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October 22, 2014

I would like to thank God for the solution, and my WRAF family members for praying for my financial need. The overdrawn account is corrected, and somehow there is $5.00 in that account. I nearly became one of the 9 men that were healed and forgot to come back and thank Jesus for their healing. . .I am thankful that God allows stress and financial malfunctions to teach us something about being better stewards of His blessings to us. I am going to make a new start at being a better steward of His blessings to me. And thank you again all who prayed with me for a financial solution to my overdrawn bank account.

Blessings and Continued Restoration for Marriage

October 22, 2014

Thank you Lord for being in the midst of my home. I feel like you had to bring me to my knees in order to get my attention. Thank you Lord that my husband and I are so much better than where we were, maybe ever, we "like" each other again, we have become one another's best friend again, we are making it work. I wish that that I had prayed earlier for my marriage, I feel that it would have made such a difference in my life. Lord please continue to watch over my family, surround us with your blessings. Please keep your angels around us, protecting us from his fmr mistress who is still seeking him out, still wanting a relationship with him. Lord open his eyes to the deceit and lies. The the devil seeks to destroy marriages Lord and I know that mine is far from okay. Lord, please release this woman from our lives, give us a clean break from her. Put people in her life that will help her understand your laws and your commandments, may she be convicted of her sin against you, place a hedge of protection between her and our family, may her way be blocked and she no longer seek out my family and my husband. Cut the bond and release her from our union Please quiet the lion that seeks him out. Be the voice that my husbands hears, grab him and hold him close to you, help him find his way to you. Hold him close to his wife and daughter. Lord, bless our finances, we have $100 in the bank, our bills are piling up and our funds are not. Please Lord, bring clients my way so that I can support my family. I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and the woman won't pay for fixing my car. Lord there's so much going on, I just pray that you continue to walk with us, make ways, open doors for us and seal ones that should be forever closed. All is possible with you Lord, please keep us close to you. Work in my favor Lord. Amen

Open his eyes.

October 21, 2014

We have a pastor who has problems interpreting scripture. Please pray that his eyes get opened. That he gets a Spirit of interpretation. Scripture has one clear interpretation given by God. Anything else is twisting it. But it is applicable towards many parts of life.

Need Prayer

October 20, 2014

Lord, I know you know everything I feel and all the hurt. I pray you will help me, give me the strength I need for myself and my family. I pray you will get me back on my feet again before Dad got the news of cancer. Please give me peace in my heart. Please lay your hands on him please Jesus. Please hear my pray Lord please let it be your will to heal him. Please keep me going for both my parents for I love them with all my heart. Please provide our needs and please let us make it though this please Jesus.

Dad - Cancer treatment tomorrow

October 20, 2014

Dear Lord, Please lay your hands on my Dad tomorrow he takes his 2nd chemo treatment. Please Lord please let him not have any reactions. Please let it will your will the medicine will work that it will be in your will to heal him please Jesus. Please touch all his pain give us all strength and your grace. Thank you Lord for being with us.

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