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October 23, 2014

Please pray for my husband and 2 of my sons to secure better jobs. The Lord has always answered my prayers and I have faith that will continue. We are very blessed in so many ways. I just want them to be happy and get better jobs that have meaning and will help them be better providers. All are hard workers and very giving men. I do give thanks for having health, homes, and family. Thank you for your prayers.


October 22, 2014

Please pray for my transfer from where I am staying be peaceful and smooth no problems or issues on 10 /31. I ask for her Salvation at 71 name Marie and that God really open her eyes so that she look at herself and change, give more, and release her from hording things and subtle stealing or freebees when that is taking from someone in need. As for my self I am thankful I was able to stay there as a pt caregiver but it was short term. Please pray fervently, homelessness is very difficult especially without employment, once I can stabilize that then at least I can pay a roommate.

husband employment success

October 22, 2014

Prayers have been answered...he has a full time job. allehuiah...praise god!

Husband Employment

October 22, 2014

I am reaching out for prayer for my husband and our marriage. He is needing a job to help supprot our family. I know God will provide if you believe in him which I do and I also believe in the power of prayer which I have been. Just need some much needed prayer partners...please pray for us!

I don't know it this prophetic word is right but boy do I pray it's from you Lord

October 21, 2014

You will achieve the accomplishment of all your hearts desires and obtain success. You will be happy in love, nothing can resist you. Concerning a financial or professional query; your worth will be acknowledged, prepare for a great moment of glory.

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