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prayer for family going to christian mens camp

June 24, 2016

My husband , son. father in law and nephew are going to Mens Christian camp today.Please pray for my son to be delivered from drugs and anger and backsliding as he goes to men's camp. Pray for my husband to be delivered from lust of the flesh and to receive the baptism of the holy spirit. pray for my father in law to be delivered from tormenting spirits. pray for my nephew to be delivered from marijuana and alcohol. pray for traveling mercies and protection thank you!!

Christian Booksellers Conference This Weekend

June 24, 2016

Dear Lord: As the Christian Booksellers gather this weekend, please bless and inspire them to select and promote those books that will bring hope, repentance, and renewal to our backslidden nation and the peoples of the world. Lord, the financial markets are in turmoil today because one nation has voted to return to independence and sovereignty. You alone are Sovereign, You alone are Lord. Graciously shine your light and love on "Junk Food Christianity" and all those new Christian publications that serve as a contemporary call to the peoples of our nation and the Western world to examine the values by which we live and advocate in the light of your love and your Word. Please send your Holy Spirit upon us to enable us to repent and renew our commitment to honor you and your love for us as we again live according to your Word and acknowledge your Truth, in Jesus' name. Please send your Holy Spirit to sweep the World and help us to overcome the World! Thank you, Lord.

Jeremiah 3v22 KJV

June 21, 2016

I have been backslidden from The LORD for awhile. I turned back to a sinful homosexual lifestyle. Please pray for my deliverance from this stronghold, for my restoration to The LORD, for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ.Please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding and that He protects me from the devil, his agents, my family, and all my enemies. Thank you and God bless you

Prodigal Son

June 17, 2016

Please pray for my return to The LORD. I'm deep in sin, the world, the flesh, and under demonic bondage. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray The LORD heals my backsliding, delivers me from the snares of the devil, and restores me unto Himself.

Community Band Member with Multiple Serious Health Issues

June 16, 2016

There's a fellow in our community band, Dave, who has had a long battle with cancer and related multiple serious health issues. Dave has been out of action for the past few weeks and is threatened by both an enlarged spleen and liver. In spite of his ongoing challenges, Dave has been courageous and strong and a continual source of humor. Please ask the Lord to be merciful to Dave, to give him the strength to fight the good fight and, if it be God's will, to again overcome this serious challenge. Thank you!

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