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November 29, 2015

A great job fresh start with Alex restored relationship between us long lasting happy healthy one

Conclusion...Moving on..

November 28, 2015

Just wanted to thank you all for your prayer. As of Thanksgiving Day, I have officially moved on, thanks to my counseling. It's been a long hard road. But, I feel this woman has everyone so tangled up in her spider-web that it is making it impossible for me to talk to anyone or at least try to make peace with them. I just feel that way. I know she is still pulling strings on me. I am moving back home to Indiana next summer if everything falls through. I am still praying for them, it's all I can do. I know this, I can do better and I deserve better..I am not no criminal or a person that has mental issues...I pray for all who are going through something similar..under Jesus name. This will all come to an end, some day. *JDAWG*

bless with a son

November 28, 2015

My wife and i have been blessed with 2 beautiful girls. We have been praying for a son. She is now 28 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound says girl. We pray that the baby in the womb is indeed a son. God is author of life and all things are possible. AMEN

Prayer for greatgranddaughter, Vaida

November 28, 2015

Vaida was born prematurely, weighing 1 pound 9 ounces, but has grown a lot . She now weighs almost13 pounds. She has several major health problems. But the worst one is that she has a very rare form of leukemia. She needs to have chemotherapy until she gets her bone marrow transplant in a few weeks, Her other health concerns are making her very ill, But she always has a smile and a giggle . Please pray that she is healed from the leukemia and other problems soon. We don't want to lose her. Please pray for me also, I have Lupus and it is limiting my life , and causing me a lot of pain.

My temper and the things that worry me

November 28, 2015

I'm worried about my wife and this women she hangs out with . She wants my wife to do things that is again us going to church.I ask for prayer .In Jesus Nmae I Pray Amen.

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