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Woman needs healing touch

September 01, 2015

In preparation for my annual physical tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 2), my bloodwork showed some abnormalities. Please pray for a healing touch for me and an adjustment of medications or even a possible elimination of some medications. Thank you.

In recovery from car crash

September 01, 2015

No matter what lies ahead in the days, weeks and months ahead in the healing of her head injury for Joslin Ford, for tonight I can rest well with my little girl at home in her own bed.. it is indeed "well with my soul". My Mothers heart is so thankful for this beautiful life that God spared!

New Dimension

August 31, 2015

My Dear Heavenly Father i ask you in Jesus beloved name to Bless me financially this month my Lord , make untold miraculous financial breakthrough this month , in Jesus name , i believe from the depth of my heart that you want to make financial miracle with me Lord , i believe that your heart want to cherish me and enjoy me in all aspects. Praise you God in the mighty name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen

Young girl recovery from car wreck

August 31, 2015

Please pray for encouragement for our girl Joslin Ford. She is feeling discouraged that due to her head injury she is unable to start college this week, she is unable to go back to work, and she is not medically clear to have driving abilities. It is very hard to be 18 and feel like you have lost all your independence. She wants her brain to work normally with memory, processing and such. Please pray for healing for her. God has done so much already! She may be able to leave the hospital tomorrow if they are able to set up OT, Speech, and neuro psych eval for memory.

Quiz on Monday which happens to be my birthday

August 29, 2015

Yes, 8/31 and you know, this still voice, like the Holy Spirit whispers lately, pray and request prayer for all you quiz' test and essays. So I don't know what that means. But yes, allow me to get an A on the quiz and all the quiz, test and essays, touch me Lord and help me to absorb, learn and especially retain material which I have trouble with remembering what was read and studied. You gave me the gift of writing, help me expand it to the greatest ability for Your Glory.

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