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Husband to be employed

November 24, 2015

Please pray for my husband to get back to work as he is Laid off and not expected to have more work until January or February. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to pray, may God bless you!

travel mercies and protection

November 23, 2015

God bless and protect my daughter, S.R., and her man and his family now and always, and on their trip to Texas in Dec/Jan. travel mercies,safe flight, a joyful shielded trip, good fruits on them and around them and in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

no weapon formed shall prosper,every tongue that rises against them I condemn in Jesus name

November 22, 2015

Father God only You can break EVERY chain, EVERY stronghold, EVERY hurt, EVERY bitterness, EVERY evil, EVERY temptation that is getting in between S.J.R. and C.C.'s relationship and future marriage together. Lord just be willing. Protect, STRENGTHEN, and bless S.J.R. and C.C.'s relationship, soon to be marriage together. Lord protect S.J.R. and C.C.'s faithfulness, endurance, consideration, sacrifice, patience, tolerance, devotion, romance and LOVE LOVE LOVE for each other, IN Christ, and only through HIM, Help them also pray with and for each other through all struggles AND blessings, DELIVER THEM FROM EVERY EVIL AND TEMPTATION, in ALL aspects of their lives and love together. I ask all these blessings/prayers and more for S.J.R. and C.C., RIGHT THIS SECOND, CONSISTENTLY AND FOREVER and in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.

ashley and her relationships

November 22, 2015

for Alec to not visit us today as we are just getting over the flu/cold. for Jessica to understand how mean she was to my daughter and to apologize. for my daughter to not lose her friends because of Jessica's backstabbing ways. Lord protect my daughter , Ashley, our families, and all of her/our relationships and lives. in Jesus Name, we pray,Amen.

travel mercies protection

November 22, 2015

Pray my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend (and his entire family/loved ones) are given travel mercies this morning and throughout the day and night (sun.nov22nd) and get along wonderfully. Hedge of protection on and around them & in Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

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