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God intervene in my life

September 23, 2014

Please father, I cry out your name in despair, I am tried of feeling lonely. Please Father god, I ask in your holy name to restore my relationship with Michael, open up his heart and mind. And continue to work on him.I pray you touch his heart and make him see through you .Make him realize I love and care for him and he just pushed me out his life. Please father, soften his heart towards me, father. Let him want to call me.I know you are the only one who can change people .Please let us reconcile our relationship and bring us back together again. I'm also in need of a financial blessing because of the debt I'm in from being unemployed for the last 5 months and in need of a newer car. Let God's will be done ! Thank you, Jesus for blessing me with my new job. God, I know you can fix this situation, but I need your comfort and peace in my faith while I wait. I ask that you help me stay strong in faith and hope if I become weary. God, you are in CONTROL of my life. Amen. I want to say thank you to the people who are praying for me and I will continue to pray for you. God bless!

Desperate for emotional healing

September 23, 2014

God I cry out your name to keep satan away from me Help me have peace of mind so I can get on with my life and not be anxious. Amen.

Gratitude and Still Seeking Divine Intervention for Marriage

September 23, 2014

Lord, I thank you for working in and on my marriage, I know that through your grace and ONLY YOUR GRACE that we have gone from knocking on divorces door to living under the same roof, laughing, hugging and being friends again. I/we are still dealing with his former mistress, Lord, i want to heal, I want to be free of her, I want us to move forward without having to look backwards. I am praying Lord that you move in our situation, move our mountain and that you save our marriage, we can not and will not survive with her in our midsts. Seal the door shut, cover us in your blood and Lord, I am begging and seeking protection for my husband, my family and my marriage. Give us news this week Lord that will remove her permanently. Bless our finances, thank you that TWO clients paid and I was able to take care of expenses, please Lord bless us with financial abundance, help me to get the web job that I applied for this morning, help my husband to find gainful employment. Lord help us make the changes that we need to be better Christians and people. Cover us in your grace Lord. It has been a very tough marriage, especially the last three years, give us an opportunity to have the marriage you intend for us to have. We are ready now Lord, please work in our favor Lord, save our marriage. In Jesus' Name I Pray, Amen.

please pray for my friend

September 23, 2014

My friend katz carol she has a tumor in her back please pray for god to remove the tumor and bring healing to her back.


September 22, 2014

Lord, i know that you are a keeper of marriages and as humans we screw things up and look for your help to remedy things, but Lord I am desperate, I am begging for you to shut out my husbands mistress once and for all, it feels like you are rewarding them for the sin they committed against you, for the betrayal of our marriage vows. I feel like you have abandoned me to suffer this madness, this cup, this cross, this life that I don't want to bear or be apart of. I have suffered and prayed and owned my fault and stood for my marriage, Lord, please make a way, remove this obstacle that stands before us, give us news Lord that will remove her from our lives for good, give us a miracle Lord, work in our marriage, be in our favor, right the wrong, give us grace, Lord if she continues to be relevant in our marriage, our union will not survive. This situation will destroy what you have brought together. Please Lord, be in our favor. In Jesus' Name I Pray. Amen

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