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April 19, 2014

Lord please bring my husband to his knees his lies and deceit and sexual relationship destroyed our family. He thinks he is walking with god


April 18, 2014

don't let me get lost and find tony house by 725pm

Prayer for others

April 18, 2014

Today Lord I pray for those who are trying their best to hurt, take away joy and just flat out destroy me and my family. I pray for them as Jesus prayed on the cross "forgive them Father for they know not what they do". Touch them and lead them and let them feel your presence and know that you forgive and so do we.

Hard Heart

April 17, 2014

I really need to repent and come back to the LORD but Im so far from him. I'm so deep in sin, the world, the flesh that I dont think I can come back. He delivered me from homosexuality but in pride and anger I turned from him and back to my own ways. My heart is so hard I may be a reprobate and feel like giving up. It's so hard for me to pray, read the bible, and seek his face (I'm sure there's a satanic stronghold at work). I need deliverance, a humble heart, a contrite spirit, true repentance (born of Godly sorrow), and faith because Im so empty. Please pray for me and Thanks.

For a helping hand

April 17, 2014

Please pray that I get pulled out of this limbo I am in. I really need for good things to start happening. In his name. Amen.

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