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September 30, 2014

Please pray for me. I think I am drifiting from The LORD and may be backsliding. Please pray that I draw close to The LORD and that He helps me Spiritually and Materially. Please pray He removes anything or anyone internally or externally that would be a snare to me and would hinder me growing in grace and knowledege of Him. I dont want to backslide again.

My brother is addicted to gambling

September 29, 2014

Please pray for my brother, Steven. He has been gambling and owe money to many money lenders and banks. Please pray that he will stop gambling and also pray for the salvation for him and his whole family. Thank you!

I am coming to the Lord in prayer...

September 29, 2014

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ, please pray for me, I need a SUPER HUGE financial miracle urgently, please pray for me that my creditors do not harass, threaten and stress me and my family. Please pray that God will send me a financial miracle urgently so that I can get out of debts. Also please pray that I have strength and wisdom to do my work. Thanks


September 29, 2014

I realize there are many other way worse things in the world today but I really need prayers to get at least a C on two tests this week for the same class. It is a really hard subject and I have to get a C or better to transfer. I am a straight A student but this class is killing me. Please pray I pass both tests with a C or better. Thank you.

Prayer for terminally ill family member

September 29, 2014

Please pray for my husband's uncle. He was diagnosed with very advanced cancer about 2 weeks ago and was told he has about 8 weeks left to live. He is not a Christian, his family doesn't care about what happens to him, they basically turned their backs on him in his hour of need. Its a very sad situation and I pray God allows Christians to flood this man's path wherever he goes and that he would see and accept the love of Christ and Salvation before its too late. Thanks, please pray for his family to be more supportive as well. Thank you!

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