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December 01, 2015

Pray for the Lord to work in our hearts to restore our marriage. That He would give me the words to say and that He would open her heart to me once again. I hurt her a few years ago and she continues to hold on to the hurt and keeps pulling further away. To compound it both of her parents are dying. She has finally agreed to come to marital counseling with me but she has stated each time that she is only there to help come to an amicable divorce.

Special Prayer Request for Friend Dennis

November 30, 2015

For Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Dennis's wife sent the following prayer request: Dear one and all -- The vaccine trial begins Tuesday in Boston. (Picture Robert Bruce addressing the troops at Bannockburn as you read this...) There is great power in the healing energy of the mind. Therefore, the plan is this: If you are able and willing, at 2:00 pm (EST) for one minute, fully concentrate your healing thoughts and prayers on driving the vaccine to its intended target and wiping out any last remaining fragments of the brain tumor. If you visualize, focus on the area above Dennis's left ear, where the tumor was removed. Thanks once again for your thoughts and prayers! We love you all!

Greater Lincoln Community Choir Christmas Cantata

November 30, 2015

Thank you for your prayers and please keep us in your prayers between now and Christmas. We began the season of presenting our Christmas cantata yesterday. We will have 3 presentations this weekend, one on Dec. 5 and two on Dec. 6, then two more on Dec. 12 & 13, and a final one on Dec. 27. We have singers with illness, injuries, scheduling conflicts, etc., but we will sing about Jesus regardless! Please pray for us but, more importantly, for those who hear our message in song. Thank you.

Lead and Guide me Lord

November 29, 2015

Dear Father in Heaven , in Jesus mighty name i come asking you guidance , guide me with your great love , help me to choose right and according to your perfect will , give me grace to open the doors, a special anointing makes doors opens , in Jesus mighty name, i need an answer towards some issues i left up before you , i don't want to walk astray , i want to be in your perfect will for my life , so , please talk to me why the doors are closed in some aspects , please open the right doors for me , you know everything my Lord , i ask you in Jesus name ,

1 Thess 5v25

November 28, 2015

Please pray for Kyle and myself. We are backslidden or just not saved. Please pray for us. Please pray for our deliverance from any and all satanic strongholds, for the Lord to heal our backsliding, and for our repentance toward God and faith unto The Lord Jesus Christ.please pray for my deliverance from homosexuality. If we arent saved please pray for our salvation. Please pray for Kyle's sisters fiancee's mother. She is very ill and could be terminal. Please pray for her salvation and healing. Please pray for Francesca and her salvation and that she gets a new job and a better place to live. Please pray that things at her current job get better for her. Thank you and God bless you

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