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Please pray

April 23, 2014

plase ask God to remove evil spirits from me my parents and my brother and give us spiritual healing and restoration.

Guidance and Encouragement

April 22, 2014

Please pray for God to guide me in His will. I only want to serve Him. I am waiting for doors to open according to His timing and will. Please pray that I am able to wait patiently and with hope as I wait upon the Lord. Pray for my strength, faith, and discipleship in my journey. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Financial support to finish my nursing education

April 21, 2014

I am a full time nursing student at Olivet. I am married and expecting our 5th child. I am 15 weeks away from graduating and a career that will financially impact my family. Due to losing our home 2 years ago, I don't qualify for a loan and we are $4000. Short on my final tuition payment. Only the works of God can carry me through, I am asking for prayers that the finances be available for me to finish what God has placed on my heart to do, a career serving him in the field of nursing.

faith being attacked by Lucifer.

April 21, 2014

I have a revelation, my faith in God & Jesus isn't the problem at all. Lucifer is attacking my faith in myself not my ragazzi (boys) God & Jesus. Lucifer knows my faith in them is sound minded guaranteed. He is attack me directly because I have weak faith in myself. On June 10th-3:30 am, he sent someone to break in my home to desecrate me for eternity. That dog never got in to harm me. God revealed the break in to me in a dream when I first moved to my apartment. I was expecting God's word to come true & it did in 2012. & yes, I'm living in my apartment. I wasn't affected because God warned me years earlier. At that time only sounds & noises affected me & I didn't go to sleep until the sky is blue. My life wasn't affected from the break in at all. Lucifer took everything from me since I was a baby, he had a complete advantage over my life because he came through someone to get to me. He knows I despise him severely. He knows that I. Can Not be desecrated from this world because I identity with the messiah exactly in the same way &I truly belongs to the messiah forever eternity always. I'm reading the bible again & God is helping a lot. (God is my beautiful bambino ragazzo forever eternity & messiah is my dog-best friends forever eternity. God & Jesus knows I'll always have their backs to the very end & same with them with me. God & Jesus & I only have one another as a family forever eternity.


April 20, 2014

I am recently engaged, and needed prayer for family issues appearing. We are attempting to do our best splitting holidays and dividing our time, but it is showing some issues. Please pray as we become a stronger couple and begin marriage. We want to be kind to each side of the family. Thank you for your prayers

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