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Losing My House

April 16, 2014

I hope people will pray for my son and I that we do not loose our house. I was letting a friend stay in my house to help him out, I was staying with my boyfriend who is a very BAD Alcoholic, well my son and I had to get away from that and move back to my house witch is in foreclosure. I would love to find a way to save it. Please send your prayers our way, Thank You!!

Board Examination

April 16, 2014

In the very near future, I am graduating from a master's degree program in nurse anesthesia and will be taking national board certification. Please pray for me as I study over the next month to prepare to take board certification so that I will be able retain and recall the massive amount of information required to take and pass the exam. Also, please pray that God will guide and direct me to the information that I need to study.

troubled son

April 16, 2014

My 12 year old son is having behavior problems and when he has trouble expressing himself it is resulting in fits of rage. He has damaged the relationship with his Grandparents, who have helped raise him since he was born. He has stopped doing his homework and doesn't seem to care about school anymore. He doesn't have any friends, which I am sure doesn't make matters much better. He has been seeing a psychologist for about 2 years now, but things have only gotten worse. He is a believer and goes to church and youth group every week. I feel like Satan is trying to take my boy from me and I just don't know what to do. Please pray for him and our family, as this is tearing us all apart.

Friend's Salvation

April 15, 2014

Please pray for Alyssa who is claiming to be an atheist. Ask for her to be broken and humbled before God. May she surrender to God and glorify Him by living the life He created her to live. Thank you.

The Serpent and the Egg

April 14, 2014

EASTER - THE SERPENT & THE EGG - Pastor Mike Hoggard ----- 58:26 5 ----- 8:26 YouTube Mar 11, 2013 - Uploaded by TJ BROOK EASTER - THE SERPENT & THE EGG - Pastor Mike Hoggard ...Mike Hoggard, The Missing Bible by ...

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