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Marriage in crisis

October 02, 2015

I please ask for everyone's prayers for my family and specially my husband, we are going through a really difficult time, our marriage is at risk, please pray for us and that we can find each other again and forgive each other, be loving and humble, please help us to keep our family together and all the bad things surrounding our hearts be gone and away, replaced with God's love. Please. Thank you. P.S.

please continue to pray for me

October 01, 2015

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers of support. I greatly appreciate it. It is still tough, I have a little good news with the job hunt... I passed the first phase but have further to go. Please continue to pray for me.... I need to make more money so I don't loose my home, my car, etc... I am so tired of being behind... I really want to make more money and pay off all of my bills and get out of debt. I have even been looking for odd occasional jobs but seem to never find any. I sure hope that God continues to shower blessings on all of us and that you all have a wonderful day!!! Thanks again!!!

Kidney cancer survivor. Varicose veins and lymphedema

September 30, 2015

On 8/5/15 I had surgery which completely removed my left kidney. As a result of this I developed varicose veins and lymphedema in my feet and ankles which causes swelling and pain in both feet. This could lead to amputation if not taken care of. Please pray that the Lord heals me of this problem.. Thank you.


September 29, 2015

In Jan 2016 I continue on with school univ level, the prof happen to be very diff and bias so I ask for fervent prayer for favor, I study and give 100% but sometimes it's not enough, and they purposely don't allow you to get the grade one earns, it's the politics I suppose. So I ask for this special request coming soon through spring until I finish the semester. After them, the prof are much more fair. Summer school included.

toddler with a serious health problem

September 28, 2015

Dominic, a 27 month old toddler has an extrodinary problem called iron overload. He is currently under the care of a hemotoligist who is taking blood tests to arrive at how serious his iron overload is. His feritin level in his blood is he major concern of the drs. Please pray for this sweet little boy who will be having health problems for a long time. We need God to protect and comfort family and child in these trying times

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