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April 18, 2014

Flight on 4/23 to go smooth and quickly. Arrival to my son's apt to be bonding on that day and be able to stay with him until I move back in with roommate Susan and find permanent work. Touch him and his little girl also heal his marriage. Allow him to come closer to the Lord. Remove all bugs in my car! and let it run well since we invested in it doing so. Finalize legal settlements this year. Finish hours and licenses needed, God knows the details to that. Go back to school to continue with last two years of college, touch my mind lord with mathematics and a good tutor to finallize this. These are the main things for this year.

please pray

April 17, 2014

please pray for mercy and retore whole healing process... give all back to me my parents and my brother everything what He tried to give us back and give us as originally belong to us,,,,,everything is taken to someone elses.. even mind and heart whole soul whole spirits whole blessings whole gifts whole people......really need your prayers...

Prayer for Healing our Christian Marriage

April 16, 2014

I need all believers to pray and claim the promise God has given to me and other believers that my Christian marriage will be restored; that God will lift my codependency and anger issues towards my husband and that we intercede on my husband's behalf for permission to open his heart and allow Father to heal his addictions, soften his heart and that he does not leave me and that we work together to restore our marriage. God bless you.

Friend's Salvation

April 15, 2014

Please pray for Alyssa who is claiming to be an atheist. Ask for her to be broken and humbled before God. May she surrender to God and glorify Him by living the life He created her to live. Thank you.


April 13, 2014

Gary Siegert on his way Home to Glory. I am no doctor, but, I think 'healing' would be a miracle, we've been praying that his way Home to God be peaceful and that Gary's suffering come soon. It's awful hard to ask God this, but, it's time we realize not much else can be done.

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