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Restoration & Transformation

April 21, 2015

Please pray that God will restore my marriage and that my husband will come to know Jesus.

Renew Your Mind

April 21, 2015

I am getting counseling for healing from childhood difficulties/trauma. I am trying to transform my life by changing irrational belifs to GOD's Word. I am tired being fearful everyday of my life & my child has taught me that peace is attainable! It has been difficult to change my core beliefs & let go of fear. Please pray that I persevere! Thank You!!!


April 21, 2015

Lord, give me the strength and the courage to keep believing and keep doing what I know You want for me to do. Lord protect us, hold onto us and grant us Your favor, prosperity, financial miracles and freedom and allow us to live for You with all abandon. Suddenly please grant our petitions. Amen


April 21, 2015

Lord please heal my physical body and restore my broken marriage for all your glory


April 20, 2015

Lord I pray that once we move things are well with us financially emotionally and spiritually. I pray I can find a well paying job and have reliable transportation there and back. I put everything in your hands Lord. You're a on time God. Thank you everyone in advance for your prayers.

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