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Future Husband Prayer

July 24, 2016

Please pray for me and my future husband. Pray that God will bring us together soon in His perfect timing. I am 26 and never been in a relationship before, I never had my first kiss or been on a date.The desires of my heart right now are to be a wife and a mom. Pray for patience in my life and my future husband's life as we wait on the Lord to bring us together. Pray that He is preparing me to be an excellent wife and the right woman for this man and that He is preparing my future husband to be an excellent husband and the right man for me. Pray for our special day in front of all of our friends and family, our wedding day on the beach that God will bless it and that God will bless us with many years together as husband and wife. I can't wait for my step dad to walk me down the aisle and have my father daughter dance. Pray for our wedding night when we finally get to have sex for the first time. I pray that my future husband is also a virgin and keeping himself pure for me. Sex is a gift from God and God created it something beautiful for a husband and a wife. I can't wait to be able to experience and enjoy sex with my future husband. Pray for the special day when God finally brings us together at the right time and right place. Pray for the day that my future husband proposes to me and I become engaged. I love the Bible verse that says He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. I can't wait for this man that God has for me to find me and I get to become his wife someday. Pray that this man will love me and won't care that I am a vegetarian. Pray that God is writing a beautiful love story for us. Thanks.

Mum continue

July 23, 2016

Mum will be getting CT scan results on Wednesday July 27th please continue praying and claiming in Jesus' name for 100% clean report and continued healing. We can never thank you enough for your prayers!!

Don't Tell God How Big Your Problems Are, Tell Your Problems How Big God Is

July 22, 2016

I heard this gem on radio this morning. I face mental health and marriage turmoil, but I have learned to stop complaining to Jesus. Instead, I ask each day, "Jesus, what can I do for you today?" And, Jesus, has placed some pretty wild stuff on my heart and I have had to use all my faith to be obedient. But it has totally been worth it, because Jesus blessed my obedience with enormous blessings. I also read scripture out loud each which has HUGE power. This was suggested to me by Creflo Dollar, a tv minister. Here are the daily scriptures I read out loud each day: Hebrews 6:7-8, Hebrews 4:12-13, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Philippians 4:19-20, John 15:7-8, Matthew 10:32-33, Lamentations 3:22-23, Isaiah 55:10-11, Proverbs 2:6-12, Psalms 37:3-4, Psalms 37:23-24. May Jesus find each and every one of you on this site! Jesus, has great plans for your life. You just have to reach for them!

Financial Miracle

July 22, 2016

Heavenly father , I ask you in the name of Jesus to release a financial miracle in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. I ask you God to recommend your angels to open the doors of finances in my life and in my ministry nowadays .. Open the heaven above me , send your rains of blessings upon my life and my ministry .. Send the earlier and latter rains of blessings .. I trust you Lord that you will release a financial miracle soon .. For it is your goodness with your sons and daughters .. Make a financial miracle soon in my life .. In Jesus mighty name .. Amen


July 21, 2016

I am struggling mentally spiritually and physically. It is though I am in fight or flight mode 24/7... Even in sleep I'm attacked by nightmares. I am surviving one step at a time by God grace

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