you. God works miracles in our lives each and every day.

Friend's mother had successful surgery

October 07, 2011

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my friend's mother! She had an aortic aneurysm and went through surgery on Thursday (10/6) and came through the surgery fine. Please continue to pray for full recovery. God is good!

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