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Trying Time

September 11, 2014

Please pray with me for my anxiety to leave, for my obsessive thoughts to cease, and for me to stop living in condemnation and fear. This has been a really rough season in my life. My husband and I have been separated and I struggle knowing what the right course of action is. I can not tell if it is God saying to stay in contact with him or if it's the enemy enticing me back into the dysfunctional patterns that have not changed. I can not tell what is truth from a lie when he speaks because I have been manipulated in the relationship. I want to hope for a future but I feel that only sets me up to be manipulated and sucked into the toxic patterns again. We are separated due his unwillingness to get help for addiction and dysfunction and we now only communicate mostly electronically.


September 11, 2014

Lord convict my husband of the sins that destroyed our family

13yr old in seriour car accident

September 10, 2014

Yesterday a 13yr old girl was struck by a car while on a mo-ped. She pulled through a shakey brain surgery but is in a medically induced coma/ chemically paralyzed; any brain activity will raise the pressure and be potentially fatal. The next 5 day are going to be especially trying... doctors said around day 3 swelling normally occurs, raising pressure. Family and friends hysterical and lost. Please pray.

Healing and Homelessness

September 09, 2014

My husband has been battling stage 3 esophageal cancer since April. He was let go after he was diagnosed, but because there are fewer than 15 employees, there's no recourse. We have lost our car and are desperately trying to get us and our 4 children back home to Texas to be closer to family (we only moved for this job). He has been in the hospital for the past 5 days and had 3 transfusions, but his bone marrow still isn't making new cells. We have until the 30th to move and have no money. Please pray for healing and finances. Thank you!


September 09, 2014

I study so hard LORDGOD do your part and help me be alert while taking the test and solving every single problem correctly, need this class to transfer once and for all.

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