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August 01, 2015

Pray that God would give me the strength to stand in the gap while my wife is distant from our marriage and contemplates leaving. Purify my heart Lord and continue to grow in me a heart of a godly husband. Let your Holy Spirit dwell within me. Help me to understand to stop smothering her with love right now as it continues to drive her away and just let her see the love of Christ working through me. Please also pray that God would speak to my wife's heart to begin the restoration in her heart to reconcile our marriage. Jesus I pray that you give her the courage to overcome her fears and put her trust in You alone!


July 29, 2015

Wife wants out of our marriage and has fallen out of love with me. She keeps asking God to allow her to love me again as sign to whether or not she should stay. She says she fills trapped and hopeless because God will not answer her prayers so she wants out. She has no desire to reconcile our marriage which is broken because I had an emotional affair a few years ago. Please pray that she would allow God to work in her life to restore her to His graces and mercies. Please also pray that God would restore our marriage as well. Thank you for your notes. Mark 11:24 is what has been holding me together.

relationship in trouble

July 28, 2015

I'm at a point where I'm about to loose the best person who have ever stepped foot into my life


July 28, 2015

Sharing for a male friend re his wife/marriage: is it...4pm...marriage on the line...please pray that God's will be done, and that she commits to ending the adultery ... that it ends once and for all before Friday (or even better TODAY). Pray for reconciliation too, and that she would be willing to do whatever it takes to move forward with that reconciliation. But no matter what lies in the circumstances, that I would find peace and that I would be praising God NO MATTER WHAT! Thank you.

Very Specific Prayer Request In Order...

July 27, 2015

Salvation for my son, my newfews and niece, my granddaughter, and strong hedge of protection over them, directing them in the right path and guided steps by LordGod. Deliverance and healing for all of them God knows the details of each and everyone. Finances and secure a living arrangement, including where I am staying now until You say it's time to go. Lift hold on and process grants and stanf loan which is being finalized so that I may finish school, and work-study to pay it back immediately. Also legal cases to be resolved and settled. True love and marriage.

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