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Registration of classes

April 28, 2016

Tomorrow 4/29 at 9am pacific time that are already in cart to process smoothly no stops or glitches no evil either.

pray for my son john

April 28, 2016

he is about to make a rash decision and is flying out of the country to meet a girl he just met on line. Please pray that he will not go. Even though he is a young adult he is undermining the danger.


April 26, 2016

Lord please make all the arrangements for Fred, Luke, Shirley, and whoever else is supposed to go up on the mountain to pray. Prepare the way and provide four wheel drive and any other necessities.

Finals in May 2016

April 19, 2016

To go well and pass, which I know I will except for one class I will call it 314, every time I walk in I get a headache and the test paper looks white and I can't focus, I know that there is a wicca there plus the prof unconciously wants me to fail, he doesn't even mean to but something in back of his mind its there and has office visits and laugh about it with the wicca student that sits in the back, this is univ level by the way. I know how this sounds. Please a lot of prayer for me to just finish smoothly pass, with no issues.

grandson's health

April 19, 2016

my sweet 2 1/2 yr old who is so hyper and needs an evaluation by an agency so my daughter can have him having a tough time to get the evaluation started and must be done before age 3. Please pray that this can be done so this sweet little boy can get the right trteatment

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