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January 27, 2015

Please keep praying for the restoration of my marriage

Praying for Lights

January 27, 2015

Father I thank you for every blessing! I most certainly thank you for the new employment opportunity. Father yesterday our lights were disconnected, please help Father! Wife pregnant and my three girls surround them father with warmth nest please hear my prayers!

LORDGOD prayer partners fervent request for legal...and secure my living arrangement at this time...

January 26, 2015

Not a money issue. Fervent prayer, this was filed 1/1/2015 with not answer as of yet. God intervene you are the ruler of all including the courts. Process quickly its ben 25 year in the waiting. You know the details and what victims and family continues to go through. A lot of agressive prayer for this throughout 2015! I am staying on oneones home unemployed give me my home Lord.

Prayers needed for Healing and Comfort

January 26, 2015

Please pray for Rosaleen and all her family, boyfriend and friends. She is a 24 year old young lady that suffered a stroke today. She has come out of surgery but is in need of healing prayers. Please pray for complete healing from the stroke and also please pray for God's love and peace to surround her and her family at this time and throughout the recovery and healing! Thank you

Daughter Who Lost Boyfriend/Job for Husband/Salvation for Daughter and Husband

January 25, 2015

Wanted to thank you for your prayers for Natalie and wanted to give you an update. She is back home now (praise God!) but not doing to well after the loss of her boyfriend. Doesn't want to go to counseling (which I think would be helpful) and pretty much just stays to herself. She'll be 24 in March and is just job, no medical/dental insurance,not going to college. Doesn't want to take any advice from her Dad and I so we're at a loss of what to do. She's not saved and doesn't want anything to do with church so I pray for her and try to leave her in God's hands. My husband isn't saved either and is out of work so sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders trying to hold our family together. He has applied for two jobs locally within the last 2 weeks so have been praying that he will find favor with whomever is reviewing resumes. In the midst of all this I am trying to keep my eyes focused on God and trust Him!!!!

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